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The most blackpilled and inflamatory book ever: Ragnar Redbeard's 'Might Is Right'



Nov 8, 2017
2h 0m
Here's a quote from the book (available for free online)

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]"Women instinctively admire soldiers, athletes, king’s nobles, and fighting-men generally, above all other kinds
of suitors — and rightly so. Nothing so lowers a lover in a virile maiden’s estimation, than for him to be “whipped” in a personal encounter with a rival. Among all classes of females this sentiment persists. The best bid a man can make for the admiration
of any woman (even the most pious) is a display of undaunted physical prowess.[/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Young women have an instinctive detestation for the “good young man that died” kind of adorer, and they positively
abhor the pale coward — even though he be a blood relation. Strength, energy-of-character, ferocity, and courage, she admires in her possible husband, above all other qualities combined. Even to be carried-off by force is not repugnant to her feelings, if
the “bold bad man” is in other respects acceptable.[/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]She pines to be ‘wooed and WON’ (or as it were) she likes to feel that she has been mastered, conquered, taken possession
of — that the man who has stormed her heart is in all respects, a MAN among men.[/font]

With regards to SJWs and feminists like CuckTears...

Standard "moral principles" are arbitrarily assumed by their orthodox apologist to be a fixed and
unalterable quantity, and that to doubt the divine-rightness of these "principles" is treason and
sacrilege. When the greatest thinkers of a race are incapable, or afraid to perform their manifest
and logical function, it is scarcely to be wondered that average citizens are also somewhat unwilling
to "risk life, fortune and sacred honor" for the overthrow of popularized "right and wrong"
concepts, that they know from bitter personal experience, are unworkable falsities. Although the
average man feels in his heart that nearly all political and religious conventionalisms are dynamic
deceits, yet how cautiously he avoids any open display of antagonism thereto? He has not the
courage of his opinions. He is afraid to say openly what he thinks secretly. In other words he is
living in a state of subjectiveness; of vassalage. He allows his brain to be dominated and held in
bondage by the brain of another. From his infancy he has been deliberately subjected to a
continuous external pressure, especially designed to coerce his understanding into strict accord
with pre-arranged views of moral, political or religious "duty." He has not been permitted one
moment of real mental liberty. He imbibed fraudulent conventionalisms with his mother's milk. He
listens to the most hideous lies being glorified in his presence as sublime truths. He hears falsehoods
sung in swelling chorus. He hears them sounded on bugles of silver and brass. He hears them
intoned by congregations of the faithful amid peals of sacred music, and the solemn roll of chanted prayer.
Thus his mind is sterilized by authority before it has had a chance to mature. Thus youth is
mentally castrated, that its natural vitality may be afterwards used up in the yoke of custom —
which is the yoke of slavery. In the nursery, at school, and at college, plastic brain-pulp is
deliberately forced into the pre-arranged mould. Everything that a corrupt civilization can do, is
done to compress the growing intellect into unnatural channels. Thus the great mass of men who
inhabit the world of to-day have no initiative, no originality or independence of thought, but are
mere subjective individualities, who have never had the slightest voice in fashioning the ideals that
they formally revere.

Although the average man has taken no part in manufacturing moral codes and statute
laws, yet how he obeys them with dog-like submissiveness? He is trained to obedience, like
oxen are broken to the yoke of their masters. He is a born thrall habituated from childhood
to be governed by others.


Nov 7, 2017
1h 28m
Is there audiobook version?

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