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Update about me being a bluepilled cuck for a week



I can't breed
Dec 21, 2022
This is an update to that thread.

So Brocels I lost my virginity about an hour to some 4 /10 foid with saggy tits.
I I came to the realization "SEX" isn't everything. Yeah Chads and normies get sex and all but "SEX" isn't everything it's actually nothing. I didn't kiss the whore so I'm technically a KH(Kissless, Huggless) but that doesn't matter. While I was having sex, It felt bland, maybe it because I wasn't attracted her, or I needed an emotional connection. I have no idea why I didn't enjoy the sex but I realized it's having SEX and fapping is mundane. Just wanted to tell my brocels that they shouldn't envy chads or normies, it isn't worth it. You waste all your time hating the these people, while they are enjoying their lives. THAT IS SUPER CUCKED.

I thought I liked this forum because there are like-minded people but it turns out this forum is hell(waste your precious time). If you stay on this site your literally a fag and a cuck that wishes death upon others, while your mindlessy scrolling on your pc hating other people for no good apparent reason. That's why you will never achieve anything in your lifes and will probably die alone cause all you do it pity your own lifes and hate other ppls lives. I won't respond to comments. The fag Mods should ban me right now. Thanx @sneed (not chuck) for your high IQ post, I hope you leave the god-forsaken forum and actually live your life. Your still 27 that's hella young brocels. Women aren't everything. Go live a fulfilling life brocel. I'm gonna blacklist the forums IP.

Goodbye Brocels
First of all I wanted to say sorry to my fellow brocels. I know I didn't treat my fellow niggerscels, cumskincels, pajeetcels, noodlecels. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive a niggercel.

Once I had sex with the whore, in my mind I thought I had somewhat ascended because I really didn't enjoy the sex and I thought sex was "Useless"(I still hang onto this assumption though) But what made my come back brocels is that I may have "ascended" BUT the world, the normies, the stacies, the chads and everyone else treat me the same. I am still the subhuman I was before I lost my virginity. The most pathetic is that I had to pay for a foid to open her legs for a subhuman like me. At least now I know sex isn't the most important thing brocels.

Even though I know I am a subhuman and will never be able to find a foid(I would even take a tranny at this point) at least I can start escortmaxxing and LDAR until my last days.

Thanx brocels for opening my eyes with the comments on my previous thread. Can't wait to torture and rape these ungrateful foids( In GTAV)