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LifeFuel Roundup of Thailand Trip - girls, advice, conversation screenshots etc

User was warned for bragging.
OK so as promised, here's my roundup of the trip and a step by step guide for any hopecels out there. If you're a fully committed rotter I can respect that but it's probably not the thread for you. This is gonna be a long thread, be warned.

Background: Stayed in Thailand for 22 days. Fucked 10 girls including two 17 year old JB's, none of them hookers. Here's how you can do it too...

How much does this all cost?

I started the holiday with 1,000 GBP ($1400), and was pretty much fully spent up by the end of the trip. This figure includes the cost of accommodation but does not include flights. For the cheapest flights from whereever you live, check out For what it's worth, my return flight cost 400 GBP ($550). It's always cheaper if you book a fair few weeks in advance, so do that.

For currency exchange, bring cash to Thailand, and exchange it at the exchange booths there. Do not exchange money at the airport, the rate is shit. In Bangkok there's plenty of exchange shops and you'll only lose like half a percent, which beats withdrawing money at ATM's.

Where should I stay?

For the best chance of slaying non-pro girls, you can't beat Bangkok IMO. You'll be a rarer commodity as a foreigner in Northern towns, but these places are more difficult to function in if you don't speak Thai, and are much more conservative in culture. If you're there a long time and want a quality girlfriend, you could check these places out, but for a short trip, just go to Bangkok.

You want to be staying at a place near a BTS/MRT station (very important), and as close to the centre of town as your budget allows (less important, but it helps). For reference, the absolute 'centre' is the Siam BTS station, so be as near to there as reasonably possible.

I personally stayed at this place: . It was close to the BTS, but around 25 minutes from the centre. The cost was 9,800 baht ($310), plus the electric bill at the end came to 2,000 ($64) baht.

Photos of the exact room I stayed at are here:
Anything else?

You're gonna want a SIM card when in Thailand. You can choose between AIS, DTAC, and True (these are phone providers in Thailand). I personally used DTAC, but any will work fine. Make sure you buy a decent data package - you want 5 GB of data for a 2 week trip minimum IMO. It's fairly cheap. Don't worry about call or text credit as everyone uses a messeging app here called LINE, which only uses data. Just walk into one of these stores and they'll sort you out.

For transport, do yourself a favour and buy a 'rabbit card' for the BTS. You'll be travelling a lot to meet various girls, and the card gets you cheaper trips. It drops the cost from an average of 44 baht per trip to 31 - this adds up when you're traveling a lot.

For food, it's entirely up to you. I ate mostly Thai food which is an average of 40 baht ($1.30) a meal on the street. You can get decent food in mall food courts for around 60 baht ($2). If you want to eat at fancy high priced western restaurants than the sky is the limit, but unless you're a richcel don't do that.

In general things are much cheaper outside the malls. Food, clothes, medicines etc.

Enough of this bullshit, get to the girls already!

First girl:
Second girl:
Third girl:
Fourth girl:
Fifth girl:

Sixth girl (17 year old): (the bathroom pic is just to prove that I actually did stay over at her place - check out that 'traditional' Thai toilet and bathroom, lol!)

Seventh Girl:

Eighth Girl (also 17 years old):

Ninth Girl: and

Tenth Girl:

How you do even meet them? Do I have to cold approach or go clubbing alone like some TRP moron?

No you don't.

I met all the girls online. Tinder was 70% of the lays. Other apps possible are badoo and skout. You can also try although I've found tinder is significantly better for getting quick lays.

I don't have much success getting the girls to meet in my room straight away. It happened, but only twice. YMMV if you are more attractive than me (or less attractive). In general I think the average PSL 4 guy is gonna have to meet the girl outside the room, then try and get her back there at some point.

I don't know how to speak to girls online - how do you get them to meet up?

Don't overcomplicate it. Have 4 or 5 messages on tinder, then ask for her LINE ID. Once there, carry on talking a bit about BS stuff (school, work, hobbies etc, the usual shit). Then ask her when she's free, and arrange a meet.

IMPORTANT: If she is hesitant, or says 'maybe' she's free on xxx date, or says 'not sure' or anything else like that, it's OVER, move on. SEA girls are massive timewasters so you have to be harsh when cutting them out here. Any hint of being a timewaster = cut her loose. Don't spend large amounts of time on any one girl, it's pointless. If they like you, they'll meet quickly.

Here's some screenshots of conversations with girls I banged to show you how it's done:

First example:

Second example:

Third example (one of the JB's - if you look closely you can see she changed her profile pic to me and her):

Hopefully you can all see it's not really that complicated. Find out when they're free, arrange a meetup. Easy.

Where to go for first dates?

Pick somewhere reasonably close to your room, but also keep in mind the girls location. If she's on the other side of Bangkok to you, meet in the middle. Don't travel long distances to meet a girl as SEA girls are notorious timewasters - they only actually turn up around 75% of the time in my experience, and 90% of those times they're late. You also want a location reasonably close to your room to make it easier to get the girl back there.

There's no difference in success rate when doing something expensive vs something cheap, so just do something cheap. Stuff that worked for me this trip - getting an ice cream together, going for a walk in the park, going to a cheapish restaurant for food. I did also get laid twice by arranging to meet girls at clubs, but there's no increase in success rate going clubbing vs doing something cheaper.

Don't expect to succeed all the time. It's a lot easier in Thailand, but you're not gonna bang the girl every single time in my experience. YMMV if you're more or less attractive than me, as usual.

So how do you get the girl back to your room?

The usual method is you do whatever you've arranged to do (park, ice cream etc), then you suggest going to watch a movie in your room. Do NOT tell her you're going back there to have sex. If a Thai girl comes back to your room, 90% of the time she's willing to fuck you, I've literally only failed with a Thai girl once when I've got her back to my room.

But itsOVER, the majority of these girls are below average or downright ugly?

That's right buddy boyo, and as an incel you don't have the luxury of choice. Bang, or volcel it is.

On a more serious note, I agree most were not that attractive. That was a function of my general strategy however - I was going for the maximum slays possible, so was focused on numbers, not quality. Getting a 'quality' girl is much easier when you actually live there, as you have the time to do the 3 date thing then bang her. It doesn't take long to get a quality PSL 5+ chick, just a couple of weeks normally, but that's time you don't have when you're only there a few weeks. If you want better looking girls, I suggest you either:

1) Be better looking than me.
2) Start considering ways you can live permanently in SEA. I got MUCH better girls when I lived there.
3) Go to Manila where I hear it's even easier.
4) Escortcel.

With that said, I think girl number 3 was decent, girl 6 was OK, and girls 4, 8 and 9 were fuckable enough. Girls 1, 2 and 7 were definitely on the dodgy side, especially 7, although I was kinda reverse catfished there and it was a case of bang or go home and wank. Girls 6 and 8 were haloed a bit by being 17 year old JB's. The rest were just below average but not downright awful.

Keep in mind even Chad doesn't fuck prime Stacy's all the time - that's why so many of you whine on here that you can't get your looksmatch. Chad has to fuck plenty of sub-prime roast beef too.

I've still got more questions?

Feel free to post in the thread and I'll answer. Or send me a PM.
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