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It's Over Truecel trait: you look away when you lock eyes with a foid



A living cringe compilation (it’s even more ovER )
Oct 17, 2022
Happened a few times in my life

I Remember back in high school there was a Stacey tier foid that I got some stories about, she would walk by when I waited for class to start and I would always stare at her with my eyes completely locked on. I had no control over it but I eventually stopped because One day (the only day) she looked back at me, she had a super pissed look in her eyes, I instantly felt adrenaline and looked away. I never starred at her after that.

Another time I was walking out of my local savemark (a store on the westcoast) when I crossed paths with a fit Asian foid (she had abs and was wearing a sports bra). I kept my head down but decided to look up for a second. In just one second she gave me the most disgusted and hate filled look that I’ve seen, well atleast for now. I quickly looked away and walked on feeling even more demoralized. there is no JBW for your face

It’s probably happened to me more then a few more times in my life but I can’t remember all of the stories right now.

It’s Over if this happens, it’s also supER ovER if she gives you the goebbels glare.

I want to become a literal robot, 90% of my problems would be solved
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or just shyness
I'm autistic and hate direct eye contact
I crossed paths with a fit Asian foid (she had abs and was wearing a sports bra).
I have never seen a woman with abs irl.
just stare her down , whats the worst that could happen?

its not like she can curse or kill you :feelskek:
Incel trait you can't even make eye contact with hot foids
Still happens to me , it's like i get this little panic attack xD
Eye contact makes me flinch.

Sometimes the person making eye contact will be rude and dismissive right away. Other times the person will eventually become rude and dismissive. Cruelty is often in the mix.

I instinctually recoil from eye contact.
curry foid looked at me and i faked a phone call to get out of the interaction works everytime
i look away or don't look at people's eyes at all because
(a) i have that "grumpy cat" meme-like natural facial expression for most time and i also wear spectacles and i've been told by many that through spectacles my eyes looks like tiny fishes have been pasted on my face :dafuckfeels:
(b) people feel uncomfortable when i stare at them with kind of face-eyes i've got
and it's not limited with women but men too, they often ask "(are) you alright? is everything ok?" etc thinking i'm being dead serious over things even when i'm just chilling inside or so

so i just learnt to not look in their eyes when talking, i'd rather keep bobbling my head and look left-right of them occasionally gazing in their eyes to keep impression that i'm listening but quickly looking away
Women turn their head away in disgust when I look at them :feelskek:

I swear this world will get it in world of warcraft.
During my cringy redpill phase around 15, whenever I went outside I would try to lock eyes with foids and look them in the eye to gauge attraction or whatever bullshit, apparently if you lock eyes with a foid and they find you attractive they will look down (probably not even true though lol) and if they do not find you attractive they will look off to the side either left or right.

Everytime I tried this they never looked down (sign of attraction) they always looked to the side, I do not remember any looks of digust since my height is a bigger problem than my face, it is more that I am invisible, but at 15 I was scrawny and my face did not look that great during puberty it looks better now.
I'm autistic and hate direct eye contact
same, when im stressed it gets worse
i usually look at floor or to side in public to avoid peoples eyes
but idk if it scares people or they think im high
cuz they often turn their head when i walk behind them
like they are afraid
and then they accelerate away from me, or stop and let me pass
Avoiding eye contact with foids, suggests contempt and superiority, in my case
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I usually just look straight ahead, don't really look at other people, one good trick if you have shitty eyesight is put the glasses on your head when walking about, I hate seeing people and their emotive faces, buncha goober looking fucks normies are, always smiling or gawking at everything.
My Charles Manson eyes are useful for scaring the shit out of them. Sometimes their deep terror is soothing
women are scary

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