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JFL Trannies think they can change their race, disabilities, traumas, spieces, at will just by claiming they are transthisthing



Grade A retard
May 1, 2024
Holy shit what i just stumbled upon. This is max delusion :feelshaha:

Edit i need to quote some shit i found because its so fucking funny
(these are all direct quotes from the site)

Transcaniscent is a scentian ( Scentian, also called transscent, is a term for those who feel as though they should naturally smell like a certain scent.) term for those who feel as though they should naturally smell like a canine.

Xenoabled is a transabled identity for people who have disabilities/neurodivergencies that would be impossible to have in the real world or for people who cannot describe their disability with disorder labels such as ADHD, BPD, autism, etc. because it doesn’t quite fit any of those.

A transautistic individual is either someone who is neurologically allistic and identifies with autism, or someone who is neurologically autistic and identities with a different form of autism (e.g. different symptoms).

Transblonde is a term for those who feel as though they should be of a race that has naturally blonde hair.

Racial-Fluid, also called racefluid, is when someone's race fluctuates over time. For example, someone of white ancestry may choose to be Hispanic one day, then black in a month.

Those who desire to be harmed in some way or to be some form of victim to a crime or abuse. This identity does not inherently mean one wants these things. It can be used if one had something happen in a past life or in source (source means the source of the fictional character that these trannies with multiple personalities have, Example a character who was drowned and i delusion myself into thinking one of my multiple personalities is this character so i want to be drowned) , among other things.

Transsexslave is a transslave term for those who feel as though they should be or should've been a sex slave.
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I don't know anything anymore.
Ive been on a transatlantic boat once
fuck all trans groomers

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