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Tinder experiments of chads by race: SINGAPORE



Nov 7, 2017
I did couple of tinder experiments on r/Incels. Posting them here. Thanks a lot to lonelyreee for finding them.


Yesterday i made this post about a tinder experiment involving chads of different races. Location 
was London. Today I tried to do the experiment again but with few changes

  1. Location was Singapore
  2. Instead of having similar pics for all chads I used the best possible pics for every guy to maximize their matches.
  3. Changed the Indian and White chad used in the experiment
These were the chads used:
Black - Broderick Hunter
White - Oliver Cheshire
Indian - Rohit Khandelwal
Asian - Chan Than San
I then also decide to use David Gandy

Location used : Singapore
Time period : 30 min boost period in tinder pro

Legend: Matches by race : (White, Asian, Black, Indian)
Broderick Hunter
Total Matches : 29
Matches by race : (5,19,0,5)

Chan Than San
Total Matches : 96
Matches by race : (3,88,0,5)

Oliver Cheshire
Total Matches : 92
Matches by race : (8,71,0,13)

Rohit Khandelwal
Total Matches : 53
Matches by race : (3,34,0,16)

David Gandy
Note: Gandy's age was set 30 while other chad's age was set 26. Also I did Gandy's experiment late when it was 11:30 pm in Singapore. Other chad's experiment were done between 8-9 pm
Total : 94 matches (Didn't do race wise analysis)

Conclusion: It was as I expected, I was expecting black chad to perform worse than he did in yesterday's experiment due to factors I mentioned in the comments of the previous post. I was sure Rice chad would do great, however I didn't know he would do so good. Indian Chad's performance was also as I expected, since Asian girls are more likely to go for White and Asian guys. I am sure if I do the same experiment in India, Indian chad will take the place of Rice chad and Rice chad will take Indian chad's place if I am not wrong as Indian girls would be likely to go for White and Indian guys.

PS: I will do one final experiment in New York tomorrow

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