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Venting The way i see it

Misogynist Vegeta

Misogynist Vegeta

The Saiyan Prince
Feb 16, 2024
70% of women these days are genuinely awful human beings who have massive egos (They are think they are 10s) they absolutely hate anyone who is non-chad calling them trash, these women are disgusting whores for chad and have the personality of a cube. They think the world owes them everything but will get mad at you for thinking an ugly guy such as yourself deserves to be loved without putting in tons of work just to have a small fraction of a chance, their minds have been infected by neo-feminism which makes them overvalue themselves and hate men who don't bend over backwards to please them. 10% of this 70% are femvolcels, they are also chad only but aren't pretty enough to get chad, so they whine and bitch about men, stealing lingo from incels (I.E femcel and moid) they somehow are worse then every other female on the planet, they treat men with utter disdain without much of a reason. Many men would still date them despite the fact they are quite ugly for a female but they refuse these men every single time because their minds are infected with neofeminism making them think they are atleast 8s when they are 5s at best. Even some normies are starting to realize how awful these foids are. I'd say 30% of the 70% of these foids are from an older generation they were already feminists in their youth so they have happily accepted neo-feminism.

Then we have 15% of women who make up an older generation, alot of these women are the moms of incels and are the sole reason these cels don't go ER including myself, The advice they give to there sons is completely useless because it comes from a completely different time, they haven't fallen for neo-feministic brainwashing and genuinely care for their children. They are the model of what women should be flawed but not downright evil.

The final 15% of women are decentish women but chad has already swooped down and committed to her, despite a good hearted nature these women will still always choose chad over you, These women cook, they clean. they do the things a women should do for their husbands that they genuinely actually love with all their heart. It's not like you had a chance with these women in the first place they still wouldn't be attracted to you but at very least she isn't going out of her way to make your life miserable. She keeps her thought about you being ugly to herself and least tries to understand even if she is incapable of getting it. The percentage of these type of women keeps shrinking every single day so even if you moneymaxx yourself into surgermaxxing what are you even left with? most of these women will be in a long term relationship by the time you manage to do that for yourself.

In Conclusion It's ovER for all the cels that want a non-robotic woman. Even if you do become chad through moneymaxxing and surgerymaxxing the only thing that's gonna be left for you is awful women.
Mostly good post but not sure I agree that older women are less cringe than younger women, it was just a different time when women had to get with non-chads out of necessity and societal expectations.
Of course mothers care about their sons, do you think a 4"11 foid who bore chads child isn't going to say the same shit to their 5'5 son they say to you?
Yea wel.... The only women who I deem worthy of Marriage and consider ´wife material´, are already married
with their Chad high school sweetheart.
These women make up a very small percentage, and it´s the equivalent of trying to find fish Nemo, in the Atlantic ocean.
Like I said before:
If you want a Virgin faithful wife, go to Montana or Kansas and look for a small Amish community, completely cut off from the outside world and internet
(in the middle of nowhere).
Proceed to live on the farm and in nature, for the rest of your life.
Yea that´s right.... won´t ever happen and that´s why im here on this forum.
most foids are disgusting

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