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Experiment Using AI to crush foids



May 2, 2024
Compiling a list of direct action initiatives for you degenerates to devalue femoids and crush hypergamy

Digital Activism to crush Foids

ChadFishing - use AI if needed to support you on text game, bonus points if you get her on a date only to be stood up brutually, this reminds stacie of her hoeflation and why chads cant be trusted. Bonus points if you get her to pay money or travel a long distance. Double bonus for sextortion or blackmail. Jackpot if she goes cyanidepill. Break online dating apps

Doxx - self expalanatory, use her social media and friends networks to publically shame and detroy thots reputations. Bonus points for spearphishing /data leaks.

Saturate onlyfans/socials with copycat content and break the thots business model, create fake leaks that degrade and humiliate creators made with AI. Bonus points if you make bank

Infilitrate womens groups (ie AWDTSG) masquerading as femoids and fill the boards with misinformation, false allegatioms and slander. Bonus points if it creates a lawsuit.

Make false rape claims on your countries police/support hotlines. Bonus points if you break their IT services.

Boycott any and all services/organisations which give special treatment for femoids. Bonus points if you bankrupt a firm.

Infiltrate politics and lobby against femoid privilege. Bonus points if you remove their right to vote.

Ragebait - remember to keep fanning the flames of discontent you evil cucks and never stop shitposting.

Post your scores and feedback here
too much work for too little impact, not worth it
All that shit just for a little damage to society (in roblox)

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