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Tired of nature, and the independent woman lies



subhuman spicel
Sep 23, 2023
I've recently looked on tiktok to see a females behavior on what they exactly mean by independent woman. It is exactly like you would expect. Traditional grunt men that appeal to conservcuck behavior to get blue pilled retards on the opposite end to simp for them. While she is pursuing her passion experiencing better parts to life while he gets a fragment of that through her only for manipulation, sex.

I find our attraction to women are chains to our souls and not fulfilling. Nature has been so stacked against us. For women being the weaker gender they sure are able to bend the will in her favor through us. About men putting them in their place when they get too much is a cope, when there are men who are self deprecating in the favor of women and the most high test guys who are guided by their libidos. All it takes is for her to open her legs to overly powerful/impressionable men and larp as traditional (optional) to revert that. One thing the cope gets right is they will always need a man to do it.

So who truly has the evolutionary advantage, us? No we get an illusion of power, they feed into our self esteem, our hearts, and our instincts. When we compare the Jewish mentality to the average politically induced tribal subhuman subhuman who has an evolutionary advantage. It's the mind the one that divides and conquers by giving a fraction of what they have to make us obey. I expect nothing different from the females.

So are they independent? No they are dependent and still adhere to traditional standards at our expense. The independent ones then stand above what they see as lesser men to gloat, they still need back ups to defend her Incase her girl power tumbles. Typically I used to believe the bullshit that they can be independent, find attraction that a woman can share the same soul as a man, but apparently nature says other wise and this is a poison they tell us, just to get us orbiting them again. No matter what different opinion a female has, all roads lead to rome. Trust not what they say or mean, and disregard their opinions like we used to.

Maybe in the future we can have gene editing and exowombs to not be trapped under a foids expectations anymore. Maybe the beauty of life as well as a mans instinctual determination can finally be united under a man. So we can finally be closer to the great spirit as we once were
based , but man need to get self aware on a Collective Scale " ( Worldwide ) if you will . to Revert the Damage and take Controll again .

For now its just fucked and each for themselfs .
based , but man need to get self aware on a Collective Scale " ( Worldwide ) if you will . to Revert the Damage and take Controll again .

For now its just fucked and each for themselfs .
No way for us to do that with what we have now maybe a bit of gene editing that would fix the frontal lobe of most of our heads so we aren't addicted to trivial garbage or how the boondocks put it as niggasynthetis. Lol. Because we are too naturally aggressive to find that. Maybe for the first few decades it would be government using this technology for control until the people in the aristocratic power either become empathetic or there is cultural shift of restless citizens to decentralized the use of gene editing. Maybe it might be different from financial and power shift decentralization as it. Worst case scenario the citizens would want it removed like how eugenics was plastered as evil racism. There isn't any telling but I guess in such a desperate situation it's worth a try.

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