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[Tinder Experiment] 5'7 incel gets more than 40 cute matches in Asia in 1 day

Used photos of @Sparky (with his permission and permission to post results).

Country: South Korea.

Only swiped on girls 5 and above.

No deceiving angles or lighting was used.
Included height in bio, set his age to 20 and swipe range from 18-28.

One day of swiping for a bit and the result was as follows:

Some of his better looking matches:

There's commercials in asian countries to whiten your skin and white people are treated like demi-gods there so even ugly males have a slight chance there vs western countries.

dont east asians have super pale skin by default, even more so than most europeans?
Who the hell necro bumped this thread lmao
Damn you, necros, i haven't checked a date and thought i could still participe, lul
southeast asians i guess Singapore, Philippines etc
yeah i know that SE asians have darker skin, thats why people use slurs like "SEAmonkey" or "jungle asian" for them

but my point is that actual east asians (chinese, japanese, koreans) are naturally pale as fuck, and white worship (as in preference for lighter skin tones, not actual white people) has been a thing in japan for at least 500 years now i think, so im not super convinced about asian preference for light skin being the result of euro worship
How do you use tinder in another country?

I'm gonna make a profile and see how I do.
Don't know why people don't realize the halo effect extends to race as well.
meanwhile here in the west we get mass rejected by obese 2/10 roasties.

Hilarious and sad at the same time.
so im not super convinced about asian preference for light skin being the result of euro worship

Most white people have lighter colored hair and eyes compared to Asians. Asian men are generally shorter to and have smaller dongs.

I'm half asian, the movies and media from Hollywood are copied and shown in the media from asian country i'm from. Movies like Infinity Wars have white characters as the heroes and this theme is repeated in majority of movies, i think seeing this over and over does have an effect on the viewer implanting ideas how certain appearances slots people into roles in real life.

Many of the asian actors on tv in the asian country i'm from are mixed with white, they have white features of being taller, lighter skinned, lighter eyes.

White people have higher status in the mind of Asian women, a few of my aunts married not so attractive white men

My white uncles sort of look like the guys in these videos

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I only match with lady boys in asia
BTW how to spoof location on Tinder. I tried the Fake GPS app on my Samsung Galaxy S6. Enabled developer mode and set it as the mock locations app. Also set location to device only. Turned off Wifi. Still it only gives me local results.

Bluestacks emulator.
Must be nice to be white and have a guaranteed solution to all your problems: go to Asia.

The only exceptions are severe manlets or sub 3/10 faces.
JBW works in Asia, but not in the West.

There's a reason these white incels have to leave their continent to get laid.
JBW works in Asia, but not in the West.

There's a reason these white incels have to leave their continent to get laid.
Thus making them truecels. You don't need to check your chances among amazon tribe women or something to be incel. Copers who count locationcels as volcels are all wrong.
Damn these JBW and move to Asia always mogs me since I have an undiagnosed eating disorder so I can´t even eat out on restaurants or with friends because I take 3 times as long to eat. I also have a back injury in the middle of my spine so I can´t workout. It mogs me that so many people in here has a healthy normal functioning body and could potentially move to Asia and workout and yeah be a demi-god down there but I can´t! :feelscry::feelsrope:
This thread reminds me of another similar one created by @11gaijin the OG escortceler. Who, despite being a curry got 50+ matches and several lays.

All 30+ KHHVs should SEAmaxx right now.

@Legendarywristcel check this out:

This gives an ugly white man hope
Show pic of the "Incel" you're using.
Is this another "water is wet" thread?
I don't wanna protect these hoes for 2years wtf
Fuck my life i might just start the war between north and south by shooting at dmz border and enjoy seeing these noodlewhores suffer
i wish the west would all burn to the fucking ground. can't wait to move to Asia
if you write 5'7 they have no idea what that means, write in centimeters when using tinder outside of america
JBW strikes again

there's a video where someone did an experiment with st blackops2cel in africa, quite good results.

got link?
Lifefuel for JBW manlets :feelsLSD:
mirin' sun ho would fuck that noodlewhore
JFL at users who keep denying JBW, white men aren't playing the same game ethnic men are playing, whether they are incel or not, you can literally travel and change your SMV, a black guy goes to asian he still a black guy, he goes to Africa he's just another black guy

Lets not even bring up asian guys who have it the worse and their women are complete traitors
How do you change where you live on tinder?
They want his white status
I wonder would they be interested in sleeping with an Autistic neck beard? I don't even speak their language, for all I know they could be saying "I am going to take you to my apartment to get murdered"
Original experiment tainted due to using average guy pictures.

Maybe someone should use an actual incel picture and post results.
if this isnt proof that society impacts hypergamy i dont know what is

This fucker actually mogs me to the sun and back. WTF :feelstrash::feelstrash:. Starting to think a lot of white'cels' on here are fakecels
They want his white status
Yeah, and then when they have it, and they move here, and see all the other, better-looking, higher status, white males around, they'll stab you in the back. Sounds like fun. Or you can move out to where they live, if you have the money (which I sure as fuck don't), and then you'll be living in a third-world shithole, or Korea or Japan where they're xenophobic as fuck and will treat you ... well, the same as you get treated here. But then you gotta learn a whole fuckin' language, too. Fuck that. I've tried, with two languages, and failed, I'm too stupid to learn anything.

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