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Nov 12, 2017
Everyone needs some good blackpills before they head to bed.
I've never been delusional enough to think I could get with a Stacy.
Looked at my oneitis for a bit too long and she yelled at me in front of the entire class.
I asked a girl for a pen but she didn't give me one :(
Too many to count. Once I went up to a girl and asked her out to prom, and she told me she wasn't going to prom. In a non-surprising twist, guess who I saw at prom? That same girl who told me she wasn't going. You know normies reading this will say, "Hurrrr maybe she changed her mind last minute?" "Hurrr maybe she was forced to go with her friends" "Hurrrrr. Bluepilled garbage. She was there with a good looking Chad, who of course mogged me to oblivion. They definitely fucked that last night, while I went home to stare at the fucking wall.

Another time I was good friends with a girl in my bluepilled days, and she showed me all the "signs" that she liked me (if anyone still believes in this bullshit, just end it, because it's not true), so I decided to ask her out. She gave me a complete bullshit answer, and she never spoke to me again. A few weeks after this I tried talking to her, and she just laughed in my face.

And another time I asked a girl out who I knew well in my bluepilled days. I went up to her, and she told me "Ew". And every time she would me after she'd smile and laugh. But not smile and laugh in the way any of you dumb ass normies reading this think. It was a smile and laugh in a way that they were laughing AT me, not with me. It was humiliating.

Way too many humiliating moments. It was just brutal. It's so brutal being ugly. I remember going up to a girl at a bar, and when I was coming up to her, she fucking saw me and WALKED AWAY QUICKLY. The more brutal thing about this is my mini Chad friend was talking to her earlier and making her laugh and whatever. I think he stopped talking to her, because he found a hotter girl. It's just so damn brutal. Especially when I saw that same girl later on trying to talk to my mini Chad friend later on, pretending that I didn't even exist. I was completely invisible. So much humiliation. So many blackpills.

Take it from a former bluepiller. Going out, and "putting yourself out there" means nothing when you're ugly. It's over.
Attempting to talk to a stacy classmate and she turned away and ignored me 5 seconds into the "conversation."
Never really had a natural liking for Stacy.

I only asked the nerdy and hipster chicks out, Well... All of them said "no."
I've never attempted communicating with a 6+ female.
It was 2 years ago. I walk in the metro and all the seats are taken. There is only 1 seat and that is next to my crush. She looks at me and tells me "Sit here". Then we started talking and she was laughing and shit with what I said. We walked to the campus and before parting ways for our classes I asked her out. She giggled and said "No thanks" and I never saw her again.

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