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Serious Thoughts on Neo-Nazism



Feb 15, 2024
"By all indications, and for a number of apparent reasons, there has been a push over the last few years (not to say decades) to create a real, honest-to-God, anti-Semitic, white supremacist, Neo-Nazi movement (or failing that, the impression of one)." - Jasun Horsley

My question:

Assuming that the ruling-class and the system have been covertly encouraging the creation of such a movement for its own interests, what could their motivations be? Assuming that they also intended to persecute this movement after creating and encouraging it?

ChatGPT's answer:

If we entertain the assumption that the ruling-class and the system have covertly encouraged the creation of a white supremacist, anti-Semitic, or Neo-Nazi movement for their own interests, along with the intention to later persecute or suppress this movement, several potential motivations could be at play:​
  1. Divide and Conquer: Creating or amplifying extremist movements could serve to sow division and discord within society, thereby weakening collective opposition to the agendas of the ruling-class. By fostering conflicts along racial or ideological lines, the ruling-class may seek to distract the populace from more pressing issues or prevent unified resistance against their authority.​
  2. Justification for Repressive Measures: The existence of a perceived threat from extremist groups could be used to justify the implementation of repressive measures, such as increased surveillance, censorship, or militarization of law enforcement. These measures may be presented as necessary for public safety or national security, but in reality, they could serve to consolidate power and control in the hands of the ruling-class.​
  3. Maintaining Hegemony: By encouraging the emergence of extremist movements, the ruling-class may seek to maintain their dominance and privilege within society. By portraying themselves as defenders against the perceived threat of white supremacy or Neo-Nazism, they can position themselves as arbiters of morality and guardians of social order, thereby reinforcing their own authority and legitimacy.​
  4. Political Manipulation: Extremist movements can be manipulated to serve specific political agendas or electoral interests. By polarizing public discourse and mobilizing support around issues of race or identity, political elites may seek to secure electoral victories, rally support for certain policies, or undermine political opponents.​
  5. Manufacturing Consent: The existence of a visible and threatening extremist movement could be used to manipulate public opinion and manufacture consent for elite-driven policies or interventions. By framing themselves as the defenders of democracy and liberalism against the specter of fascism or white supremacy, the ruling-class may garner public support for their actions, even if those actions ultimately serve their own interests.​
Overall, the covert encouragement of extremist movements by the ruling-class could be driven by a combination of strategic, political, and ideological motivations aimed at maintaining power, suppressing dissent, and shaping societal dynamics to their advantage. However, it's essential to approach such assumptions with caution and critically evaluate the available evidence before drawing conclusions.

My comments:

Points 3 and 5 are very similar.

Other factors:

The "extreme right" has been heavily demonised for generations, it's more "Satanic" than Satanism. They play a role as evil villains in the political pantomime. It's easy to deny them moral consideration and thus legal protections.

The use of the word "specter" by Chat is quite apt. Nazism is a ghost; a moribund movement defeated long ago by the capitalist/Soviet coalition. So it will tend to attract people with anti-social, transgressive, reactionary and defeatist psychologies and encourage those tendencies.

It's an alien movement to all but the Germans/Austrians, so it's inherently alien and alienating in an American, British or Russian context. Do groups often adopt the ideologies of heavily demonised foreign powers who they defeated generations ago?

It has the effect of positioning critical or freethinking individuals into intellectual proximity with a repugnant movement, neutralising them, and smearing the opposition by association.

It was an early 20th c. ideology, rooted to a particular context. Other considerations aside, it may be a "Darwinistically unfit" and obsolete ideology in the 21st. For instance, how would/does the ideology interact with internet porn, something far more recent?

Based on this it's fair to say that if a Neo-Nazi movement didn't exist, the ruling-class would find it necessary to invent one (or at minimum encourage it to a certain point).​
traditional nazism was better imo, but still better than nothing
Will read tomorrow

bunch of corny ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dudes
Old white men make up the elites, so Nazism could be their preferred personal ideology and a path to their "utopian world"
would be cool if they actually did something about the jews but they dont
They blew up foreigners, feeding Palestinians.
Israel crossed a red line, and I hope they will pay the prize for what they´ve done
Another point:

A Neo-Nazi movement serves as a useful counterpart to the Islamist movement, enabling the system to claim equivalence between ethnocentric "white Americans/Brits/Russians" etc. and recently imported Muslim extremists (who have been far more prolific in 21st century terrorist attacks in these nations)​
Aside from smearing the opposition and reducing its appeal an association with Nazism helps to sow discord within the ranks of the opposition, wasting their time, energy and resources and increasing alienation​
Tf when you realise Nazism was all about Beer
It conflates critics of the system (such as David Irving or Ron Unz) with Romper Stomper-style skinhead militants and SS stormtroopers: terrorism has increasingly been redefined to include politically incorrect/system-critical beliefs or speech, rather than political violence. Not bombs or bullets but a man writing about Kalergi. Ironically Putin does the same thing: Ukraine is said to be a "Nazi state", thus justifying its liquidation and ethnic cleansing.​

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