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The reason for ricecels and betas in the West



Jan 22, 2024
Asian-Americans emigrated to the US unprepared for many of the challenges outside of how to get a job, make money, and produce a family. Little did they anticipate the psychological warfare they would be walking into -- or that their children would face. Today, as a community, we are stumbling around blind in a society that has perfected subtle forms of mind control at the hands of a race, for whatever their faults, have a high EQ and a sense of how mass psychology works (as well as the cumulative effect of individual social aggressions). Asians are sitting ducks in this environment.

I particularly like how Indians say "it's just an ad; take a joke"; a good example of the low EQ bent of the kinds of Indians that made it to the US; high in mathematical ability, but a mixture of cowardice and low right-brain IQ which isn't well suited to dealing with subtle conflict. Whatever little backbone they have is used to object to other Asians trying to raise awareness of how whites, at some primitive level, know how to take their rivals (anyone who's not them) down a peg.

I believe the vast majority of whites do this without fully realizing what they're doing but the consequences of their actions have the same significance whatever the intent.

Take a look at a few quotes from "The Way of Men" written by a white author:
Men want to believe that they are right, and that their enemies are wrong. To separate us from them, men find moral fault in their enemies and create codes of conduct to distinguish themselves as good men.

We want our external enemies to be defective and unsympathetic. Many have written about our tendency to dehumanize our foes. Emasculating them is another aspect of that—it adds insult to injury. We also want to puff ourselves up and psych them out.

The author is a popular white nationalist, alt right author. He is being candid. Asians in America need to get white-wise. Underneath this false surface dressing that "we're all the same", is a recognition that whites brought their militant attitudes with them into modern civilization.


Sublimation - (especially in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity.

Whites have sublimated their martial instincts from the physical to cultural and verbal expression. Think of the concept of "pre-emption" which many became familiar with as a tool of foreign policy during the Iraq war. (the action of preempting or forestalling, especially of making a preemptive attack.). That is - attack first, and they won't be able to hit back. You neutralize another party ahead of time. The jokes that whites tell everyday in social company- small penis jokes about Asians - is just one example among many of how this manifests. The whole "you are other"; go back to China/India vibe of altright is another. It's the 'you don't belong here', we are first among equals theme.

Millions of Asian immigrants came to the US totally oblivious to the notion that a nation's culture can be a weapon against their race. Obliviousness is natural considering racially homogeneous societies don't have this problem. But they are still asleep (as well as many more coming every year, equally unaware) with zero recognition of the ramfications of this undercover cultural war impacts the social well-being of those who don't depend on a circle of FOB friends or plucking out someone to marry from "back home". Rats stuck in a maze, hunting for cheese, unaware of the bigger picture; and largely shielded from the bigger picture because they were relieved from much of the expectations and social challenges the next generation faced. We get the cheese, but we're still stuck in the maze.

Think of the culture's impacts. Asians give importance to a white significant other of their Asian son or daughter. Asians give other Asians credit for being an accomodationist and 'fitting in' with whites even if that means the Asian in question has adopted the worst traits of whites and at least a semi-sycophantic nature around whites for that 'privilege' of inclusion. We think our kids will be 'exotic' and 'beautiful' if we have kids with a white partner.

Which is precisely what a pre-emptive cultural strike would do; there is no conflict when the other side, in advance, has yielded to you.

I am not merely referring to tv shows and movies. I'm talking about the subtle ways in which whites reinforce it everyday; such as undercutting Asians in social interaction, asking Asians "are you an engineer?", subtle exclusion of AM but inclusion of AF, etc.

Asian immigrants, such as my parents, don't understand white culture or strategy. They can be happily oblivious to what's going on; often they don't watch American TV. By and large, though they have social acquaintances who are white, but no close friends. To put it one way, their existence largely parallels white-dominated American culture; they are not inside of it. They are just happy to be "on the team" in America and make money. But the next generations- that's not good enough. The social and cultural obliviousness of Asian parents combined with repeated pre-emptive strikes by American culture to precondition both how non-Asians see Asians and how we see ourselves (+ how we see whites) leads to social consequences. Aggressions and biases by whites on a social/interpersonal level attempt to reinforce the racial hierarchy, including advantages in the dating/sexual marketplace.

Whites want us to believe there is no war. That meritocracy is the order of the day. That if an Asian is mistreated, must have been something he did. That AF simply prefer white men, "just because". Deluded, accomodationist, low-EQ Asians believe them. The thing with pre-emption is: there is no visible conflict needed. The thing with social conditioning is: there is no seduction needed (by WM of AF); it's not needed, or not much. Humans are very good at constructing post-hoc rationalizations (after the fact explanations) for justifying their preferences of people and attitudes.... once conditioned by society to think a certain way. Taleb in "Black Swan" talks about high-IQ people are NO LESS likely to construct a fabricated logical rationalization for phenomena; if anything their explanations are more elaborately constructed but the self-delusion is the same. "AM's are misogynist" or "White guys are more confident" (read: I accept that white society has given white males higher social status) are examples.

The phase post-Obliviousness, post-Anger, is action - doing stuff. At bare minimum, in your everyday life, act with knowledge of the social/cultural landscape and find persuasive ways to convince others. When you are outnumbered as much as we are, when the other side has all the power; how exactly do you respond in a way to hold your own? I believe the answer is Pride. It doesn't cost anything. In place, it is impervious to social and cultural influence.
The next generation needs to learn how to get down. Not just study in the schools and universities and workplace, but get down in the streets. Get down in your social circles. The only way out for Asians is to stop taking shit from others, and if that means acting like niggers, then we'll act like niggERs.

Asians need to become a warrior mentality just like they used to hundreds of years ago, when the mongolic armies were under china and the samurai were under japan. You can't expect others to respect you if you don't even respect yourself.
However the reason why asians are able to economically ascend and get access to decent jobs around white people is BECAUSE we're seen as passive and agreeable, though not respectable or formidable. We're seen as a "safe" minority to keep around, especially if you're a mayo who wants to pretend you're not racist and claim you have non-white and "diverse" set of friends. Asians are honorary whites until we're not. And so many asians are dumb as fuck, they're like jews. They wanna be accepted by whites and think they're seen as equal to whites, well you're not.
i think this problem exists because the libs are a bunch of morons who are trying to integrate peoples who really have no place into the west.

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