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Some Baldcel IRL janny was going to go ER but then turned himself in (got cucked anyway)



Aug 21, 2018
166d 22h 4m
rope2cope said:
A high school janitor in Oregon bought weapons and made written plans for a mass shooting before eventually surrendering himself voluntarily to police, allegedly confessing he had “homicidal thoughts”.

A mugshot of Kristopher Clay, 24, who is accused of plotting a mass shooting before turning himself over to police in Oregon.

On Wednesday, police in Medford, Oregon, formally arrested Kristopher Clay, 24, a janitor at South Medford High School, who’d surrendered late last month.

An interrogation and search warrant followed, and police say they uncovered guns, ammunition, tactical gear, and “written material” about the school shooting he planned to carry out.

“Why he turned himself in is the million dollar question. I believe that he did a lot of planning and a lot of sinister thoughts, but he had that moment where he wanted help,” Medford police lieutenant Mike Budreau told The Daily Beast.

“Thank goodness that happened. Had he not turned himself in, I don’t think we would have figured this one out before it happened.”

Clay allegedly mentioned his plans to those around him, who didn’t take his statements seriously.

He began working at the school in February, where officials say he didn’t display any outward animosity or raise any red flags in an employment background check.

However, according to police, a court had previously barred Clay from purchasing guns because of mental illness. As a result, he purchased his weapons from a combination of websites and in-person from those close to him.

Clay has been charged with attempted murder, first-degree attempted assault, attempted unlawful use of a weapon, tampering with evidence, and felony disorderly conduct, on $2 million bail.

He initially said he wanted to plead guilty, but later said he would speak with a public defender after a judge reminded him of the penalties of the charges against him during an arraignment on Thursday.

“I’d just like to remind folks that any time you hear talk of mass or school shootings or anything that should be of concern, don’t discount it – report it, let us look into it and see if it has any veracity, because what we saw in this case was that it absolutely did,” Lieutenant Budreau told KEZI.

Despite the global pandemic, gun violence never paused in the US, killing nearly 20,000 Americans in 2020, more than any other year in the last two decades.

According to recent figures, 2021 is set to have even more mass shootings than 2020.

JFL he turned himself in but they're still going to basically give him life, he has a 2 milly bond. :feelskek:

no don't do it bro! go get some help bro! speak to someone they'll help you! gets life in prison anyway. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
Just fucking laugh at this so(y)ciety, this man wanted help against his violent/dark thoughts and instead of helping him they throw him in a hole for the rest of his life, then they wonder when the next mass shooter stays quiet, builds up more and more steam until the explosion while never talking about his problems.
Ellsworth said:
This story doesn’t make sense to me. Doesn’t society want people to go seek help rather than go ER? Didn’t he do the right thing about reporting his disturbing thoughts ? Guess I don’t understand. Maybe since he’s so ugly that instead of treating his mental illness they are just treating him as if he actually went through with the crime.
Meus said:
Why not just get rid of everything and get help for "depression" and never mention any violence whatsoever, if he wanted to talk to a bunch of therapists?

What a retard :feelshaha:
The psychologists would have reported him to the authorities too if they had any vague fear that he was a danger to himself/others.

"Why don't people go to therapists/psychologists?"

Because you here pay the capitalist equivalent of a Stasi/KGB agent to spy on you and one wrong word can worsen your life quality enormously because you are then thrown in psychiatry where they turn you into a drug zombie with release being optional (just fucking laugh, the institutions allegedly designed to "help" you are prisons where the prisoner doesn't serve a sentence given to him by a qualified judge with a known outcome/fate for a known/proven crime and with guaranteed bodily integrity, but rather prisons where release is optional and only dependent on the whims of the authorities - often with no physical crime being committed and medical experiments being performed on you via the application of experimental drugs often against your will). Furthermore, therapy only helps if you have foid-tier mental illnesses.
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Jun 7, 2021
14d 23h 46m
"Attempted murder" what absolute bullshit.

Who did he attempt to murder, exactly? All he did was buy a bunch of weapons and rant about how he was going to murder everyone. He didn't actually try to murder anyone, he turned himself in voluntarily because he thought he'd receive an ounce of sympathy from this cucked society. Instead, they just locked him up without second thought. I thought normies said that the first step to change is acknowledging you need help? But I guess that doesn't apply to this guy. They'll still defend a mother murder who murdered her own kids due to "post-partum depression" or a chad who murdered his wife because he "suffered a psychotic break"

He should have actually went ER instead of believing the childhood lie of "If you tell the truth, you won't get in trouble."


No longer human
Apr 30, 2020
6d 23h 48m
>24 years old
he looks 40
crestfallencel said:
that dude is 24? he looks 40 at least. unbelievable how being a social outcast ages a nigga
itd over for aging like milk cels


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May 30, 2019
132d 7h 39m
Another L for cumskins :feelsrope:


Sep 5, 2021
9d 3h 37m
This guy is the mayo equivalent of the 5'2" balding Indian janitor :feelshaha: