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Venting Too many foids at baseball games - America’s pastime has been taken over by fat gatekeepers of sex

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Subhuman Niceguy

Subhuman Niceguy

Jun 18, 2021
I don’t want to doxx myself, but I took a job working at a Major League Baseball ballpark.

Holy shit, brocels - it’s over.

There were 41,000 people at today’s game - I seriously feel that 57% of those in attendance were foids.

When my aunt made me take this job, because you know - a male has to work two jobs while foids lay around and fuck dogs - I thought to myself, “why would my aunt want to work at a ballpark around a bunch of males, and a baseball team made up of males?”.

I was literally forced to go to a job fair, and I was hired immediately. I asked for a job working in the warehouse, because I figured I wouldn’t have to deal with evil foids.

I was wrong. I am constantly leaving the warehouse to deliver things throughout the ballpark, and coming face to face with femgroids.

I’m an adult, I can deal with some femgroids. Although, this is fucking ridiculous. Foids have taken over the ballpark, and yes, I understand that foids like beer. Although, besides the $16 a cup beer - I think foids are drawn to MLB baseball, because ballparks are like little theme parks that foids can be worshipped in.

To sum up what I mean - there is a spot on a ramp that overlooks a scenic view of the ballpark, I nicknamed the spot “The Instagram Spot”, because toilets are constantly taking pictures of themselves at that spot.

Fat foids have no shame. If you were ever teased as a boy for being overweight - I’m sorry, because fat foids are treated like goddesses. And the dogs! Oh my goodness - you don’t want me to rant about the dogs. I’ll just say this - “Bring Your Dog To The Game Night”.

And I’m seeing all of this while being a wizard kissless virgin! :feelsree:
Meanwhile the jews are celebrating this!
Watching sports is gay and low IQ.
Gather them all up and incinerate them. They fucking deserve it after taking male hobbies
Gather them all up and incinerate them. They fucking deserve it after taking male hobbies
I am a hockey fan, so this was a shock to me. Foids are everywhere at this ballpark.

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