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Blackpill The Blackpill Manifesto, Chapter 1: Something feels wrong



Crab in the Crab Bucket
Jul 23, 2021
233d 4h 7m
"The Blackpill Manifesto"

What is the blackpill? The blackpill is what will ruin your life and destroy your soul. It's the gaping chasm of endless misery and lost hope that will forever consume you once it has been swallowed. There is no going back...

"The Blackpill Manifesto" contains a detailed introduction to the blackpill worldview, it's horrible truths, and possible "solutions" to the problems that come with being blackpilled. The manifesto is broken up into chapters, with each being dedicated to one aspect of the blackpill. These chapters will be released one at a time every week. Once all chapters are released, the entire thing will be made available as a download.

Chapter 1: Something feels wrong
The path towards the blackpill always begins with doubt. It doesn't even have to be a strong or a serious doubt. Just a doubt. About anything. It can be something as trivial as not understanding why the latest fad diet hasn't made you lose weight, or not understanding why that cool "learn Japanese in 3 days" course did not work out for you. Regardless of what it is, there is always SOMETHING that triggers the path towards the blackpill, and that path ALWAYS begins with DOUBT. Doubt in your future. Doubt in your "friends". Doubt in "your" culture/nation/religion/whatever. But why does this doubt even happen in the first place? What causes doubt?

Expectations vs reality. Why "doubt" happens

We have all been sold a glorious lie. A magnificent lie of epic proportions. A lie so great, that even the most vile untruths of the most vile religion would pale in comparison. I am talking about the lie of a just world. False hope is deadlier a weapon than any weapon of mass destruction could ever hope to be. The powers that be know and understand this, which is why they lie to you. It's why they lie to everybody. About everything.
But for some, that false hope can only survive for so long before something breaks...
For most people it won't. Most people are weak. Most people are sad. They don't have the mental strength to question the order of things. Because they NEED that false hope. It's as vital to them as breathing and drinking. Take away their hope, and their existence falls apart. But not for you. You are strong. Because you did something that most other people could not, by asking the forbidden question:
Am I inferior?
No normal mortal would ever dare ask themselves this unholy question. It's like biting into the forbidden fruit. Do this and you will be cursed and thrown out of paradise. And indeed, the vast majority doesn't. They want to STAY in paradise. Or at least, what they THINK will soon be paradise. And they think wrong. Everything in this universe is the byproduct of cause and effect. When a ball is dropped, it will fall to the floor. When a stone is thrown into a pool of water, the impact will result in a splash. There is nothing magical about how the world works. It's all actually very straightforward and simple.

But simple truths offer few opportunities for self-deception. You can't bend or break a simple truth. You can't claim that a ball dropped towards the floor can if the circumstances are right, avoid hitting said floor. You can't argue that a stone if treated the correct way, will float on the water rather than sinking to the bottom. This is because both of those things are caused by the simple force of gravity, and as such opens no doors into the realms of pseudo-intellectualism. A ball dropped towards the floor, will ALWAYS hit the floor (unless there is something else in the way but whatever. You get my fucking point). No exceptions.

So how does this relate to you being inferior you wonder? It's very simple, really. Just like the ball and the stone, your ultimate fate is decided by forces that you cannot control. The ball drops and the stone sinks because the forces of nature dictate that they should. It is not possible to change the properties of a stone to make it not sink. Stones are made of materials that are denser than water, and thus the basic laws of physics require that the stone must sink. There is absolutely nothing that can change this. Nothing. You are the human version of that stone...
Waking up to the nightmare

How long it takes to understand that you are this stone can massively depend on a number of factors. Those who experience harsh realities early in their lives are more likely to wake up faster. But regardless of the specifics, it's unlikely that those who haven't been blackpilled by their mid to late 20's will ever be. By that time you SHOULD know better. Even if most people don't.

Typically there isn't some one single thing that causes it, but rather a collection of different experiences and thoughts. You are made so many promises and yet most or all fail to live up to their promised ideals. Failure after failure. Everything is always a failure. You are a sexual failure. A social failure. An economic failure. A failure lacking in talent. Just a completely and utterly worthless piece of shit. If you are lucky, you might have a few minor talents here and there, but nothing that will radically alter the lackluster nature of your existence.

Realizing that you have been lied to

At first, you will feel like utter shit about yourself. And indeed, even after realizing the terrible truth regarding the real reason of your failure you will still probably feel like shit albeit not as much. And that terrible truth, is that things could never have been any different. The world is not the meritocracy that you have been told it is. Nor is their any truth to the traditional explanations that the world's various political forces tend to give for why the world is the giant shithole that it is. After a while, you start to notice this. You start noticing the same basic patterns everywhere. It's always the same story over and over. And after a finally happens. You get blackpilled.
Getting blackpilled

First there is shock. Then there is anger and hate. And then one out of 2 things will happen: You will either go insane, or you will become extremely apathetic and indifferent towards everybody and everything. Nothing will truly matter to you anymore. The whole world becomes a joke. A bad joke. A VERY bad joke. There is nothing special or magical about why some people get blackpilled and others do not. Like almost everything else, it's probably innate physiological difference. You noticed things that other people did not, and you actually dared ask yourself the uncomfortable questions that most people don't care for. That is really all there is to it. You were made promises. Those promises were not kept, and rather than simply buying into the official explanations like most of the suckers do you instead called bullshit. You were smart. They were not.

But it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, because in the end being smart means nothing. Wisdom is overrated. Actually, it's questionable if wisdom is even useful at all. How many people succeed because they are wise, rather than because of some in-built quality or trait? Do you think it is by chance that most of history's wise philosophers were all massive failures and social rejects? How many high status people give a single shit about philosophy or wisdom that isn't just some pretentious pseudo-intellectual bullshit? Not many. Fact of the matter is, being wise and understanding the true nature of the world does shockingly little to improve your chances of success. Wisdom just isn't that important in this world.

The only silver lining to getting blackpilled, is that you don't have to feel bad for being worthless. That, and occasionally getting to chuckle at other people when you realize they are about to get screwed over by some bullshit thanks to their ignorance.
Copexodius Maximus

Copexodius Maximus

Mentally destroyed by reality
Jul 21, 2020
108d 17h 23m
sounds like a mass shooting incoming from you with this post. Or a future in being a blackpill academic scholar. No in between if you choose to walk this righteous path.