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Reminiscing on a memory when I was 15


Currently Rotting

Nov 19, 2017
I remembering hearing about a HS party that all the good looking (who also happen to be the most popular kids in school, popularity and its correlation with looks is not a coincidence) kids from my school were going to. My subhuman self and my sub 5 ethnic friend stumbled upon this party in our neighborhood and indentified all the cars that belonged to the innumerable amount of stacys there and of course these fucking bimbos leave their cars unlocked and we ended up stealing over a dozen purses that night. Some of them left their laptops and iphones and we smashed them into the ground until they were unusable and took all their money and spent it on drugs to to cope with our subhuman faces
haha nice was expecting yall to get ridiculed and kicked out .. lovely twist there my brotha
jagged0 said:
you were 15 and taking drugs?

I was diagnosed by a bluepilled psychiatrist at age 13 with body dysmorphia. I was blackpilled by middle school. No joke. Looks have literally been the focal point of my life since I gained a semblance of sentience. Drugs were a healthy way of coping for that amount of stress at that age for me personally
Currently Rotting said:
jagged0 said:
you were 15 and taking drugs?
I was diagnosed by a bluepilled psychiatrist at age 13 with body dysmorphia. I was blackpilled by middle school. No joke. Looks have literally been the focal point of my life since I gained a semblance of sentience. Drugs were a healthy way of coping for that amount of stress at that age for me personally
lmao same here friend, i was blackpilled in middle school as well
coped with video games and playing basketball by myself (no friends) in hopes of growing taller (it didn't, lol)
Iconic. This life fuel shall last a thousand years.
You stole their man , Chad stole their virginities
You're doing gods work, great job OP
This is good life fuel. It made me smile.
Intellau_Celistic said:

Correct. Let me continue with the story of Aspie John:

In Special Ed, Aspie John was referred to the school psychologist. The school psychologist, who also saw Anxious Jane, encouraged Aspie John to speak to Anxious Jane.

"You should speak to Jane!"(S.P)

"I'm not sure..."(A.J)

"Try speaking to Anxious Jane! She would love to have someone to speak to!"(S.P)

"Okay, I think I'll try..."(A.J)

Aspie John would go home anxiously each day and think incessantly of his fellow classmates. He would feel very, depressed, jittery and uncomfortable due to a restless mind. Thinking of Anxious Jane only worsened it.

The teacher criticized Aspie John several times for his inability to socialize with Anxious Jane, who had little problem socializing with kids at social clubs she attended. She would criticize Aspie John's statements of "Managing his classroom anxiety" yet constantly gave Anxious Jane exemptions for her inability to recount her night(The teacher would ask everyone about it daily).

Furthermore, Anxious Jane was desired by nearly every male in the class. Aspie John was ignored to the extent of needing the teacher(Or, on one occasion, the Hispanic kid) to do class activities. One boy quickly sat near Anxious Jane and wrapped his arms around her during a class project.

"Jane, It's okay sweetie. Come pair with me."

As for the "speaking", Anxious Jane's hand-fiddling gestures, as well as her decision to mimic several of Aspie John's other avoidant behaviors, led to criticism from the Phys. Ed teacher, who said:

"Jane was playing with her hands instead of working on her activities. I think we have a dynamic there. Keep that in check."

Anxious Jane then frowned at Aspie John and started coming to school without her glasses(To impress Tall Kid).

Aspie John was also switched to other classroom duties after Anxious Jane wrote her "message" to him via homework.

A certain (respectable) Hispanic boy said of Jane:

"Is Jane still going to be in our classroom?"(He asked this after Aspie John was told that he would remain in the current classroom; unprovoked information)

"No. She'll be switched into the other classroom."(Teacher)
A woman worshiped since childhood, called a "model" in adolescence, given tickets to sports games, swimming parties, birthday parties, skating parties, amusement parks, concerts, movie parties, sleepover parties. In group therapy, males in her group constantly flirted with her and another (autistic; not me) guy would gush over her. Psychologists called her "Honey" and "Sweetie". When an understudy said something to "guilt-trip" me for disliking her, the group psychologist admitted, "No. She has plenty of support. I think she'll be okay".
Group Therapy, 2013:

- Marcus wraps his arm around foid's torso and calls her "Sweetie"

- Miss Rebecca tells foid that she is exempt from bringing her goal sheet

- Giovanni sits near foid to make her feel comfortable

- Gwendolyn partners with foid during gym activities

- foid is switched into another group to avoid my negative influence

- foid mother picks her up daily in a red Toyota, circumventing the public medical transportation system

- Leandro asks if foid was returning to our group(She wasn't)

Group Therapy, 2016:

- I am placed into the "Morning Group" by Miss Brooke to protect foid from my negative influence.

- foid receives luxurious care in the local psychiatric hospital(2x)

- A boy named "George" gushes over foid and offers her constant advice (Autistic)

- A boy named "Joe" gushes over foid and teaches her fishing techniques (Also autistic)

- A boy named "Chris" flirts with foid over text and social media
There was a tall White guy in group therapy. His name was Giovanni(Italian) and he struggled with suicidal thoughts.

Shannon loved sitting next to him.
In group therapy, Shannon's mother contacted staff to inform them of her "problem": Tall Italian Giovanni would not speak to her and she was crying over it.

"Miss, we cannot force a child to speak to your daughter!" (Mr. Mike)

"It's okay, honey! You can go to group therapy now. They've switched you and Giovanni into another group" (Lisa Jill)

"Good! I was disgusted by that Black boy. I hope I never see him again!" (Shannon)
He was actually fairly respectful. That adolescent was in group therapy for severe depression and had already attempted suicide twice(Placing a rifle to his head, overdosing on Celexa on his last day of hospitalization).

He helped me pick up our "goal sheets" after I dropped them while handing them out. S.R.B simply sat in her chair and watched as the papers fell near her feet(She also started omitting her name from her goal sheets). More interested in being near tall Chadlite.

He was scheduled to leave Wisconsin within a few weeks to live with his mother in Florida(He was living with grandparents).
Intellau_Celistic said:

Yes I was fearful of making eye contact with Black Joshua or White Giovanni. S.R.B wanted Italian genes.

My grandmother would aggressively patronize me and tell me "All of us were shy as kids". All of those older relatives are taller than I am.





View: https://youtu.be/wBQUaSklIlo?t=5
Absolutely based

How unfortunate that OP hasn't been online since 6 years
Intellau_Celistic said:


My maternal half-cousins and half-aunt would chat with my step-grandfather about myself and Mother living elsewhere. (I heard their conversations often)

"She never does any housework" (Objectively false. I have other problems with her, however...)

"They're leeching from us" (I never asked them for food or even clothing. I very rarely spoke to them.)

He would get upset when Mother would ask him to pick up our prescriptions from stores. He'd also get upset when Mother asked to visit grocery stores. This is despite taking my half-relatives to stores/fast food restaurants multiple times weekly. Medical appointments as well(When medical transportation wasn't an option).

My half-aunt's lovely statements:

"[Mother] sits around all day"

"I thought [Mother] said they had no food" (Me and Mother relied on food pantry boxes/SNAP)

"[Intellau] will tell his mother if we bully him" (Maternal half-cousins; they abused my younger half-cousin somewhat since she was reluctant to do so.)

As a child, my half-aunt would patronize me for my autistic behavior. She would criticize my sluggish movements and depressed demeanor. "Hurry up [Intellau]!" - I also had social cue problems and misunderstood instructions from her.

They are kleptomaniacs; they would take portions of our food home after "visiting".


"(I never asked them for food or even clothing. I very rarely spoke to them.)"

Indeed. I was very grateful when my grandmother stopped giving me meals at the age of seventeen due to her view of me as an ingrate. She often said "[Intellau] was born with a silver spoon in his mouth" because I was anxious and struggling to help her with house tasks due to my NLD(I would help them with laundry, unpacking groceries, washing dishes, fetching items they needed, ...).


Yes; my father would regularly batter Mother and break things. When angry, Mother would grab my stimming objects and shake them in my face while tightly grasping my neck.

Mother moved into a separate apartment and stayed with relatives, at times. We also had to live with my paternal grandparents.
My grandmother would often ask me to do things for her. I obediently tried to follow her instructions and received denigration as a result. She would yell at me and say things like "Look! Use your eyes!"(Because I was anxious and had visual processing issues), "Did you hear me!?! That isn't the way I told you to do it!"(When I would drop things or make mistakes because I was sweating and anxious out of fear of upsetting her). She would tell me "Put your head up. No one did anything to you" because I was too anxious to make eye contact with her.

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