[Serious] There are Jews in boardrooms, twirling mustaches and cackling with glee plotting.

Dec 4, 2018
What's the point of their conspiracy?
Evolutionary strategy, they want to get rid of their closest (and therefore most threatening) competitors, namely Europeans and to some extent Asians as well. It's very similar the reason homo sapiens got rid of the Neanderthals.
May 6, 2018
NWO, not a cuckservative conspiracy that the white man is the sole victim of this Jewish world order, that's bullshit. The dog fucking that white Foid in her pussy on Twitter, is he Jewish?


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Jul 15, 2018
Fuck off with this anti-semitism. It's a true example of lookism tbh.

inb4 "but they are all evil bankers who want to destroy whites"


Mar 2, 2018
I’m on posting probation right now, gonna stop posting for a little while I think. Gotta let the warnings expire. I sometimes forget that this isn’t 8ch and folks get upset when I use my god-given right to free speech. Sarge has made it pretty clear that this place is not a meritocracy, I while I somewhat agree, it goes away from merit too much, leading to unqualified people being on a place where they shouldn’t be. That said, they ban women which is very woke, showing that they understand the basic tenet of incel qualification. It would be a real shame if they banned a 23 year old proper incel virgin for being “toxic” or whatever, but I know they’re better than that. I have talked up the modship here and defended them numerous times, they won’t let me down.

I have certain opionions that certain moderation team members clearly do not like, and defend them clearly and expressively. If I really am “baiting”, they why am I putting so much effort into what I believe?

As for the Aspergers guy, he wasn’t even a virgin so not really a loss. I don’t know about the first guy.
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