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Serious There Should Be A Database For “Registered False Rape Accusers”



nevER lose your smile
Nov 20, 2022
It’s completely unjust that in modern Western “society” we have men getting put on the database for various false accusations which are blown heavily out-of proportion by Feminism, the media, etc.

As such, it would only be fair to create a database for this, in order to publicly identity these disgusting whores: In fact, they should also not be allowed anywhere near children as well, as that is only fair & makes sense.
mega based
i would just give the accuser the same jail time as if they did the rape
It's just a fantasy and will be one forever it seems. We live in gynocentric world, don't expect anything good.
Clown world will never allow this
Database for all foids!
sentenced to be incel sex slave
Being the victim of a false rape accusation is more damaging to someone than being the victim of a rape.
This is fact and I don't know how this is a controversial statement at all, false rape accusations ruin people's entire lives and they can never get past it, especially if they are public figures, their reputation is ruined forever.

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