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Society places white women on a pedestal (And they know it).

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Nov 11, 2017
If you grew up as an average looking white woman who's at least 5'4" (or could get to around 5'9" with heels) and not fat, and grew up around the 21st century in the Western world, then then you have the greatest likelihood in the history of womankind to achieve happiness, social satisfaction and success. Outside of some who may be born into extreme wealth, no other demographic comes close to this.

I'm writing this thread to explain to you exactly why it's unrealistic for many of you to be aiming for average white women and why lowering your standards or going after women of other races may be the only option. Many of them are snobby, entitled have high standards and can afford to because so many other groups place them at a high importance in society. I will list each of the groups that place white women on a pedestal:

Men of all ethnic groups/backgrounds.

For ethnic men, getting into a long-term relationship with a white girl is seen as a symbol of high status and true integration into Western society. For white men, some just want to date girls that they grew up with, some are alt-right and believe that white women are important for the survival of the white race.

Regardless of the fact, every man in one way or another wants a white woman. White women are subconsciously aware of this, see this as a true reflection of their value and adjust their standards accordingly. If you were also in demand by every other woman, you'd do the exact same.

Let me share you an example. I'm part of this weightlifting club which started out as mostly men, and two women, one from South America and one from South Asia. They're treated just like the guys in a way. Three weeks ago a new girl wanted to join our club who was white and decent looking. Now anytime she asks a question or asks who's gonna show up at a certain day on the chatroom, almost every guy rushes in to help or join. How can you not feel entitled to the best when your average guy is willing to do anything for you for nothing in return?

Especially white woman who are actually physically active and have nice bodies, they're not in the same universe as you, just ignore them.

Feminist movements.

Feminist movements do pay some lip service to women of non-white backgrounds, but for the most part they are concerned with the sexual, financial and reproductive freedoms of white women. These movements tell the women that they are entitled to a good job, a fulfilling career and a husband who is rich and handsome who will do whatever she wants. Being told all your life by educational institutions that you are special and just as if not more valuable than men, you will eventually begin to adopt that mentality that you are better than others and deserve more. Feminist movements also help promote a victim mentality among white women to make them believe that they have it worse than they actually do.

The proof of this is while feminist movements advocate for all this gender equality, they conveniently ignore more stringent issues of gender equality such as the freedoms of women in Islam, or rights of women from other cultures, stating that it's "A part of their cultural and isn't right to interfere." Feminist movements are for white women only. They will use non-white women sometimes for good PR but many non-white women know that intuitively when trying to join feminist groups.

Educational institutions and jobs.

Scholarships and free money to any woman in STEM regardless of the fact that not many women are interested in STEM in the first place. A political climate in most Universities that supports white woman feminism. A male-dominated gender ratio which ensures you an endless supply of men willing to help you succeed.

As a white woman, you are more likely to be given a job offer than a more qualified non-white man, and I've seen this first hand.

In my faculty we have an internship program. I'm a non-white, short male for reference, but I have a decent GPA (3.7 now, almost 3.8). Last year, I was part of this program. Also a part of this program were a bunch of other white guys, and this one white woman. who has a poor GPA (3.1).

The white woman got two job offers. The white guys got on average one job offer. I didn't get anything unfortunately (they were looking for graduating students and I was still in my third year, so that probably plays into it more). The point remains. This white women was the least qualified out of the other applicants but ended up with two job offers.

Why? Because companies also have a gender ratio they have to meet now and female employees are a bit more in demand. You also have some hiring managers who would rather a decent looking white woman to gaze at throughout his day than a competent but not so good looking man.

The end result is that as a white woman, society will always help to ensure that you do not fail. You will always find a partner who will love you, society will make sure you are given priority in education, in employment and in society.

Out of all the women I have gotten to know at University (I live in a metropolitan area), white women are consistently the snobbiest, most arrogant, most disrespectful, most entitled, most selfish women out there, and are willing to manipulate or use you for their own benefit. Try to avoid them or you are contributing to the problem.
If i had the finances to move to an asian country i would, seems likely its a lot easier for atleast white incels.

10/10 post, I couldn't even afford to go to university/ college and now Unemployed ldar.
I like the way you put it. It's society's fault. Even if you dont put them on a pedestal they already are.
It seems like it’s mainly blonde white women to be honest.
Truth, but not much we can do. I mean betas/whiteknights in general are the cause of female privilege in general. Until someone can come up with a realistic way to wake these pathetic dudes up we're all screwed.








The topic title should say ‘women on a pedestal‘ since women are worshipped regardless of their race.
The topic title should say ‘women on a pedestal‘ since women are worshipped regardless of their race.

Yep, White women have it slightly better, but if you're a woman you get literally everything in life handed to you. This is also why I would never give money to a homeless woman (not that I've ever seen one).

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