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Theory The Jewish Metaphor of the Matrix Movies



May 24, 2022
Here is what The Matrix Movies are Really about.

After having just finished watching The Matrix Trilogy I must say I was blown away. They were the best Sci-Fi films I had seen in a long time and unexpectedly deep for such popular movies. The films are packed with symbolism and meaning and being pretty sure I knew what the metaphor behind them was I went online to read all about it, except to my surprise there was not one good analysis to be found. I found articles about The Matrix and Buddhism, The Matrix and Christianity or The Matrix and Judaism but none that hit what I thought the thrust of the films was. That being the case it looks like it's up to me to write up an essay on what the real meaning behind the Matrix movies is.

The Matrix itself is an extended metaphor for Jewish control of American society. What's that you say, that's crazy talk? The stuff of conspiracies? Please, hear me out before making up your mind. First you have to take into account that virtually every news and media organization in America is Jewish owned and heavily Jewish staffed. Newspapers, TV, magazines, even the sources of most of the raw info itself like Reuters and the Associated Press. Couple that with absolute domination by Jews in Hollywood and you can see that they are a serious force in shaping perception in America. Hearts and Minds, Hollywood and News. So with that established lets move on to some of the characters.

Neo is "The One." Morpheus mentions how there was one way back in time who was the first to awaken others and that the Oracle prophesied there would come another someday. The first one of course was Jesus, making Neo the second coming of Christ, I'm pretty sure everyone figured out that much. And who was Jesus but a man who spoke out against the abuses of
Jewish power (The Pharisees) and paid for it with his life.

Morpheus (The God of sleep) goes around awakening people. The term "awakening" has long been associated with people becoming aware of Jewish influence in the world. Morpheus was aware before Neo and not only awakened him but has full faith that he is the one to stand against the power of the Matrix. Morpheus is John the Baptist.

Morpheus gives Neo the red pill. The red pill brings knowledge to the taker, it reveals the truth of the world and shows the fantasy for what it really is. The red pill is the apple in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the apple they gained the knowledge of good and evil. They were now able to see the world through the eyes of it's creator, and the price of truth was the loss of the comfort the garden brought. The original sin in both The Bible and The Matrix is the same; To question your surroundings. Those who accept what is before them will live happily ever after, but to quest for the truth , this angers the creator of the world as well as the creator of the Matrix.

Trinity (cant get much more of a Christian name than that) gives total unselfish support to Neo, she is behind him till death with the full force of her love and convictions. Trinity represents the Christian people who give their support to Jesus. She can also be thought of as the 12 apostles in a more direct Biblical interpretation.

Our three heroes ride around on a ship called the Nebuchadnezzar in their effort to smash the Matrix and win freedom for the people of earth. Nebuchadnezzar was a Babylonian King and a hated enemy of the Jewish people. In 587 B.C. he destroyed the Temple of Solomon and forced the Jews out of Jerusalem. Pretty clear the symbolism here I'd say. Notice that the crew on the ship can watch coded lines on a screen and tell what's going on. Because they are aware of the true nature of the Matrix they can look at events that make no sense to others and see clearly what is happening.

The Oracle is one of the more interesting analogies. The Oracle is an ancient wisdom that can help you know yourself. She is deep and complex and you can't quite pin her down but you can find the answers your looking for within her, or you can even find the questions. She will tell you exactly what you need to hear at the time. Clearly, The Oracle is The Bible. Later in the trilogy The Architect states how the Oracle was originally programmed by him but now she is on her own and not serving the interests of the Matrix anymore. And as we all know The Bible was originally written by Jews and served thier purposes at the time but now is more important to the Christians. You should also note that the Oracle is big on predictions, just like the Bible, at the end she even say's that she thinks we'll see Neo again.

The city of Zion represents the Christian people, or more accurately all those who have taken the red pill and are awakened to the fact that the Matrix controls them all. This was one of the more clever names in the movie because it's meant to mislead. They couldn't just go and call the city Aryana or Goyville, it would have blown the whole thing, so instead in a sly bit of artistic sleight of hand they named the city Zion, the exact opposite of what it was, and thus kept the whole thing from falling apart by the obviousness of it all.

When I heard the name of the leader of the opposition in the city of Zion I couldn't believe it, his name is Councillor Haman! Haman is another of the great enemies of the Jewish people from the Old Testament. In the book of Esther Haman was persecuting the Jews and planning to kill them when through their influence with the king the Jews had him hanged. His death and the resulting slaughter of the Persians is celebrated every year on Purim by Jews around the world.

So for a brief recap we have a man who is the second coming of Christ riding around in a ship named after one of the great enemies of the Jewish people and fighting an opposition war that is led by another of the great enemies of the Jewish people. And what are they opposing? The control of thier society by a forceful intelligence who work together to keep them in a falsely constructed world of thier own making so that the humans can be exploited. Think about all the complaint's of how biased and controlled our own media and entertainment is, and who's profiting from it.

My favorite line in all the movies is when Neo gets to Zion and a woman walks up to him and says, "Have you seen my son Jacob, he's on the Gnostic." That was a classic. Jacob is the only Jewish name in the whole trilogy and what ship is Jacob on? The Gnostic. Gnosticism being an ancient belief system that has always been in conflict with Christianity. Some scholars think it has it's origins in the Jewish community .

The Merovingian is one of the easier ones to decipher. He is a wealthy Frenchman who lives in a grand house filled with the great artistic treasures of Europe, just like the real Merovingians who are a noble bloodline of great power. For our purposes the Merovingian represents the old aristocratic families of Europe (the real Merovingians among them) who have allied themselves with the Matrix and do it's bidding. This is a direct analogy to how the European elites have allied themselves with the mostly Jewish international banking families. In the movie the Merovingian is willing to destroy all who have taken the red pill to keep his position of power in the Matrix, just like the old aristocracy has done in real life.

One of the more puzzling characterizations was that of the twins, I was having a hard time getting a handle on them and found it really strange that they looked sort of Jewish. Every character in all the movies looked distinctly Gentile. There was not even one that looked ambiguously Jewish, except the twins. They had sort of a Jewish face with sun glasses that weren't cool like the others had but instead looked like tinted versions of nerdy accountant glasses. Then it dawned on me, the twins are marrano's\converso's\crypto jews. In real life these Jews blend in to Gentile society but can act on behalf of the Jewish community at will with no suspicion because they appear to be going about their business like everyone else. So it was the genius of the Wachowski brothers to have these characters look entirely different from everyone else in the films. They are white suit wearing albinos with dreadlocks, as different as they can possibly be, a sort of ironic twist on how in real life their counterparts blend right in. And what are the twins special powers? They can change state becoming ghostlike and difficult to fight because they can switch back and forth at will. Much like a real converso was able to change loyalties and work from within, being themselves very difficult to defend against.

And at last we have the Architect, a distinguished bearded gentlemen who has designed and controls the whole Matrix. He looks sort of like pictures of the famous banker Jacob Schiff, the man who helped create the Federal Reserve Bank and then used the money to stage the Russian Revolution. He also looks similar to some old portraits of the Rothschild family, Baron Edmund de Rothschild comes to mind . He sits in a control room surrounded by TV sets, he is a true media master. The Architect represents the real power among the Jewish people, the International Bankers. The men who indirectly control most of the mass media in the western world and who have been implicated in countless conspiracies and revolutions. They truly are the real architects of much of our recent history. You may have heard people say that they funded both sides in the world wars, which actually turns out to be true. The architect can also be thought of as kind of an amalgam of the most powerful Jews down through history.

At the climax, the godlike face Neo talks too is not God at all but simply the Architect how he looks outside of the Matrix, where his civilized veneer has been stripped away. The Architect loses his stately appearance and luxurious surroundings when seen outside the Matrix and is unable to draw power from the sleeping humans. He lets Neo help him battle the Smith program who is now a direct threat to his power. The agents themselves represent all the Gentiles who serve the interests of the Matrix, think police, FBI, government etc. These are the people always fighting against the awakened ones just like how in real life anyone who finds himself on the wrong side of Jewish power will have to physically deal with the Gentile authorities and not Jews themselves. The Smith program is different though, he is aware of the Matrix, he is an insider who knows what's going on and wants power for himself, he is converting others into thinking like him and becoming a genuine threat. To me Smith would be men inside the government and the intelligence agencies who are all too happy to persecute the enemies of the Matrix now, but when the final grab for power comes they plan to betray. You know the saying, "In the end there can be only one."

And when that end comes we see that all the sacrifice, conflict and death has only led to an uneasy truce, with the certainty that the cycle will repeat itself as it always has, with the Architect coming up with ever more clever ways to seal his control. This is a nod to how the Jews have gained control of a country so many times through history only for it all to end in expulsions, bloodshed or war. That is, until the next time. Remember, this scenario has played out countless times through the ages, just go read the Old Testament or the list of Jewish expulsions from European countries.

Well, I could go on with some of the more minor details but I think all of the important bases have been covered. The Matrix is representative of Jewish power and control and Neo is the Christ like figure who is the one prophesied to oppose it. Just going by the names in the movies alone the simple truth of it can't be denied. No wonder these movies struck such a chord, finally some substance driving an action film, I found myself waiting for the action scene's to end so I could watch some more philosophizing, now that's a rare thing. With these movies the Wachowski brothers have created one of the best extended metaphors in the history of storytelling. I think that when all is said and done the Matrix trilogy will go down with Gulliver's Travels and Alice in Wonderland as the great coded story of it's time.
I despise jews and if I had the power I would annihilate them immediately. This was an interesting read Bro. I thank you for taking your time to write it.
How does one man come up with all of this?
I despise jews and if I had the power I would annihilate them immediately. This was an interesting read Bro. I thank you for taking your time to write it.
It's possible. The producer of the films was Joel Silver - another Hollywood Jew. I think the biggest case for this is the fact that the last bastion of humanity is in a city called Zion. You can ignore everything else and look at just that, tbhngl.
Very interesting and high iq stuff
the matrix films are goyslop with no more depth than NGE or other shitty tranime
I have a spoon!

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