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Theory Using daughters as prostitutes is a smart business plan



Un Misanthrope Cynique Et Mélancholique
Dec 11, 2023
Think about it, most men are horny all the time. Adopt a couple foids, gain their trust, get blackmail over them, make them fully dependent on you, and, then, force them to work as prostitutes for you. Excellent business plan because you will get lots of money by profiting off the sex drives of normies, who are usually dogs for these foids.
just groom girls and go to prison theory
Gypsies already do that
Unironically though yeah pimping out chicks can make you cash, this is just an advanced very time consuming and sociopathic way to do iit
Foids are traitorous beings. Are you sure your daughter wouldn't run off to the feds to snitch on you?
lol who said YOU will get to benefit from it? It's foids who groom and condition their daughters to be e-whores. Will get you in prison as a man.
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We indeed have, but feminism and leftism is to mainly blame for that. It's best to just capitalize on it and use it to one's advantage.
Using your own daughters? :dafuckfeels:
I wouldn't make anyone go through adult jobs
This will 100% be on inceltears lel
why not collab w me and start filming? and sell? [in roblox]
I would pimp my daughters without any hesitation.
I predict ITfags are gonna SS this in the next 10 hours
nice one again Efiliste. i hope this one will end up on soyddit too. :feelzez:
foids were made for sex making daughters whores for profit is the good money.
Intellectual alt tbh
I don't like having strangers in my basement

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