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Trying to explain blackpills to my boomer Mom



Aug 18, 2018
I got back recently from a family get together, and, as some of my male cousins brought their girlfriends, a few relatives asked me, "where's your girlfriend?"

A few days later, I bring this up to my mom, and I tell her that next time they ask, I'm going to say "I'm single because I'm ugly and short", and then, my mom goes to the usual dated advice --- talk to her, girls like to be spoken to, try to be more outgoing, talk about anything, and then thats when I lay out the blackpill truths:
  • If a guy is good looking, he doesn't have to try or even have a personality --- I have witnessed this with my own eyes
  • Most people meet via dating apps, and no matter what I do, or how professional I make my pic, I will not look good
  • I also told her that I spend a lot of time at the gym because I'm too ugly and short to be out of shape and weak
But of course, it goes over deaf ears, and then she starts telling me stuff that I'm doing or not doing, basically criticizing my retard sperg traits - I'm too blunt, I look too edgy, etc.
It's pointless to argue with parents, especially mother. They almost never admit female nature. Deep down even she know she will never go in bed with man like you, but coping with that saying you have a chance just go talk to them and be outgoing.
You would have better luck talking to a horse.
Don't try to explain it to your parents. I tried to do the same. I actually have a good relationship to my parents. But when try explain to them, they will say it is only about my character. The problem is that 50 years ago the situation was different. When dating someone your money, character and your looks mattered. Now only looks matter. They won't understand this.
No way im talking with my parents about any sort of pill
I also tried that, but it didn't work, all I received was bluepill gaslighting advice
women aren't there to have intellectual conversation with, including your own mother
they think with emotions rather than logic, so of course she will try and gaslight you
Don't talk about anything you post here with your parents, and especially your mother.

Hang on until you're 18 and move out if it gets too bad.
I converted my parents from bluepill to redpill. I don't think many parents can become blackpilled since their lives were completely different 30 to 50 years ago.

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