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JFL True Story of how an incel convinced Stacy's to PAY HIM $1,000 to sleep with him



May 24, 2018
On March 30, 1984, Daniel Kayton Boro called a Holiday Inn in South San Francisco. Mariana De Bella was a hotel clerk who answered the phone that morning. Boro told De Bella that he was "Dr. Stevens" and that he worked at Peninsula Hospital. Boro (pretending to be "Dr. Stevens") said that he had the results of her blood test and that she had contracted a dangerous, extremely infectious and possibly deadly disease from using public toilets. Boro went on to tell her that she could be sued for spreading the disease and that she had only two options for treatment. The first option he told her about was an extremely painful surgical procedure (which he described in graphic detail) that would cost $9,000 and require a six-week hospital stay that would not be covered by insurance. The second option, Boro said, was to have sexual intercourse with an anonymous "donor" who would administer a vaccine through sexual intercourse with her. The clerk agreed to the sexual intercourse and arranged to pay $1000 for it, believing it was the only choice she had.

Boro instructed her to check into a hotel room and call him when she was there. Boro then arrived at her room as the "donor". He told her to relax and then had sex with De Bella. Boro used no physical force and his victim knowingly allowed him to have sex with her because she believed (falsely) that her life was threatened if she did not receive this "treatment".

Boro was arrested at the hotel shortly after when the police arrived after being called by the victim's work supervisor. He was charged with rape, burglary, and grand larceny under various California statutes and convicted at trial. However, his conviction for rape was later overturned by the California Court on the grounds that California lacked a law against fraudulently inducing someone into sexual intercourse. His convictions for grand larceny and burglary were not overturned, however, because he fraudulently took $1000 from his victim.[17]

The California Legislature subsequently amended the rape statute in 1986 to include that a rape does in fact occur when a victim is not aware of the essential characteristics of the act (the sexual intercourse) due to the perpetrator's fraudulent representation that the sexual act served a professional purpose.

Boro was arrested again for the same scheme three years later. This time he was convicted of rape under the revised California statute. It is believed that Boro used this scheme to rape dozens of women over many years.[18]
Note that $1,000 in 1984 is actually equal to $3,045.40 in 2024 according to CPI inflation.

Daniel in 1992:
In the 1980s information (the internet) was not as easily accessible. Lets not forget phones were not as accessible
either. It was probably because she couldn't 'confirm' the information and she lacked I.Q.
In the 1980s information (the internet) was not as easily accessible. Lets not forget phones were not as accessible
either. It was probably because she couldn't 'confirm' the information and she lacked I.Q.
It's mostly because she was dumb.

An actual doctor in Italy used a similar tactic in 2021: told his patients he could cure their HPV by having sex with them. After he was caught, dozens of women came forward saying they had received the "treatment".

reminds me of the guys who called fast food joints and made the managers 'strip search' and violate foids

People are retarded and blindly follow orders of an "authority figure". That's why this shit works.

Some of my favorites are from the PrankNet community. Who among other things, succeded in:

-convinced KFC female employees to fully undress (nude) outside and pee on each other :feelsEhh:
-convinced a hotel clerk to drink a guest's cup of urine
-convinced a hotel guest to shit in a pillow and bring it to the front desk


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