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LifeFuel Silver Back Looking Sheboon Bitch CoWorker Is Mad About No Pride Symbols On The Job Next Month

Tranquil Fury

Tranquil Fury

Chad Basher
Aug 30, 2022
Dumb cunt and the border jumping bitch who cheated me out of a promotion have been crying about it all day and it's fucking music to my ears. They made the announcement yesterday that we won't be wearing the symbol or allowing flags on the job next month, and while I just happened to be one of the MANY employees who refused to wear it last year, they have been bitching about it all day and blaming me directly for this decision even though many businesses are following suit. Dumb cunts were literally so mad they had tears in their eyes, and sheboon was literally frothing at the mouth and snarling at me to the point she was threatened with being suspended for a month. Nicest start to a summer in a really long time now that I think of it...
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