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The Sexual Marketplace Explained Part 1

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Nov 8, 2017
Part 1 discusses the nature of sexual marketplace and female dominion over it.

The sexual marketplace is just like any other marketplace.The female is the seller of sex and the male is the buyer, the male normally trades money, although he could also trade good looks, in return for sex and sometimes a relationship where he spreads his genetics in the form of offspring. This is the natural balance that was developed for the creation of stable civilizations with growing populations. Now, what happens when this balance becomes upsetted. In the form of sexual revolution, female political freedom and decent paying jobs for females, it was believed to be liberated, educating it was considered a positive, the pill reduced risk of pregnancy from unprotected sex and causal hookup apps such as tinder where, females could sleep around with limited consequences, created. What happened a monopoly was formed, similar to when one or few massive corporations control economic sectors, resulting in price control and poor customer service along with a lack of innovation. The same analogy can be applied to females in the form of high looks demands, negative attitude towards beta providing males and movements like fat is beautiful which seeks to reward a female for its laziness to lead a healthy lifestyle. In healthy economics it is the demand that determines the product's value, but in a monopolies can charge whatever they want since many consumers have no other options but to purchase from them. Can you imagine paying hundreds of dollars for food, and if you do not have the money to be denied it so as to slowly starve to death, this is what is happening in sexual economics today. Incels are sexually starving until death due to the greed of females. In a healthy sexual marketplace the female's value in terms of beauty age and purity determines the price of sex from it, in today's marketplace females determine the price setting it much too high for many men to receive and to females it does not matter since they have attained a sexual monopoly over the sexual marketplace due to feminism sexual revolution and the changing nature of technology.

Part 2 discusses possible solutions on how to break the female monopoly. If enough comments are made I will create it.

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