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Venting some female hygienist at some school tried to front a nice face to me [long read]



Nov 9, 2017
Well here is the run down, I was referred to this school to clean my teeth.

The funny thing is that that I had to contact the students directly. At 1st I was confused as to why I had to do this.
So basically I waited till i got down to the school. They were examining my teeth and giving me an intake. [Remember I wasnt fully aware what student I was getting]

So I was kind of nervous, they gave me the students number to call. At the time my phone wasnt work I had to use different numbers. So I tried calling the student and texted that person randomly. Then they picked up [it was a girl] I was like "wtf?"
So I was trying to arrange my appointment dates and a time, asked for her full name. She got offended and asked why?

Well I said" so I can have you on my contact list and tell the receptionist who are you, plus I thought it was better since the receptionist cant be confused"

She said "it's fine you cant, but you can have my 1st name"

Once she gave me her 1st name, my phone cut off the next day I was trying to text her randomly.
So later on in the night I got a late night text, it was her, telling her to call her and I did.
After the phone call ended.

The next day I recieved a call, it was the instructor. She LITERALLY started of accusing me of things. Saying how I was making her feel uncomfortable and I shouldnt be calling her randomly at night.
This bitch was literally making me out to be a predator and a creep with her condescending tone.

So I basically snapped back her and said "hey please dont talk to me like that im not a predator and it wasnt intentional that I wasnt doing that to her"

After a long heated discussion we dropped the conversation and decided to move forward.

Fast forward to a month later after a few visits to see her.
I decided to text her and apologize of what I did and move forward. She seemed receptive, then all of a sudden she started to text me with smiley faces and text me repeatedly about the appointment.
In my mind I was like "wait hold up this doesnt seem right, if a girl accused me of making her feel uncomfortable she might say more shit"

So I decided to call her and test her" excuse me im confused whats going on"

She was like " what do you mean?"

I was like" remember the incident we had im confused what you want from this or what the intention is"

(In my mind im already blackpilled I already know how she is as a female, so I decided to test her)

She said "oh well im married and im acting all professional so im sorry i came off that way"

i straight up told her" well sorry to break it to you im not interested and I didnt want to assume anything"

Well 1st off she isnt married cause I did a simple search of her number, 2nd I was weary of the situation of how she treated me and in this gynocentric society this bitch would accuse me of anything, since she already did.

So basically this bitch was putting on a nice front, meaning she was only nice to me, because as an unattractive male thats what she had to do.

So later on in the initial appointment, after the x rays were done getting taken. I over heard the conversation between her and the instructor saying "I needed to go get my medical records"
She didnt say anything and I suggested If that was all. She said yes.

Later she called me saying that I needed to go down to get my medical records, basically making it seem I should be her personal whipping boy and be a beta. While I had her on the phone I decided to talk to her about things and ask her what she was going to do after school. Her response "well after we clean your teeth its best to move on"

I was like yep this bitch doesnt like ugly guys.
So I decided to cut ties with her and find a professional dentist to actually clean my teeth.

TlDr; in an essence this is why the blackpill is important, because these types situations you would know how females will react to guys and treat them accordingly.
Catfishman brother, you sound like a schizo patient tbh I read all that text and I still don't know what happened
Catfishman brother, you sound like a schizo patient tbh I read all that text and I still don't know what happened
Reread it.

I already stated she accused me of making her feel uncomfortable after a few exchanges she literally was being nice to me.

I already wasnt interested in her but she made it clear that she wasnt interested in me.

I already explained why the blackpill is important
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Moral of story: Never be near to a female,do not have contact
What's wrong with your teeth ? I mean the majority of people have fucked teeth (females included).
What's wrong with your teeth ? I mean the majority of people have fucked teeth (females included).
Well I have a lot of tarter and plaque if you dont keep it up then bad shit can happen

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