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Blackpill this MONSTROSITY of a foid is getting praised and probably even fucked by chad

Her looksmatch is getting pity fucked rn
what is her looksmatch doing right now?
Her looksmatch is 6' feet
She has a dogshit life either way.

Prenatal testing needs to be mandatory.
These abominations (foids) are free to exist in this society, and breed with chads - spawning more abominations, yet they cull out ugly men out of society and put them in genetic prisons (rot in houses/apartments). "Rules for thee, but not for me." is the definition of a gynocentric society. :feelsclown:
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she looks like a foid i know who has a mogger 6'4 bf
Her looksmatch is dude in my avatar that is haunting other slavs in their dreams.
Still smv mogs the entire forum. :cryfeels:
Just be foid
« Were hot »

No you ain’t
"disabled people are hot" aside from autistic men of course she forgot to add that *
Doesn't even exist in this world anymore
This stuff has already blown up so there is no believable denial of the sheer discrimination he would experience.
we are [...] hot
Hot garbage maybe. As much as I'm opposed to shaming people for disabilities they didn't ask for, if you're gonna spout nonsense like this you're asking for it.

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