[JFL] Single mom with 4 kids whining about government shutdown in Cosmopolitan article

Nov 25, 2017
No one cares about this dumb Stacy’s sob story and how she’s begging for handouts to keep her 4 unwanted kids alive after Chad left eight years ago.

Living paycheck to paycheck is normal for me—I've been raising my kids with no help or support from their father for eight years now. But I've already spent my last check, and right now I have no idea when I'll get another one.
JFL at her financial planning skills.

I do data entry for the Remittance Processing System
aka “I type numbers into a computer all day because I have no critical thinking skills”

Next I sip on murky home-brewed coffee, pretending it's my normal Starbucks beverage—a luxury I had to quickly halt once the shutdown occurred. Every dollar counts.
If you live paycheck to paycheck why are you drinking Starbucks every day? JFL!!

My children are 15, 13, 8, and 7.
JFL 4 kids she can’t afford

I call my friend and let her know I can't go out to eat for our weekly girl's night.
Again, eating at restaurants weekly while living paycheck to paycheck??

Foids have the WORST planning skills and are always looking for sympathy and handouts. I detest Cosmopolitan. All dumb foids care about is “me me me,” she likely knows nothing about the government shutdown other than the fact that she’s going broke because of it. She could find another min wage job too. But then again, it’s not like I expect anyone with 4 accidental kids and a wasteful daily Starbucks habit to have the IQ to realize that.


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Aug 17, 2018
Teehee. This ((hole)) could just go fuck someone next door for $150 instead of getting paid to spread trump (hate)
Sep 11, 2018
Jfl. We need to remove single mothers welfare
in Switzerland, the welfare is very high compared to other countries

here where l live, l know a portuguese who made many children with different swiss low-class men just to get more money

and of course she didnt raise her children, the state took them from her dirty hands

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