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Turkish Grandma Says Secret To Her Looking So Young Is Kebabs



Nov 10, 2017

Genetics and sport are very important to stay in shape.

She could just say 'genetics is very important.'
Should've just said 100 push ups, 100 squats, and 10km/16miles runs everyday instead.
She told reporters that along with regular workouts, a boob job and anti-ageing spas, her 'healthy diet' kept her in shape.
I doubt she just got a boob job. She probably injected a gallon of botox into her skull
Knajjd must have been eating kebabs non-stop since his childhood, that`s why he look like a Child at 20.
GeneticFilth said:
I doubt she just got a boob job. She probably injected a gallon of botox into her skull

Undoubtedly. She still looks ridiculously good.
clearly it's not tons of plastic surgery.
Stacy grandma? Maybe she's 26. She could be a great grandma by 39.
She forgot to mention she's had a shitton of plastic surgery and wears a paint can of makeup.

She still looks good for her age, but this is not the same as a 70 yo man looking young for his age cuz all he can do is wash his face: if looks REMOTELY operated on, he will look like a Ken doll and he can't wear makeup.

Women again and their "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME" shit. Women are the kind of people to ride in a boat navigated by a man and call themselves a sailor.
I ate 2 yesterday and it didnt help at all.
Holy fuck.

I do wish Europe would remove kebab though. kek
2023 06 30 08 43 39 Elliot Rodger Photos   Google Search  Mozilla Firefox


Soumaya’s mother, Khadija, has a small but elegant house, and her
father, Abdesalem, has a very large, almost castle-like house that is famous for being a location where a
scene from James Bond: The Living Daylights was shot. This fascinated me, as I was a huge James Bond
fan at the time. In the center of this house there was an open courtyard where I always played with a kid
named Ayman, and his two younger brothers. They were adopted by Soumaya’s father a few years ago
and live with him.
After a long stay in Morocco – too long in my opinion – we made our stop in England to visit relatives.
We stayed at grandma Jinx’s house, and I was able to play with my cousin George for a few days. On one
of the days we stayed in England, my mother’s sister, Aunt Min, and my grandma Ah Mah came to visit
and brought me a lot of English chocolates which I relished.
All in all, it was a good trip and I was glad to be able to experience it, though the length of the trip cut

into my school schedule, and I missed a couple of weeks of school.




Before Fifth grade started, I went with my father and Soumaya to a dinner party at their friend’s
house. I forgot who these friends were, but it was a nice house in Beverly Hills. There were lots of
guests, and I did what I usually did at such dinner parties… I sat around eating snacks and talked with my
sister, sometimes going to father and to ask for a sip of wine.
During this party, I found myself having a conversation with father, Soumaya, and one of the party
guests, a boisterous middle-aged man who I can’t recall the name of. Father and Soumaya were talking
about how I just turned ten years old, and we discussed life and what the future had in store for me.
This man we were talking to… he patted me on the back and told me that I have a great life ahead of
me. With a grin on his face, he told me that “in the next ten years, you’ll have a great time… a great
time”. I had no idea what he meant by that. I wasn’t even thinking about my future at that point; I was

living in the moment


Soumaya didn’t understand this, and she gave me no choice in the matter. She sent me out of the
house and wouldn’t let me back in until I introduced myself to them. I tried pretending that I was playing
with them, but instead I would hide in a quiet street corner. To my surprise, Soumaya somehow knew I
was doing this, and she came to confront me. She then got Tracy to take me down to where the kids
were playing and push me into it. Tracy went up to the kids and asked if I could play with them. I felt

embarrassed and timid, but they welcomed me.





The games I enjoyed playing at Planet Cyber were too powerful to run on my mother’s computer, so
Planet Cyber was the only place I could play them. That was until I asked my father to buy me Warcraft 3
to install on his powerful laptop. I got the Frozen Throne expansion to go with it, and once it was
installed I was able to play it on his laptop whenever he allowed me to. I thought it was really cool to
actually play an online game from my own home. Father’s house became a lot more fun after this,
though I hated it when Soumaya set limits on my playtime.
When father invited the Bubenheims over, Alex sometimes brought his friends Gary and Antje Twinn.
They had a son named Vincent, who was the same age as my sister and a good friend of Lukas. Vincent
was a kind-hearted and sweet little boy who was a bit overweight. I showed him Warcraft 3 on my
father’s computer. He was very interested in the game, and he would watch me for hours. He really
looked up to me. We got along well.
One day, I was looking up things on the internet about Warcraft 3. That is when I found out about a
new, revolutionary Warcraft game coming out, called World of Warcraft. I didn’t think much of it at the

time, ignorant of the effect it would have on me in my later life.

At father’s house, I was forced to change my bedroom to the downstairs room that Tracy once
occupied. My old bedroom was to be given to my baby brother… Soumaya was due to give birth to him
very soon. I was quite annoyed at this. That room was the room that made me so enthusiastic about
moving to that house. Father and Soumaya thought moving me was the best solution. The new baby
would get a room close to them, and I would have the much bigger downstairs room.

When I moved to the downstairs room, I slowly agreed that it was the sensible thing to do. My new
room was twice the size of my old one, I still had my own bathroom, and I also had the hallway that led
to it. Technically, I had the whole bottom floor of the three story house to myself. The only bad thing
about this was that I would get scared to walk down those stairs at night when it’s dark… the light switch
was at the bottom of the stairs. I’ve always been afraid of the dark.

Soumaya gave birth to a newborn baby boy, and they named him Jazz. It happened during father’s
week. While father and Soumaya were at the hospital, Alex Bubenheim picked us up from school and we
stayed at his house in the afternoons. This occurred for three days, and finally, on the day of the birth,
father showed up to announce the birth of Jazz. We had a little celebration, and the song “Jessie’s Girl”
played from Alex’s sound system. Whenever I heard that song in the future, I would always think of that

It was an exciting day. I actually had a brother… It was hard to believe. Technically he is my half-
brother, but I would always term him as my brother. I wasn’t as impacted by his birth as I expected
myself to be, possibly because I was so caught up in my own personal and emotional changes that I was

going through at that stage.

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In just a week into my summer break, my mother told me that father and Soumaya were going to
Morocco, and I would be forced to go with them. This news upset me tremendously. I then asked how
long this trip would be, and I was told it would be eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS?! I could not believe what I
was hearing. I threw a big tantrum.

For one thing, I was never enthusiastic about Morocco. The country is very backwards, and that made
me very uncomfortable. They didn’t even have the latest video games. And to be forced to go there for
eight weeks? That would take up the entire summer and the first two weeks of high school. It was even
longer than the last time we went, and I thought that was too long. I wouldn’t be able to play WoW at
all for two whole months. The prospect devastated me. I begged my mother to not let me go, but father
and Soumaya insisted on bringing me and Georgia, and my mother was probably looking forward to
having two months without children to look after. The decision was made, the plans were set. They

lready had a plane ticket ready for me. I was going to Morocco. I bet they all knew I would protest
against going, which is why they told me last minute.

The last day of mother’s week was the day before we would depart. Mother took me and my sister to
a barbeque at the house of her friends Alan and Rebecca. I was very sad for the whole day. I didn’t do
anything at the barbeque except swing on their swing in misery. When we got home I played WoW for
the very last time. I took advantage of the few hours I had left on it. My mother allowed me to stay up
until midnight playing. I acquired a very nice piece of armor for my character. I didn’t want to leave it.

When we arrived at father’s house the next day, I heard even more upsetting news. Father had to
work for the first few weeks of summer, so he would joining us in the middle of the trip. It was only
Soumaya taking us to Morocco! I always hated traveling with Soumaya. She made everything so difficult.
Baby Jazz will be coming along with us, of course, and the stress of looking after a whelping baby while

traveling will put Soumaya in a bad mood. I was not happy at all.
Knajjd must have been eating kebabs non-stop since his childhood, that`s why he look like a Child at 20.
His face is high appeal for female gaze but he is a turbo manlet

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