[Venting] "To the moon and back"


Leafcel, highIQcel
Jan 2, 2019
The day before I decided to join Incels.is, this foid posted on her IG story about the guy she was with, and how he says he loved her "to the moon and back".

When someone is saying the phrase "to the moon and back" to a significant other, it bothers me greatly. Why in the flying fuck would someone want to go 384,402 kilometers to a giant rock in space, then 384,402 kilometers all the fucking way back, probably still landing hundreds of kilometers from where you actually want to be, for some roastie that probably would dump them in a few months for some Chad with a cute face, big muscles, and 180+ cm height? Not to mention the immense preparing to even get into space, plus the risks up in space. Also would you walk on the moon or would you just circle around the dark side and go back?

inb4 "oh its just an expression don't take it literally" Well why the fuck would you make up such an expression?
inb4 "ur right bro he can just love her normally" She likely led multiple guys on, and is unworthy of love anyways, but...yeah.


Nov 26, 2018
This is some lame larp

And unfunny "trolling"

Your posts give off a severe reddit foid vibe

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