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Ricecel drops the truthbomb: Why So Many Men and are becoming Gay, Transgender & Incel: Chinese & Western Perspective

> 28 minutes.

@Seahorsecel @AsiaCel Brutal didn't know there were these many wars and deaths in China :feelsmega:
Brutal truthnuke & genderpill
"jorden peterson" mentioned. Stopped watching
I made it exactly 2 minutes.

Am i suffering from GENZ Attention span syndrome?
This ricecel is devastated by blackpill, he can't bear it anymore being an incel at that age. Rip.
28 minutes of water
This guy is speaking the truth

Chinese history is full of bloody incel rebellions. The bloodiest rebellions in human history.

When a huge excess of men are poor with no breeding opportunities they turn violent.

In America and Canada the problem is fixed with poor non-white immigrant men, geomaxxing, noodlewhores and LGBTQ. Otherwise we would have had an American Nazi party already. We had Trump which is like a lite-version of that.

I honestly believe that the world is headed towards another devastating world war. Everything is pointing towards it. The question is simply when. When there is an excess of men with no breeding opportunity and less resources to go around, those men become violent. Animals start becoming vicious towards each other.

There is so much degeneracy and male sexual inequality in this world and its only a matter of time before the world heads towards an apocalyptic world war.
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There are just way too many dudes in the world. Everywhere I have gone in my life its a sausage party of way too many dudes. Including the workforce, so many dudes trying to underbid each other to make a living.

The answer is a cataclysmic downsizing in males of 40-50% killed off in wars. Thankfully the world leaders appear to agree with us on this and be ramping up ww3. The new factories to make more weaponry are being constructed now.
China will invade Taiwan in an attempt to cull its surplus excess male population. An insider divulged this detail to me and I'm privy to the inner workings of the CCP.

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