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Blackpill r/foreveralonewomen preference for males

Every comment says ''tall''

I guess thats me out of any chances
Two things: Mod responded.

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"I got bored and thought why not imagine a guy that would be my exact type..."

Said no r/ForeverAlone user.
FAW though, have.
They're bigger volcels than the average volcel on this forum
The subreddit is mostly them crying about not being stacies and the center of attention but they could still find someone
For all the people who keep asking why incels and "femcels" don't just date each other:
A perfect guy to me : tall 190cm ish, goes to the gym but not too muscular, masculine hands, skin color either really dark or really pale, long hair or locks, clear skin, good hygiene
Also he’s a provider, protective, kind, smart, ambitious Travel places, not a baby momma, muslim, attached to Allah, funny and easy going He should also like arts/philosophy and deep convo
Blonde, middle height, preferably blue eyes but can also be light brown or green. Intelligent, enthusiastic, compassionate, passionate about interests, generous, sincere. Ethical vegan. Can be a smoker even though I dont smoke.
Nothing new; all of them demand chad.
Chad didn't commit so now they are "forever alone".

How do you complain being hungry while having a full plate in front of you?
Two things: Mod responded.

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"I got bored and thought why not imagine a guy that would be my exact type..."

Said no r/ForeverAlone user.
FAW though, have.
Amoral scum demanding sympathy for suffering they are not expriencing while denying those in need the support they deserve. To women sympathy is just one more societal resource to fight over, any ounce we are afforded is one they can't claim for themselfs. How can they even keep believing there is not some fundamental difference between lonely women and lonely men when they had to ban men from their own sub because they had too many suitors? How do you just keep going after that like nothing happened? Just instate a speach police and ban everyone who dares to call you out on your BS?

Monsters. A significant portion of an entire generation of men will live lifes devoid of human touch, intimacy and affection but they could not care less. I wish them only the very worst this world has to offer.
How can they be foreveralone when they options? Like at any point, they can respond to one of the thousands of DMs they have, from desperate men, who would be willing to treat them properly and voila! No longer alone. I hate these women, so much.
Chad may go for mid tier beckies, but I'm pretty sure he won't go to cattle market any time soon.
...accept that i come with baggage & chronic ongoing mental illness, also loves animals (especially my dog)
Triggered as hell when the truth came out.
No counter arguments either. Just so obviously triggered, and saying the same insults for Non-Chad that they have in their unfunny narrow heads.
I couldn't care less about what women have to say anymore
They should be forced to fuck incels
Why do you have girls talking to you? The average user here has zero interaction with females even in school
dude , im still incel virgin loner loser , it doesnt matter if i talk to 100 girls
Detonates the nukes.

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