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LifeFuel The meaning of Life



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May 18, 2021
The meaning of life is to do enjoyable and pleasurable things if you got a life that permits it.

What do all billionaires do when they're not working? What do all normal people do when they're not working? What do all animals do when not fighting for survival? They all do the same thing: They play, lay in the sun, distract themselves with pleasurable things or have sex. Granted, we can't just go out and have sex, but for the rest, we can have the same exact lifestyle as anyone else. Eat good food, lay in the sun, go for a walk or a swim, play a fun game alone or with friends, watch porn, do anything that brings you pleasure and don't waste your time thinking "I shouldn't be doing this", "I'm wasting my time", "I could be productive instead"... These are brainwash society thoughts. Think about how do children enjoy their lives when they're not in school. What did you do after school when you were younger? Just play, have fun, don't stress yourself with these negative thoughts by remembering what really is important, and practice it everyday. Just think about it:

All people, even billionaires, just post photos of themselves laying in the sun all day. Like, they work their entire lives, stress themselves out, to in the end just sleep and enjoy the sun all day. That's it. That's what really is the "end goal", just that in reality you already can already do the same thing now. Or as I said, anything else pleasurable.

What is the point of chasing money and material things that you don't really need. All of that shit is either going to collect dust or you don't have time to even enjoy your possessions, or you get bored by it after one use. Yet millions of young people are brainwashed to think that that is "success". No, that's fucking wasting your life. Hedonism is really the only logical philosophy. The rest are delusions planted inside your brain by miserable people or the media.

Just look at how many famous people overdose on drugs, kill themselves, become alcoholics, only have problems with their partners, buy expensive shit just to sell it after one use. It's fucking pathetic and a waste of life. If you're an incel just spending time with friends, playing video games and jerking off while ignoring all of that bullshit, you quality of life is literally higher than that of millionaires or billionaires who do all of that pointless shit while also being constantly anxious about being hurt, killed, used, etc.

There is one thing though that IS essential that we don't have: a loving partner we can have sex with. But that's the only thing, and in reality, most people actually don't have that. They have shit sex and shit relationships.

So bottom line, embrace hedonism, do what you did when you were a child or when you were happy, and continue doing the same things. No one can experience everything they want, no one can have sex with anyone they want, no one can possess everything they want. It doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have. We're all just human beings with a limited lifespan. Remember this everyday and stop envying other people because we're all in the same situation essentially.

The most happy I've ever been was when I was playing video games all day, stayed at home with my family or friends, or when I watched porn or found amazing new music, etc. Also at that time my thoughts were positive and I just lived in the moment. All that was before I got brainwashed by all that snake oil (religion, spirituality, influencers, etc.)
We're all just human beings with a limited lifespan. Remember this everyday and stop envying other people because we're all in the same situation essentially.
It is difficult to do this because envy is human as well. Sometimes I talk to people from my high school and of course hearing about their lives is going to make me feel worse about mine. We are social creatures who view everything in relation to others. Which is why I try to isolate myself as much as possible, in order to maintain a stable mental state.
most people actually don't have that. They have shit sex and shit relationships.
Cope. Most people can get into relationships and they are not always shit. Its only us subhumans who are destined to live in hell. Its brutal but that is simply the truth
There is no generic 'meaning of life'

There is just life

Life is a flesh and blood reality, but meaning is just some abstract shit

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