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This is why reddit is bluepilled. (hint, they were rejected from social media.)



Nov 8, 2017
TLDR: true normie society is blackpilled. societal rejects come to reddit to cope.

All people want to connect with others. it is everyones goal to be popular on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat. ect. that is the ideal. 

to get popular on those sites you need to be a cool person IRL. you needed to connect with classmates at high school and college. You need to be a true normie or above in order to survive and thrive on social media. 

Some people feel they are not good enough to thrive on social media. because they simply dont measure up to their peers. 

so what do they do?


reddit is filled with FAKE NORMIES. coping normies that were rejected from social media and normie culture.

thats why r/cringeanarchy r/niceguys r/inceltears r/cringe r/holdmyfries r/therewasanattempt subs are so popular. they make users feel like they arent so shitty. 

reddit also is very blue pilled and feminst centered. because lots of the people need a cope or they will fall into a dark depression.

because have you noticed all the normie social medias are blackpilled as fuck? true normies or above embrace the blackpill in many different ways. post a pic of an ugly guy on a popular instagam or twitter page. watch them get roasted into inceldom. but not here on reddit, ugly people get upvoted to the front page. 

i always knew this, i always thought reddit was for dorks while true normies remained on the main social media. then when i always got ignored on social media i was craving social validation. thats when i discovered reddit. and boy did i get tons of social validation. through upvotes and whatnot. i did feel a comfort being on reddit, like i was equal to everyone else. in comparison to being on facebook, i felt inferior. 

and i think thats how everyone discovered reddit.

daily reminder, reddit is filled with failed normies. their ideology is a giant cope. never listen to a word they say.