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Blackpill [STUDY] Microplastics found in the placenta of pregnant women - OVER BEFORE YOU WERE BORN

Nightmare fuel. Babies are infected with microplastics leeching estrogen before they're even born.
Males are increasingly becoming chemically castrated at birth

This is a quick investigation into the possible developmental hazards that this could have on us.
This could potentially affect your: Face, height, dick and behavior/mental health. And this is not an exhaustive list

1) Plasticenta: First evidence of microplastics in human placenta​

Why is this a problem?

Most plastics are known to leech estrogen (next study)

2) Most Plastic Products Release Estrogenic Chemicals: A Potential Health Problem That Can Be Solved​

"Chemicals having estrogenic activity (EA) reportedly cause many adverse health effects, especially at low (picomolar to nanomolar) doses in fetal and juvenile mammals.

Almost all commercially available plastic products we sampled—independent of the type of resin, product, or retail source—leached chemicals having reliably detectable EA, including those advertised as BPA free. In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than did BPA-containing products."

Here are some key roles of testosterone (and overall androgen balance) during pregnancy

3) Testosterone is essential for the development of the human penis

Sexual differentiation of the human brain: Relation to gender identity, sexual orientation and neuropsychiatric disorders​

"The production of testosterone and the peripheral conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone between weeks 6 and 12 of pregnancy are essential for the formation of a boy’s penis, prostate and scrotum."

:feelsohgod: Imagine being born a dicklet because of some plastics that pumped you with estrogens while you were in the womb

4) Maternal testosterone levels during pregnancy are associated with offspring size at birth​

"The main outcome measures were weight and length at birth. Associations between maternal androgen levels and offspring birth weight and length were investigated using multiple linear regression modeling adjusted for potential confounding by maternal height, pre-pregnancy body mass index, smoking, parity, offspring gender and gestational age at birth. Elevated maternal testosterone levels at week 17 and 33 were both associated with lower birth weights and lengths. Accordingly, at week 17, an increase in maternal testosterone levels from the 25th to the 75th percentile was associated with a decrease in birth weight by 160 g (95% confidence interval (CI); 29-290 g), while at week 33 that estimate was 115 g (95% CI; 21-207 g)."

tl;dr healthy levels of testosterone will produce a baby that is bigger at birth (both in height and weight)

Why does this matter? Because there's a correlation between size/weight at birth and your ADULT HEIGHT


4) a) Birth weight and length as predictors for adult height​

4) b)Size at birth and gestational age as predictors of adult height and weight​

5) Prenatal testosterone exposure is related to sexually dimorphic facial morphology in adulthood​

:feelsohgod: Imagine having a soft, weak, effeminate looking face because of plastics

6) Fetal Testosterone Predicts Sexually Differentiated Childhood Behavior in Girls and in Boys​

"Fetal testosterone has been shown to affect the anatomy of the brain, including the hypothalamus, limbicsystem, and neocortex,[6], sexually dimorphic behaviour such as aggression and activity level and sexually dimorphic cognitive skills like spatial navigation[1,6]."ù

:worryfeels: Enjoy being a high inhib effeminate mess on top of being under developed physically

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