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JFL Sri-Lankan vERy dark shitskin currycel tried to sneak into baggage compartment of Plane headed to Sri Lanka from Sydney Airport



Chaos is a laddER
Jan 7, 2019

View: https://youtu.be/n7Q6SaKMLRw?si=odawojHnfTj8FgEB

JFL when you want to escape your current state of existence of being a currycel living in a feminist westERn gynocentric shithole, but you DON’T have the money to buy a one-way ticket to your third world impovERished shithole country, so you try to escape the westERn feminist country of your present residence illegally, but even then the cops foil your attempt and you face legal consequences (a trial at court followed by the HIGH possibility of jail WHEN you r eventually found guilty)

Being found guilty is an INEVITABILITY, because it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll be found guilty if you leave behind this much evidence (especially if you do so WHILE ALSO existing as a curry who is at the mERcy of a racially prejudiced legal system).

The govERnment is essential forcing you to choose between existing as an incel in free society, or being locked up in prison if you try to escape illegally (if you have a lack of funds or lack the means to leave legally for any other reason).

They won’t show you any mERcy by letting you escape the country (and consequently escape your pain/suffERing), due to the fact that they WANT you to CONTINUE to feel pain and CONTINUE to suffER, a goal they will achieve by keeping you TRAPPED in a hellish state of existence no mattER which choice you make (because they r psychopaths who get pleasure/enjoyment from seeing subhumans expERience pain/suffERing)
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Atleast let the man go back to his shithole. All he ever wanted.
Atleast let the man go back to his shithole. All he ever wanted.

Nah. They want to forcefully keep him hERe to suffER even more, the govERnment are full of sadistic psychopaths.
They want to keep the poor currycel trapped so that they'll always have someone to mog.
You WILL stay in CHADstralia and you WILL GET MOGGED
Brutal, atleast deport him with the jewish wealth
He should contact some sfcels, maybe they'll fund him a one-way ticket back to curryland.

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