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It's Over Rooshvforum is shutting down.

Murder Mario

Murder Mario

I've killed more cunts than cervical cancer
Nov 21, 2022


Roosh said:
After 15 years of operation, I've decided to close the forum, a decision I've been contemplating for a while and about which I informed the moderators a few days ago. No reason I give will be sufficient for those who enjoy the forum, but I'm ready to move on from public internet life. I have a regular job now and want to live a normal Orthodox life. This forum is a hinderance to that end.

The forum will be closed to new posts and threads on Sunday, October 29, 2023 and will remain online as an archive for a time. You may post until then (while still following the rules). I will not sell the forum or allow the domain to be used by anyone else. For any spinoff forums that are created, use them at your own risk (I maintain the right to ban any external links that are antithetical to the Orthodox faith).

I know this forum is a central place for many people to get their news and discuss ideas with others, especially while the world is facing escalating conflicts, so forgive me if this decision upsets you. Thank you for everyone who has contributed to this forum, especially the senior posters and moderators @Nineteen84 and @DanielH. If it is blessed, I may return in the future to publishing content in some form, but I don't foresee starting a forum again.

Edit: Outside of this announcements subforum, forum is only visible to members who are logged in.
I stopped hearing about this guy ever since he quit making videos on his Bitchute account, the lack of income certainly affected him to the point of losing motivation to continue uploading his "Roosh Hour" videos... which were decent.
That book called "Game" was the main culprit, once he took it off from amazon, due to this transition into Christianhood.

~The guy had a genuine aura about him, despite being a past sexhaver.
He made the right choice in abstaining from lustful desire, which is a weakness more than anything else.
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This and other incel forums are the only forums I know
No surprise. PUAs had their moment.....from the early 2000s to 2014-15.

This is what makes the manosphere inefficient - it's popularity ebs in waves with each wave being a different part-

The early 2000s- mid 2000s had the PUA with their whole game n picking women bullshitry

2015-2017 The MGTOW moment came front n centre but they didn't really had a long shell life in public

2020 - The Red Pill burst in popularity

Give some years and it will fade back to niche internet forums again for such is the nature of every men's movement
He’s completely reformed. Pretty crazy transformation

Total Redpiller Death
Give some years and it will fade back to niche internet forums again for such is the nature of every men's movement
Pretty much

People come to redpill movements for girls, not guys

But all they find are movements full of guys

And grifters taking their money until they're broke

Eventually the movement dies down lmao
It's a shame. I like to read his blog now that he christianmaxxed

used to read him too back when he was a PUA in 2012
Religiosity = Mental illness

Any experienced psychiatrist worth one’s salt will acknowledge that. Columbia university has researched the connection for at least a decade.
Just like Jordan Peterson losing his marbles after becoming a Jesus freak.

IMG 3930
Going Crazy GIF
IMG 3931

IMG 3929
Going Crazy Will Ferrell GIF
I just found out his forum shut down today --- I've been under a rock, JFL

Aside from wanting to focus on church, he also apparently he got a regular job.
I've followed Roosh on and off for a few years (I'm an oldcel), and I always had mixed feelings towards him, TBH.
I do recall that before he got into Game, he was a wagecel working as a microbiologist and also somewhat of a tradcuck --- I don't know what his current occupation is now, but I find it funny that after teaching Game, traveling the world, writing shitty books for incels-in-denial, and even public appearances (he was on Dr. Oz)...... he's basically back to where he started.
Roosh was pretty much the only PUA to fully acknowledge the looks blackpill. He always made it clear that you needed the looks to do the job. But he didn't have any infield footage, which I always found sus. It's likely that he just wrote the books but never really put it in practice much.
But he didn't have any infield footage, which I always found sus. It's likely that he just wrote the books but never really put it in practice much.
I noticed the lack of footage, and I sense that close to 80% of the things he wrote was heavily fictionalized, and I'd wager that many (if not most) of his sexual encounters were just escorts. His descriptions of Colombia, a country he said to have visited, seemed off and not quite right --- I should know, I'm half Colombian and grew up between there and the States, I know the country
He did however, have a relationship with a (I think a Polish) foid, and there was even a photo of them walking down the street, holding hands. After the relationship ended, he said that the split affected him, and was one of the many motivators for him to return to God.
ok will u kys now

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