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The blackest of pills



Dec 3, 2017
This statement I came up with after years of unbiased observation of this world.

All humans are selfish 100% to the core. They live solely to follow whatever gets them the most pleasure at the MOMENT.

This MOMENT of pleasure could be something like "I will not eat this cookie so I won't get fat" since you derive the pleasure from the knowledge that not eating the cookie will give you something positive. So even things that are "in the future" and long-term are still instant pleasure. The brain is a tool, or a compass that tries to point itself to the greatest source of pleasure at the moment.

Why do people go to work if it sucks then, you may ask for example. Well because they know if they don't then they would starve or other painful things would happen, therefore it is much more pleasurable to go to work. If you took away their long-term thinking or memories or knowledge of this.. then they would not go to work and probably go do something else they think is the most pleasure at the moment.

Then there is obvious MOMENTS of pleasure.. for example eating the cookie. Maybe you don't get enough pleasure from the thought of "I won't get fat if I don't eat this cookie" and more pleasure for eating it, therefore that is what you will do.

All thought stems from emotion, we are EMOTIONAL creatures not intelligent ones. Think about it. If we were intelligent we would have a perfectly running system with all our needs and everything met, perfectly and efficiently. Just like AI. AI is an intelligent being (once it is advanced enough to be considered a being), but we are EMOTIONAL ones.

Any intelligent thought is based of emotion. There was a man who lost part of his brain and had almost completely reduced emotions. He seemed fine, until you made him think about a decision. He couldn't even decide which cereal to eat in the morning, he would sit there for hours trying to figure it out.

This EMOTIONAL COMPASS, being the brain, can be manipulated to point to different things. For example a suicide bomber, his EMOTIONAL COMPASS points to the greatest pleasure being "Reward after death by Allah", even though this is fake and not real, he goes through all that pain of suicide bombing in order to get to this pleasure. The pleasure does NOT have to be real for the EMOTIONAL COMPASS to point to it. Would the suicide bomber do the same thing if he did not believe in the reward after death? No, simply not. Nobody EVER does anything solely for pain.

Even masochists, they seem to "like" pain but ONLY because it leads to pleasure or even directly gives pleasure.

We are pleasure seeking organisms, THAT is our food. THAT is our purpose. Irrational, emotional, and pleasure-seeking. By outside observation you could say "Humans live to eat and breed, we look for food and make more humans". This is wrong. Humans live SOLELY to seek pleasure. Nothing else. If there was a way to get infinite pleasure with no drawback, all humans would do it. If they have an ideology they want to keep that prevents them from doing this hypothetical "infinite pleasure", then it is because they get more pleasure from the ideology than the idea of infinite pleasure, UNTIL they experience it then they would throw away their ideology in an instant.

Humans are 100% selfish. For example, the only reason one does something for someone OTHER than manipulation or reputation gain, is FOR THE PLEASURE YOU RECEIVE. Whether it is fulfilling an ideology (be nice to your neighbors, or do unto others... etc) or simply feeling good after doing something good, it is a 100% purely selfish gain of pleasure. We do not want food, we do not want ANYTHING, other than pleasure.

Love is also a fully selfish thing, whether fulfilling an ideology or feeling pleasure from the act or thoughts of it.

This should explain to everyone why the state of the world is what it is today. Why we suffer so much for no reason. Why everything seems backwards and irrational.

WE ARE NOT RATIONAL, INTELLIGENT CREATURES. We are emotional, pleasure driven ones, living solely for 100% SELFISH pleasure.

Again, if we were rational and intelligent, we would have a society that fulfilled EVERY single one of our needs in any way possible. We would be in "paradise". For example, keeping a pet you make sure to give every single one of its needs. Food water social shelter, even sexual (unless neutered which is cruel imo), everything. Then the pet is always happy. Why don't we do that for humans?

Because we are drive by EMOTION and not rational thought or intelligence.

DISCLAIMER: this is just my theory and view of the world based on unbiased observation over the years, it could be false.

If someone doesn't realize the point of this:

Our pleasure compasses have been manipulated by the Jews to point to various things that are good for the Jews and bad for us. Money... hyper gamy... etc.
solution? AUTHORITY and ORDER
Munaity is evil and must be extereminated.
nausea said:
solution? AUTHORITY and ORDER

Yes it is a good solution as it points the emotional pleasure compasses in a direction which benefits most humans. That is why people were more "happier" before. But the Jews have destroyed this it is not possible anymore.

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