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Blackpill Tinder then (2016 to 2018) and now in my personal experience



May 13, 2018
So when I was a bluepilled teen I started using tinder thinking I would ascend and of course I failed, but there are some key differences. To sum up Tinder back then was fucked but redeemable if it was a person, Tinder nowadays it's completely fucked and should be wiped from the play store. Here are some examples:

Tinder then:
-Had many normal looking or ugly foids, it seemed more real
-Foid profiles seemed less picky with longer bios (deceptive and misleading tho)
-Much less bots
-The interface was better, less confusing. Much less emphasis on sharing your socials
-Tinder gold didn't have as many features and apart from unlimited swipes not much reason to pay for it

Tinder now:
-It seems that all foids there are really hot and just trying to promote their instagram/onlyfans
-Very high standards and bios don't exist anymore apart from the typical "not much here write me on insta" or "if you're short swipe left"
-Full of bots. Some obvious which just send you phishing links, some more complex which trick you at first. Or maybe it's an Indian or Nigerian scammer behind.
-Now the interface it's bloated, it asks you a lot of pointless questions (like are you vaccinated) and too much emphasis on promoting socials
-Tinder gold much more expensive and with more features to force you to pay

Honestly this app it's not worth it anymore even for normie men. If we all stopped using it what a wonderful world it would be. Let those attention seeking thots rotting alone on Tinder and do something more productive.
It's not just tinder, but all dating apps, imo. For example I got this nigger scammer today pretending to be a Russian woman who moved to my country of Australia:

View: https://imgur.com/a/Qj3NF2g
Capitalisem 1.0.
my personal experience:
tinder then - zero matches
tinder now - zero matches
autismophobia is more prelevant then ever. for example i have pop up message sensitivity and they often have pop up adds for super likes and buying tinder gold and platinum
From what I hear all the real foids left because apps like bumble give them free race and height filters :feelsclown:

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