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RageFuel relationship with a woman when you are not Chad and not a rich betabuxer



Mar 27, 2024
a girl stabbed her boyfriend to death because he didn't earn enough.

The 31-year-old slut lived with her boyfriend. The poor fellow was an ordinary hard worker and worked as a builder at various sites. He earned little and on this basis they often had conflicts. The parasite nagged the hard worker because he earned little. In the evening, Ellie once again had a fight with the guy and during the quarrel she stabbed him right in the heart.

The worker died, and the girl was detained.

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and was released on probation after a few days, found another cuck and lived happily ever after

Took the words out of my mouth.

Pussy is sacred in our society, whereas incels are commodities, worse, they're cogs made to support the society without being seen.

An incel groping a female will get more time than a female murdering a sub-5.

It's almost a religious thing. When someone kill someone, normies are like " that sucks, but hey, it happens ".

But if a pussy is assaulted, then it's a public outraged, as if they were feeling it in their skin by reading the headline.
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