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JFL Simp with a bloody nose

He needs to kill himself, what a pathetic excuse of a man.
Suck shit, faggot.
It's over for that sniveling cuck. Look at him. Even the foids would beat him up. :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek:
I also looked up where union street aberdeen is and it's located up yonder in scotland.
Makes sense too, theres lots of simpery here in the uk.
You get quite a few dumb, toothless, wannabe tough guys who think that they're real masculine men just for putting foids on pedestals.


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Total simpdeath.

I once heard a story of a guy in a nearby town who simped for a Latina who was getting coerced by a man to get into a car or something. They tracked him down and slashed his hamstring with a knife. He had a family. He didn't think about his family when he decided to simp. She's not going to compensate him for his new disability, of course.
Simps deserves this
Hopefully he'll learn.
Hopefully he'll learn.

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