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Discussion Tetsuya Yamagami’s Assassination of Shinzo Abe was Based on a Logical Motive That Was Neither Terrorism nor Psychopathy



Jul 30, 2022
Tetsuya Yamagami was neither Terrorist nor Psycho. But he's seen as a National Hero among some people in Japan


Tetsuya Yamagami is considered a national hero to people in Japanese society who opposed Shinzo Abe, and Shinzo Abe had many critics and haters in his lifetime. It’s likely that Yamagami has already received several love letters from unfamiliar women who were also “shukyo nisei” or opposers of Shinzo Abe

Yamagami was not a terrorist, as what he did was purely an act of vengeance. Although many other ricels & noodles were also traumatized as subjects of “shukyo nisei” (aka second-generation descendants of Christian cults in Japan) --- For Yamagami it was personal. Even though the target was political and the motive was related to social-political affairs in a certain demographic of Japanese society, there was no political agenda behind the attack. It was purely an act of retribution

Yamagami was emotionally traumatized, but he was not a psycho.
The years of trauma and arrested development that Yamagami was subjected to as a "shukyo nisei" ricecel, it all piled up until the bottle exploded.
Ultimately he decided to seek vengeance for his traumatic life experience as a “shukyo nisei”, by targeting specific people who he deemed responsible for his traumatic life experience as a “shukyo nisei”. His motive for killing Shinzo Abe was logical. Yes it was an act of lawlessness. But it made sense, why he targeted Shinzo Abe in specific
Quote from Tetsuya Yamagami's Wiki:
Kanako Takahara commented that the reason that Yamagami was able to attract so much sympathy from society is because "the investigations show that [Yamagami] had a very traumatized experience" and "the anger or any emotions involved were simply transferred to the issues involving the Unification Church", while admitting that what Yamagami allegedly did was wrong

The sponsors of the petition denied the accusation from opponents that they approved of murder, but sympathised with Yamagami because his suffering as a shūkyō nisei was not an isolated case. They also saw that Yamagami was working hard to rehabilitate himself, so thought that society should give him one more chance instead of sentencing him to death
I’m not sure if there are any sources that say Yamagami tried to receive therapy / rehab before his vengeful attack on Shinzo Abe. But the damage was done by the time Yamagami started to receive therapy / rehab. “It’s better to domesticate the lion in an urban city while it’s still a cub, than allow it grow up to become a big ferocious beast without properly socializing it”. If Yamagami received therapeutic treatment or re-socialization earlier, he could ultimately have been diverted from going down the path of blood vengeance

Yamagami was Fairly Calculated. He targeted specific high-value people. He did not target random bystanders like ER or AM. His targets were consistent with his motive

Albeit his attack on Shinzo Abe did not have a political motive, Yamagami’s attack was calculated. His targets were specifically chosen based on his motive. He didn’t choose any random Becky or normie NPCs walking across the sidewalk. He specifically chose high-value targets who were indirectly or directly accountable to his traumatic life as a “shukyo nisei”. Yamagami’s first target was a high-ranking member of the Unification Church (Hak Ja Han). But he abandoned his plan to kill Hak Ja Han because he couldn’t get close enough to her to attempt on her life. Yamagami ultimately targeted Shinzo Abe when he saw Abe praising Hak Ja Han in a speech at the Unification Church

Quote from Yamagami's Wiki:
People who opposed Yamagami criticized that the assassination might inspire copycat crimes. Criminologist Nobuo Komiya warned that "more people began to justify [their radical actions] when dealing with their family and religious issues", and that Yamagami being "treated and followed like a revolutionary leader was alarming".
It was believed that Yamagami’s actions encouraged radicalization to cultivate among marginalized demographics in Japan, and potentially inspired others to carry out similar acts of violence. If a low-value, traumatized ricel like Yamagami can assassinate someone who at one point would have been considered one of the most powerful people in Japan, it creates the impression that other marginalized ricels can take out high-value people also

The Incel Equivalent of Tetsuya Yamagami’s Actions

The “incel” equivalent of what Tetsuya Yamagami did to Shinzo Abe, would be like a sexually/romantically frustrated man hunting down the CEO or founder of a mainstream dating app. I do not recommend for anyone to do this. I’m just making a point

If an act of violence has a coherent motive that is non-terroristic, non-psychopathic and targets a specific person of importance, (e.g., ex-Prime Minister of Japan), there’s a unique way that public and the media will respond to it. The violent criminal offender becomes a hero, a source of inspiration or an object of adoration to some marginalized people. But his violent attack may also result in a raised awareness of a social issue that was previously unknown to most other members of society, depending on his motive for the attack, e.g the plight of "shukyo nisei"

When Yamagami's Twitter account noted in his letter for Yonemoto was leaked to the public on 17 July 2022, his Twitter followers surged from zero to over 45,000 within one day. His Twitter account received an increase in likes and retweets, until the account was suspended on 19 July. On 10 September 2022, during Yamagami's 42nd birthday, he received messages of celebration and admiration on social media with the hashtag "Tetsuya Yamagami birthday". Japanese people cosplaying Yamagami's appearance during Abe's assassination were spotted at events like the rally against Abe's state funeral. These cosplayers held cardboard signs displaying the leaders they were against: Abe, Ali Khamenei, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Even before Yamagami was being officially tried, online petition website Change.org had received over 8,700 signatures, as of 8 October 2022, which pleaded for reducing Yamagami's sentence.

Yamagami’s actions may have been the result of an emotional meltdown if you wanna see it that way. But it’s difficult to write him off as any exceptional mental health issue, because:

(1) it was the ultimate outcome of emotional trauma that developed due to involuntary conditions, as Yamagami didn’t choose to be born a “shukyo nisei”. The underlying cause of Yamagami’s “mental health issue” is based on the fact he was a subject of the “shukyo nisei”. The socio-economic circumstances of Yamagami’s trauma were not isolated; other subjects of “shukyo nisei” would later admit they had similar traumatic life experiences as Yamagami​

(2) His attack was calculated to a fair extent. His motive was revenge. His target of choice was consistent with his motive. He didn’t choose any random bystanders in a public space. He specifically chose a high value target – A person of more importance in society than ordinary normies, and whose actions had a direct / indirect impact on Yamagami’s traumatic life experience

TLDR: Yamagami was neither a psycho nor a terrorist. But he was a member of a marginalized demographic in Japan who were traumatized / arrested development, due to factors beyond their control. As the result of being born from members of Christian cults in Japan, he involuntarily became a member of “shukyo nisei”, and was subject to emotional trauma that came with being a “shukyo nisei”. His target was consistent with his motive. He specifically targeted high-value people like Shinzo Abe, who had a direct or indirect impact on his traumatic life. Despite social / political discourse around “shukyo nisei” and Shinzo Abe’s relationship with religious cults in Japan, Yamagami's motive for killing Shinzo Abe was purely vengeance for his traumatic life as a "shukyo nisei" ricel

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Dnr but based for killing a member of the globohomo elite.

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