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The problem with escortceling. Please read this

Deleted member 306

Deleted member 306

Incel Superior
Nov 8, 2017
The idea of paying for sex is not so bad in theory. You just give some money and get to fuck a hot woman. What's bad about that? Well, the issue lies within our incel
minds. When you are a 20+ year old KHV you have accepted your fate as an ugly subhuman. Sex never was and will never be a prospect for you and you know that
quite well. Hiring an escort is basically cheating. You cheat nature by attaining something that was never intended for you: Sex. This creates psychological problems in
addition to the ones you already have. You feel quilty because you are about to do something that you know you were never meant to do.

Sure you are going to have a good time but there will be consquences in the long term. You have tainted yourself with cheat sex. You have disrupted universal balance.
Of course, there are many escortcels who don't feel this way. They have the money so fuck it, why not? But there are many sensitive guys who know it's wrong since it's over
for them and sex is an act they shouldn't be having.

I'm not against hiring hookers. I just want you to consider it well before doing it for the sake of whatever shreds of mental health inceldom has left you with. If you have any
doubts or second thoughts about it it's 100% sure you will regret it. And, even if you are okay with it consider my words so that you don't do something you will end up regretting.


Angry Kikecel
Nov 15, 2017
Tard post is so tard.

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