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JFL "Researchers" discover the blackpill



Nov 16, 2022
Researchers have used high-definition video cameras on the roof of a large indoor stadium to track how strangers formed groups.
They found that individuals were likely to join groups containing members with similar physical traits – including levels of attractiveness. The researchers also discovered that attractive women were the most likely to be placed in the physical centre of social groups. The study in the journal, PLOS ONE, involved researchers at the University of Otago, New Zealand; the University of Oxford, UK; the University of Maryland, USA; and a computer animation company. Their paper also finds that individuals standing closest to others were most likely to shirk group tasks. This supports previous research on “social loafing”, a phenomenon whereby the presence of others appears to impede helping behaviour.
Full article: https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2016-03-23-study-tracks-how-we-decide-which-groups-join

Holy :lul:
It has always been there.
At this rate, we might actually live to see that long-awaited study that finally officially discovers that water is wet.
You might be done with the blackpill, but it's not done with you.
Aspie John's budding companionship with Short Morena is interrupted by the appearance of a new male: Mulatto Boy.

Mulatto Boy was nearly 16-years of age, 5'5, autistic, calm, and on-par with Aspie John in terms of intellect and subjects of interest. Aspie John immediately felt the discomfort of previous years return.

As the days went on, it was evident Mulatto Boy had taken a liking to Short Morena. He started offering advice to Short Morena for her flawed thinking, something Aspie John had desired to do for months. The two made eye contact and briefly debated politics as the stutterer Aspie John watched from the sidelines, unable to participate due to severe social anxiety. A.J felt like an undesirable child once again.


in few years they might discover that it's over for subhumans
in few years they might discover that it's over for subhumans
doubtful, theyll say subhumans havent discovered taking a shower and getting a haircut

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