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Serious We have it better than the IT landwhales



Apr 17, 2023
IT landwhales come shit on us because they are themselves deeply unsatisfied by their lives and try to cope by degrading us.

First, yes they can get sex easily, but they can't get chad dick, and that's the only thing they truly desire! Having sex with a normie is like eating a tasteless banana for them and having sex with an incel would be like a torture session at Guantanamo.
So imagine the brutality for them to know they will never EVER have the opportunity for them to get that chad dick, it is brootal.
Now even worse for them, they have limited options, while we can go to Pattaya, Angeles city, Bangkok Soi Cowboy, Street 136 Phnom Penh and many other exotic locations, they don't have that luxury, and that's why they would rather see us die than to see us fly.
My SEA escortmaxxing body count is now around 50 (I don't count, too many :feelsdevil:), and every single of them MOGS the IT landwhales into OBLIVION!

Now also I can't imagine how shitty it is to carry around all that extra fat, my men boobs are already a burden to carry, carrying two 2 huge hanging sand bags there must be something :feelskek:
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Of course angry whales are miserable.

They should be, they look like monsters.

Imagine the rot happening inside their monstrous bodies.

They're also extremely sensitive. You have no idea how much anger and shame they feel when they just go to the mall and see a skinny girl.
foids feed their own ego by humillaiting, but these whores got too much feeded
foids feed their own ego by humillaiting, but these whores got too much feeded
HUGE blackpill, many foids humiliated me, this is the only think they like doing with sub 5 men
IT contains the entire American fat tranny population
We healthmog them.

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