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Theory The Economist new cover, the reason the NWO will implement CBDCs and how it all relates to inceldom



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Jan 26, 2022
This is the cover for The Economist newest edition
They are usually considered to be "predictions" of what's coming next (or what the NWO is pushing for)
The first noticeable aspect of the cover is the title itself: "Too Good to Be True: The Contradiction at the Heart of the World Economy"
The system finally needs to capitulate after decades of fake interest rates and fake money being printed out in order to push for expectations to keep on going
Low interest rates (arbitrated by the cronies) means confidence in the future, it is the system's way of pushing forward fake economic growth without actual market demand
It is also the instrument that made it possible for women to stop relying on male relatives and instead rely on the state, since the state can "print" resources while the average person cannot
However, everything that goes up needs to go down, and the biggest debtors in the world are the states
It is impossible for all the main world governments to actually pay their debts, especially if the economy isn't growing and their currency is not getting more valued
When you can't pay your debts, all of your creditors are going to suffer instead
However, the last generations didn't actually take responsibility for their risk-taking, they simply pushed these risks forward in time, and the current generations are the ones who will actually have to pay for this bust
Since the current cronies/NWO are not going to accept paying for this, all of us cattle will have to pay this debt through hyperinflation
Governments will implement CDBCs as the final step of the fiat money strategy, and not only you will have fake money that will expire in a few months if you don't spend it, but you will also not be able to exchange your fiat currency for valuable goods or investments that the government doesn't allow
The radical push for CBDCs (which goes hand in hand with controlling the internet) means the NWO is having difficulty manipulating the cattle through simple propaganda
With the decreasing credibility of fiat currencies, most people would tend to exchange their fiat currencies for actual goods and worthy investments, thus leaving the governments holding all the valueless cash they printed out. That's why they dropped the gold standard and are against bitcoin (or are simply incorporating it into the system)
Thus, CBDCs are necessary for the governments to make us pay the previous generations' stupidity, and also make it impossible for you to evade taxes, which will only keep going up

How it all relates to inceldom? Sex is just another resource that was heavily inflated by the previous fake booms
By not thinking long-term, the previous generations (the most openly sexually depraved in history) not only had lots of inconsequential sex but also increased the concentration of sexual power in both the elite men and women in general, since most significant technological advancements have been made in order to maximize production with the minimal use of human labour (mostly done by the average and below average male)

Now, as you see on The Economist latest cover, the woman is going foward without her beta provider, bringing only her dog since she fucked lots of Chads in her youth but didn't have any children since she was focusing on her "career" or "finding herself"
As women are the delusional gender, she is the one going forward thinking the bridge is still there, but there's no solid ground to stand on
The beta provider, on the other hand, became completely discouraged to keep running the rat race, since the system no longer sees use in him and gives him pathetic rewards (like a post-wall roastie that will cuck him and a government that will take away all his earnings to keep itself in power and distribute it to those who don't contribute to anything, like single moms) or no rewards at all

But since low tier males can't reproduce and have little motive to rebel (especially because the modern state is so monolithic), it's more likely they will just get old and die without achieving anything. The pension systems are also running on massive deficits, so the less old, sick and inept people, the better (since family units no longer exist to help their relatives and the government is the only option to do so). Wonder why we had the COVID hoax? It's the NWO editing genes and pushing out the weaker and older links.

And that's where we get to the last article mentioned in the cover, "The promise of lab-grown embryoids" (https://www.economist.com/science-a...-embryos-increasingly-resemble-the-real-thing)

The NWO needs to reduce the population to a sustainable level that matches the current government debts (this is the actual "default"). This reduction is not only aimed at quantity, but also quality. The system no longer needs "average" humans, so these will be exterminated (or will not reproduce). Sex for reproductive reasons will be outlawed since it can lead to genetic mutations, diseases and "undesirable genes". All sex will be purely for enjoyment reasons. Chads will have explicit harems with all the Stacies and Beckies while the remaining low tier males will have AI bot girlfriends. All reproduction will be done through "lab-grown embryoids" with the highest quality genes. It will work somehow like it is today (in some countries you can't donate sperm if you're below a certain height, for instance). All production of goods will be done by machines and only the highest quality genes people will exist, they will all work as models and athletes.

To get to that point, however, the system will have to escalate its aggressiveness, since a lot of the average and low tier people still existing are no longer wishing to comply, because information and knowledge becomes widespread with the general use of the internet. This is why it needs to implement CBDCs, confiscate citizens' weapons, bring taxes up, and finally, push for wars, like the major ones currently happening

This is the dystopia the NWO plans to implement by 2030. The battle between "western" and "eastern" powers is simply the final excuse for the world government to be implemented. War is the perfect excuse to genocide the race of the low value male.

I am a non-believer, but have studied a bit about the subject. This sounds a lot like some religious eschatologies / end times predictions


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Good breakdown of the "we speak to Banderastan's top general" article lmao:
It's in Russian, just translate it using DeepL translator or something. Funny shit @wereq
Good breakdown of the "we speak to Banderastan's top general" article lmao:
It's in Russian, just translate it using DeepL translator or something. Funny shit @wereq
I don't know what you're talking about, the article isn't that much related to the main point
Imo there are two (western and eastern) or three (western, russian-chinese and islamic) blocks simply "fighting" to decide who's going to rule the coming world government, all three are made of elites who can't give a fuck about the cattle they use, but i'm sure there's a master plan behind it all and they're all together in a gnostic cult that venerates power itself
I don't think Russia and China are fighting to liberate us from evil western forces (which they indeed also are), world socialism was always the plan for them
Both wanna control the cattle
Based and true, but good is real and the satanic evil mongers that intend to do this will be smited and the GREAT SATAN will be destroyed
Good copy paste thanks for sharing incels
High IQ thread.
So what should one do about this? Nothing?
Very interesting read. At some some, soon, I believe governments around the world will really embrace and start using the monopoly on force that they have, all for the benefit of foids and elite men. This of course fail at some point, like all gynocracies.

And hard to imagine boomers were able to destroy so much of the fabric of society.
No word of the j00s.
The central to this is the BilderBERG meetings.
High IQ post.

We will be seeing all of these things soon.

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