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Feb 2, 2023



1,000 upcels and I’ll go make conversation to this female who is also LDARing. Notice how she sat as far away from me as possible.

100% of all advice givers on this sub. No exceptions.

100% sure its a Tinder bot!

"1,030 users here now"... NORMIES

'10 Reasons why I put you in the friendzone' FIXED

11,000 subs. St. Blackops2cel is pleased.

118,0000 likes on twitter. AWALT

1.2K upvotes. True blackpill. Even if you try to escape inceldom you'll be doomed to a life of cuckoldry.

13 Reasons Why

15 years after graduating HS, I still dislike leaving my house, like eating alone and hate huge social events and groups of people. And all of this is possible after years of therapy. And yet normies say that "bullying grows character".

175,000 likes now - You aren't good enough unless you're a Chad of royal descent

18+ y/o Girls on Tinder are willing to meet up with this Chad despite me telling them "I'm" 15 after matching.

2018 footage of Reddit normies attempting to shut down r/braincels before it reaches 10,000 subs

"20% of men don't get with 80% of women, that's ridiculous!"


"2,607 users here now." When will the normies fucking leave? I've avoided posting for over a week because of them. Normies, normies you are gay. Normies, normies go away.

2 Daily Reminders: that gymcelling is cope and there is no gym for your face

30 March, 2020.

350+ pound normie woman thinks she's a 4-5/10. No wonder it's over for us when gutter trash women expect an average man.

3 secrets Chads don't want you to know

4chan memes ellen pao's torture of the marginalized beta male with brutal accuracy

5'11 vs. 6ft

5'12" vs 6'0"

5’1”. I prefer tall guys lol

51% of mothers under 30 are single mothers.

5' anything" will always be less than 6'

6’5 billionaires, Olympians, Harvard grads, and superchads. How do you compare?

73% of single women say Chad ignores them or isn’t nice to them

80% of men should retreat from the datingmarket

80% of women will only go to the second restaurant.

95% of males in western societies have BIG problems

99% of my problems in dating are because I’m not attractive enough.

A 3 Step Guide to Ruin a Stacey's Day

A 5'2 feminist cunt posted this

A 5cm decrease in height = 9% increase in suicide risk

A 9/10 with two very professional-looking photos right-swipes you. One pic is of her on a red carpet


Abandonment from the one I was supposed to trust most.

a blackpill from real, actual normies (not the losers who come here pushing the personality meme)

Abolutely BRUTAL Racepill: 140,000 replies of ethnic women ADMITTING they only date WHITE CHADS

ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL blackpill on the front page: getting married vs meeting a MegaChad

According to Board_Gaming, flirting with drunk girls is rape.

According to data, 13 miliseconds is enough time for women to identify whether your personality is attractive or not. Check mate misogynysts

According to IT femoid can just claim rape if she decides she was manipulated

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, sex is as important as food and breathing

According to this article, the key is to be “original”...

Accurate portrayal of women coming to Braincels

A Chad has joined the revolution. It has begun!

A chick just told me “it’s so nice and easy talking to you!”...

Actual Male vs Female body expectations

[Actual quote] This is why you should support incel speech

A cucks dream come true

A day in the life of a femoid lurker

A dumb comic that normies made of us. Anyone else WISH it was like this for us? I'd kill for an average (purple) woman to like me.

Advice from a blackpill legend.

A feelgood post for incels

A female only told me to "stay away, creep" instead of calling the police today

A few things that seem to get mixed up around here

After taking 1488 showers

"After the sexual revolution everyone will be able to enjoy casual sex"

A future engineer that uses r/braincels to vent and have locker room talk or a gender studies femoid from r/inceltears, who is more valuable to society?

Aged 34, graduated 3 times, unemployed, still a virgin, trapped in my parents' house

"A girlfriend and love will not make you happy/happier."

A girl I know has had 3 boyfriends before the age of 19

A girl on here once messaged me and wanted to talk to me and "become friends". Guess what happened?

A glimpse at chad's life from a femoid's perspective. This is what we could be experiencing if we had better genes

ah, therein lies the rub

Album of currycel asking women to rate him. (Absolute suicide fuel, don't click if you're already depressed)

ALL 3.5 billion women are like this.

All bow to St. Scicel

All females are the same

All that women want: 8 face + 8 inch dick + 6'3 height + frame

All the MINIMUM requirements to get a girlfriemoid in 2018. BLACK PILL EXPLAINED.

All this controversy over iQ9k's comment shows just how ignorant the masses are about incels

all we can do is imagine

All women are like that, even my mom

all you have to do is be flawless

All your guys self hate is funny, what do you do all day? Why don’t you guys improve yourself instead of bitching all the time?

all your needs are met bro, you have oxygen, food and water, stop complaining, you're good!

alt right are confirmed coping incels

Alt right:"azn girls are honorable white women"

Alt-right is cope

A manlet can be one of the greatest engineers who ever lived - But will still get mocked for the rest of history

Amazing Personality Thread

Amazing personality transplant


America is responsible for my death

A message to all incels who think they can't get women because of their looks

A message to roasties

A message to the gawkers

Am I an Incel Ally?

Am I missing any morphs in my BO2cel collage?

An Analysis of the Top 50 Posts of r/LadyBoners

An attractive guy who shot up a school is less creepy to women than an ugly guy looking at his phone

"An average man has 7 sexual partners over lifetime"

“And he was attractive so we had sex” there you go folks, no amount of personality or gymcelling will change that fact. Seems like her personality radar was broken

....and probably single.

And they say Ricecels can’t get Stacy

And this is how you get played...


An image for the "winners" that lurk this subreddit

Anime is for ugly incels, except for when chad likes it

Anime used to be extremely blackpilled

An Incel after taking 700 showers, trying 50 different haircuts, and upgrading his personality leaving his house for the first time Circa 2018 colorized

An Incel just killed himself

An incel's reaction when Normans brigade and invade their subreddits.

An often forgotten incel saint: Meet St. Advancedwarfarecel

An oldie but still gets me

An old r/incels classic

Anon explains the average girls life

Another beautiful strawman from our #1 fans

Another male space has fallen...

Another normie dilemma

Another one of my bullies. Can someone please tell me how personality matters in any way, shape, or form?

Anybody else get annoyed when redditors respond to suicidal ideation by pretending to give a shit about that person's life?

Anybody experience this before?

"Any girl would be lucky to have you"

Anyone can escape inceldom.

Anyone else converted to inceldom by viewing this sub? [Confession]

Anyone else feel like you're too far gone at this point?

Anyone else have a whole different life in their head? I day dream all day, it is one of my favorite copes. Helps me get through the day.

Anyone else lost all previous ambition in life?

Anyone else somethimes get unnerved that sex actually happens and isn't just a meme?

Anyone Ever Experience This?

Anyone ever read IncelTears' weekly advice threads?

Anyone find it funny how in the Tinder subreddit...

Anyone order some pills of the black variety?

Anyone under 18 here is an idiot.

anyone waiting for the Civil war of incelopolis to start already ?

A plain looking girl's attempt at giving you advice

A plain looking girl's attempt at giving you advice.

Appropriating normie memes

A productive day for an incel tears poster

A Proud Modern Wahmyn

A quick reminder that you are descended via 4 billion years of unbroken line of successful reproduction from the very beginning of life on earth. Your failure to reproduce would thus make you the biggest failure since the beginning of life on earth.

A rare painting of St. BlackOps2Cel by Picasso.

A rare specimen of the so-called "looksmatched normie couple" (2021, colorized)

Are foids even people

a reminder that women can be very very good friends.

Are Normie cucks starting to wake up?

Are the numales starting to wake up?

Are there any wizards among us?

Are women a hate group?

Are you forgetting to ask someone?

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!!! I asked IT for advice and this is what I get?!!!

Are you guys seriously helping anyone with the it’s over bullshit. This sub is just a cycle of depression that traps young males.

Arguing with IncelTears

Army of NumaleQueers VS Incelistan's Defense Forces

As a female, being able to have sex is overrated. I rarely do hookups, anyway.

as a former fatcel.....

As an experiment, I took my little sister with me to the gym one day. Now the girls that usually ignored me want to talk to me. My sister gave me more social capital than I've gotten training there for years.

As an Incel, the LAST thing you want to do is be Confident

As a normie, I have to say you guys are horrendous

A simple flowchart for all the lurkers

A simple test to determine whether your looks or your personality is the problem

As I'm sure the people here know, I'm not an incel, but, I do wonder...

Asked a 19 year old girl what her count is...

Asking for consent isn't sexy

A smile not even Stacy can resist

As of Today I've Given Up On Women 100%

Asymmetrical chin, crooked bulbous nose, runaway length philtrum, and weak eyebrows. Do I qualify as incel-tier?

at age 13, kids already have a better love life and more intimacy than you wil EVER have (in your entire life)

Atleast you are not balding bro

Atomic blackpill

Atomic Black Pill Vol. 6 | Whatever Chad does is amazing

Atomic Black Pill Volume 5: Bookcels, gymcels and feministcels

~ A true gentleman

A truly intellectual take on incels! Just turn gay, bro. Problem solved!

ATTN INCELS: "Therapy" is a weapon used to silence and humiliate. Tell anyone who tells you to get "therapy" to go f--k themselves!

Attraction explained simply. It's over for us boyos.

"Attractiveness is subjective" - Normies

Avengers: Virginity War

Average day of an Incel/Failed Normie

Average female vs. Incel

Average inceltears user

Average Inceltears User Browsing This Sub

Average inceltears user who copes with clopping

Average IT user

Average night of a /r/inceltears poster after they get off shitposting on /r/braincels.

Average Pakistani in my area. Racism is cope. Face > everything

Average penis is barely enjoyable for women

Average relationship for Inceltears "Chads".

a wild Board Gaming appears

A woman just said I'm handsome, I can't believe it.

Back when they were honest with what they truly want.

balding is a DEATH SENTENCE

Banned from r/short for saying short women are treated better on r/short than short men

Ban this trolling 2-faced cunt


Based sciencecel

Based Spence BTFO roastie degenerate

Based Uber's self-driving carcel.

Basically every argument on this subreddit

Basically every female that posts here

Battle of Incelistan

BBC News article on older virgins. Look at how terrible their personalities are.

"B-but natural selection!"

Bbw_gaming removed this post. Is this secretly her?

Bearcel extreme

Beauty is not subjective Vol. 1 | The importance of eye area

Beauty is not subjective Vol. 2 | The importance of eye area Part 2

Becky vs. Stacy

Become an enlightened incel at an early age before it is too late. Blackops2cel will guide you.

Been talking to this girl for a while now, and finally told her I like her and she replies with Ewwwww

Before an After. Like Honestly Bruh, just get a haircut

Before and after being called beautiful (This sub in a nutshell)

BEFORE and AFTER image of a truecel taking a COLD SHOWER

Behold the western woman!!!!

Being 5"9 in the netherlands sucks

Being a conventionally attractive single White woman is life on tutorial mode.

Being alive isn't too great when you're an incel.

Being a manlet is not a big deal, bro! Just be confident and improve your personality :)

Being an incel at social gatherings...

Being an incel vs being a stacy

Being bluepilled should be considered a disability

being incel

Being incel in 2018 all summed up in one pic.

Being in shape is an "unrealistic expectation" for women, but little girls are told they should aspire to be president.

Being ugly isn't very fun

Being unnatractive doesn't make you creepy. Also, doing the exact same thing a hot guy does when you're ugly makes you creepy. Straight from the IT think tank.

Be nice, respectful, polite and gentlemen like to women. Snoop Dogg "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on these nuts and suck this dick Gets the fuck out after you're done"


"Betabux doesn't exist, stop being misogynist"

betabux marriage

Beta male...

Betamax orbiters on suicide watch

Beta meter

beta orbiters on suicide watch

Beta uprising 2020 (colorized)

Beware pleasant-sounding lies

Billionaire subhuman stares in awe at alpha Chad. Circa 2017 (Colorized)

Bill Maher on 50 shades: "Women want stalking and being hit on by superiors, and controlling behaviour, but only from the men they want it from, and problem is we don't know which one we are"

Bill Maher on Icels

Birth Control Effictiveness


Black girl appreciation post

Blackops2cel careermaxxed and fashionmaxxed, now he's living in Isla Vista driving around in a BMW hitting on chicks. He slays now

Blackops2cel's dog

blackops2cel to blackops2chad

"Blackops2cel, what did you do to us? I don't feel so good"


Blackpill BTFO

Blackpill Cartoons

[Blackpill] Convicted abusive misogynist Chad has dozens of females fawning over him

[BlackPill] Convicted rapist has sex with two jail guards and cucks the sheriff deputies wife

Blackpilled 150 years before us

Black pilled statistics: Roasties are racist against basketballcels, ricecels, currycels and kebabcels. There is no beast that is more foul than the femoid.

[Blackpill] Females do not care about dick size as long as you have an attractive face

Black pill: Females would rather be Chad's sexual conquest #64846 and be forgotten than be an incel's first special one and be forever remembered.

Blackpill from Inside Out. Girls never forget about Chad.

[Blackpill] Girls think liking videogames/anime is ok only if Tyrone or Chad are into it.

Black Pill: If you're not Chad, intelligence actually lowers your chances with femoids

Blackpill: look at the depression subs and see how many rave about how much their bf/gf helped with their depression

Blackpill of the day: r/ladyboners bans you if you post sub8 males

[BLACKPILL] Reminder: It's okay for chad to complain about being a virgin and having social anxiety but, if we do it we're creeps and misogynists!

Blackpill: The most sexual success I have ever got is on Reddit where I am an out of control misogynist.

Blackpill thread: list some daily blackpill you see everyday

[BLACKPILL] To all the beautiful normal people visiting this subreddit

Blackpill:when girls say they love old man what they mean is old chad.

BLACKPILL: Women CHOOSE to be sexualized, its HER CHOICE

Blackpill - You are the Unsullied (Braincels) and Daenerys aka Board_Gaming

black roastie goes to japan, fucks over 50 men and vlogs about it

Black women are the only women who have even the faintest idea of what it means to be incel. This is why they're usually woke about lookism.


Board_Gaming gets tired of pseudo-Stacy teasing her about her weight problems.

Board_Gaming is banning everyone lol

Board_Gaming (Jupiter) surrounded by cuckfestus(orbiter 1), AnathematicAsshole (orbiter 2) and two cucktears cucks (orbiter 3 and 4). 100% to scale

Board_gaming spotted bathmaxxing

Board_Gaming spotted during a lunch break while working her shift at Inceshwitz-Birkenau extermination camp.

@Board_Gaming This could be us, but you keep playing!

Board Gaming irl

BoardGaming seriously needs to be removed (please upvote for maximum exposure)

Body dysmorphia is bullshit. youre just ugly

bookcels mogged again

both my roommates have girlfriends and i want to fucking die

Braincels is becoming low IQ

Braincels, remember, IncelTears posters said this guy has AVERAGE looks. LMAO idk what world theyre living in but since they claim to always be right i guess IT posters are all 10/10 Super models. If this guys face is AVERAGE looking then it is SO fucking over. JUST L O FUCKING L

Brave Stblackops2cel (left) faces Board_gaming(right) alone.

Bro, I just put myself out there and hope for the best. It’s easy, anyone can do it, just be confident and girls will fawn over you like they do to me. Sometimes I dont even make the first move but it’s probably because they can sense i have a great personality and am funny.

Bro,...just... idk

Broke and finally bought a boost for tinder... Got no matches from it

browsing reddit with braincels in your post history



Brutal blackpill

Brutal black pill. Chad can be an abusive douchebag and girls dont care. Girls want CHAD. Not you, not me, not normans, CHAD. Personality doesnt matter, your haircut doesnt matter, your muscles dont matter. Face>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everything


Brutal blackpill: Females would rather date a tall guy for being tall than a short guy that is a doctor and a millionaire.

Brutal blackpill from Abraham Lincoln

Brutal Blackpill from Facial Attractiveness Researcher

Brutal blackpill from the Afterlife

Brutal blackpill: It's not women's fault that they're not attracted to you.

BRUTAL Blackpill, no one can deny this

Brutal black pill on cute and shy humanitarian girls

Brutal dickpill: Femoids ideal penis size is on the left. The approximately average penis circumference is on the right. The one on the right is considered "not satisfying"

Brutal frame mog

Brutal heightpill on the most cucked rating sub

Brutal mog

[BRUTAL MOGGING] Stacy stands next to Salvador66

Brutal RacePill. There's a top post on askreddit about interracial relationships. And 90% of them are My boyfriend is a white guy, I'm <insert non-white ethnicity> gril.

BRUTAL, Toddlercel is rejected and set on the path of inceldom at age 4

Brutal whitepill. Stay out there guys.

~ Buddha dropping wisdom

Bullying in childhood is an early indication of being an inferior person.

"But if you think incels are going to be deterred by calling them ugly sad virgins on Twitter, please stop and think about how you've just admitted they're right."

But I thought feminists didn't want men asking them out when they're just trying to get home?

But what about his personality?


Feb 2, 2023
Calling guys in relationships cucks or betabuxxes is the biggest cope in incel history

Call me Volcel, Fakecel, I don't care.

Cambridge University confirms roast beef theory - Roasties BTFO

Came from the BBC article? Walk away buddy, you're in the wrong neighborhood.

Can confirm. Drugs are a good cope.

Can IT women admit to any one of these things openly and truthfully?

Cant even gymcel in peace anymore

can these gym thots fuck off already

Can you do the unthinkable? No sex. Whatsoever. For...

Can you feel the personality ? We'll probably have sex in the bathroom Tee Hee.

Can you guess which one of these two has depression, problems making friends, romantic relationships, "social anxiety" etc..?

Can you watch on a Nintendo switch

Captured ricecel prepared for execution after failing a randomized virginity test. (c. 2021)

Cartoonized braincels meeting 2018

Catcel's tip of the day: have a conversation with someone you wouldnt usually have a convo with. Who cares if its small talk, its experience!

Catcel's tip of the day: Take a relaxing bath! I know im a cat and im supposed to hate them, but for all my brothers out there who have been feeling exhausted lately, you fucking deserve it! I would reccomend epsom salts, as they are reasonably priced and work rather well.

Cels give a example of female privilege you have seen in real life

CEO of OkCupid spotted deleting all evidences from the site of the 80/20 rule and female hypergamy. 2018

Chad, 19 year old Soylent Taster. Likes gaming, anime, and studied at BrainCels university

Chad always wins

Chad and incel's endless tale

Chad and Stacy here, if you can't get laid you need to stop being a misogynist and start respecting women

Chad and Stacy here. Just respect women and you'll be drowning in girls in no time.


Chad can lose the Champions League final and it won't matter

Chad can order roasties not to say certain words

Chadcel Vs Virgin Incel

"Chad didn't like my selfie... I am so Ugly :'("

Chaddog's Friday night while we browse this subreddit

Chadeet fucking HATES obnoxious beta numale cucks from IT. Chadeet is blackpilled. Chadeet is our brother.

Chad here. Just get some cool shades and the ladies will find it super sexy.

Chad here, just want to say if you weren't so racist maybe you would get laid

Chad Incelknight vs Virgin Inceltears Member

Chad is not the enemy. Stacies, roasties and normies are.

"Chad is willing to use me as a fucktoy, but he won't commit, so he's an asshole" bingo. Found on r/trollx.

Chad just told me about how he fucked the girl I was in love with (ultra-mega-turbo suicide fuel)

Chadlite with 3,000 matches on Tinder travels Europe for free, stays with 21 Stacys along the way

Chad only bullies to suicide as an act of primal dominance. Not knowingly like they do ;(

Chadow the Pursuer

CHAD preaching the truth

Chad Robin Hood makes femoids fuck incels

Chads and incels have something common.

Chads chilling on a mountain. What are you Braincels doing?

Chads face some difficult problems in life

Chads only btw, TEEHEE

Chad tries to bullies me..


Chad vs Incel

Chad when he only bangs 3 different girls this weekend

Chadwick Boseman vs Incelwick Boseman

Chad wins again

Chad woke up to this. How did your day start?

Change My Mind : RedPillers are worse than IT

Chemistrycels, which element is most incel.

Chico knows what's up

Childish Gambino releases a music video about the oppression of black people in America. Femoids: How can I make this about me???

Chill out cels, girls don't care if you haven't had sex


CHROMO-ZONED (from /r/incelibates)

Chronic lack of affection is comparable in psychological effect to chronic hunger, lack of shelter

Classic IT

Classic Roastie desperate for attention... how long do you think "a while" is?

"clearly all ugly children should be banned from attending public schools"

C’mon guys just think positive and you’ll be beautiful



Come to /r/gymcels and fuck Chad's wife right in front of him


Confession: last night I slept holding a hot water bottle on to my chest and pretended it was a person. I cried because I actually felt happy for a while.

Confessions from a failed normie

Confessions from a "Femoid"

C O N F I D E N C E. Upvote this so that people see it when they google "confidence".

Cowboy emoji is for Incel use only. Femoids ruin fucking everything

Crazy to think about how if we were born looking similar to this we would be having sex witn a 8+/10 Stacy this fine friday night instead of LDARing. Life is meaningless if you arent a Chad. Cope is all we have

Creepiness is basically an acknowledgement that only looks matter

"Creepy coworker" gets fired and TrollX celebrates. OP then elaborates that she pestered HR to fire him for months because he was quiet and that is unacceptably creepy

"Creepy" incel getting stalked by women for being ugly

Crying Every Day


Cucked Idealism Vs. Blackpilled Reality

Cuckfestus & BBW_Gaming's wedding (2018)

cuck gets raped by wife's boyfriend.

Cucking 101

CUCKOLDRY: roastie cucks beta husband right in front of him


cuck tears.


Cuck tears irl

Cucktears virgin shaming me for having scientific knowledge.

Cultural appropriation of incels

Cunts complain about "fuckboys" when they are the exact reason they exist.

Currycel Lifefuel: "Just grow a beard bro"

Dad to young ricecel: " Study hard, get a good job, work hard, find a nice gf and you'll start family". Snoop Dogg: "Guess who back in the motherfucking house With a fat dick for your motherfucking mouth". It's fucking over for ricecels! No hope!

Daily lifefuel to stay away from the rope : When chad doesn't want to commit.

Daily reminder: Abusive boyfriends have a better personality than you

[Daily Reminder] All femcels are the girls who cant get white chad.

daily reminder alt-right (and politics in general) is cope

Daily reminder: A woman is validated and loved unconditionally, whereas you will invariably be rejected and remain an outcast for just being unattractive. Nobody ever wants to be friends with an ugly man.

Daily reminder: chad and stacy don’t care enough to come hate on us, it’s only soyboys and ugly fems

Daily reminder: Don't forget to take your daily dose of blackpills. Be careful not to overdose or you'll rope.

Daily reminder: fatcel is VOLCEL

Daily Reminder: Females consider it sexual harassment when an ugly guy tries talking to them.

Daily reminder: it's because you're unattractive.

Daily reminder: It's wrong to "slut shame"... but it's OK to call men "virgins" and mock that they "can't get laid"

Daily Reminder: No matter what you do you'll never be good enough for women

Daily Reminder on why noone will never take r/IncelQueers seriously

Daily reminder r/inceltears top mod is in jail for child porn

Daily reminder: Sub-male model = creepy

Daily Reminder that a woman's life is a constant stream of sex, laughter, and pleasure

Daily reminder that beauty is subjective and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Daily reminder that Fatcel = Volcel, fuck off and lost weigth if you are a manwhale

Daily reminder that femoids were a mistake

Daily reminder that if a girl is truly attracted to you, she will let you know.

Daily reminder that if you are incel you are stuck on only level 2 of basic human needs. No matter how much of the basic needs you have, you will NEVER have fulfillment in life and ALWAYS be worse off than those who have the third level.

Daily reminder that Inceltears only exist to bully ugly people to a point of suicide while claiming to be SJWs

Daily reminder that most of these 14 yos already have had sexual experiences and you havent.

Daily reminder that no one is entitled to anything.

Daily reminder that these are the average men on Tinder, who you have to compete with for women. It's over if you are not even close to them. Women can freely choose any of the guys they want.

Daily reminder that /u/nopenope_noped is a literal cuck who has been delegated to white knight duty while his hambeast wife gets fucked by her bull

Daily reminder that you are not entitled to sit with anyone at lunch

Daily reminder that you missed out on teenage love

Daily reminder: there is no woman in this planet, living or dead, who has ever fantasized about you.

Daily reminder the women that say 'you arent really that ugly' to the pictures here, would never date you irl

Daily reminder: This is how femoids look like when nice and friendly beta males or subhumans try to communicate with them.

Daily reminder: This is what bluepilled normies an cucked beta soyboys actually believe in.

Daily reminder: "Tinder isn't real life." is a normie cope.

Daily reminder to gymcels: it's all about face and height

Daily reminder: While all you long for is a loving partner that genuinely cares about you or just someone you can lose your virginity to, the female looksmatch version of you has hundreds, if not thousands of thirsty Tinder matches she can freely choose from anytime.

Daily Reminder Why you should not be nice to girls

Daily reminder: women are the biggest white supremacists on the planet.

Daily reminder: Women are vending machines

Daily reminder: You just don't make the cut.

DAILY REMINDER: You‘ll never be in this beautiful situation where a woman genuinely trusts you and loves being in your arms. All because you are an ugly subhuman and genetic trash.

Daily Reminder: Your personality is your looks


Damn, 100% of women in a nutshell.

Damn, an incel ranking guide. The top two should be switched. Eggy is tall, white and deep-voiced, and isn't even a virgin.

Damn, brutal black pill for manlets

Damn, escape isn't possible for us.

Damn even 2D hate us

Damn, girl, you could do much better! Show me opposite example, normidiots

damn how can women compete?

Damn patriarchy we need to get rid of it

Damn, they can sense my personality by looking at my face.

Damn, this is what women do when they see me anytime they aren't FORCED to talk to me.

Damn, we are the fun ones. Foreveralone stopped getting virgin shamed when incels came around.

Dan Schneider, the man who made iCarly, Zoey 101, etc., has a serious children's foot fetish

Dark, low body fat, massive muscles and a neck thick as a framecels waist. Japanese women rather go see a alpha gorilla than a Japanese man, its OVER for them! RIP sushicels

Dating advise for FEMALES: “don’t settle honey, don’t just pick any guy, you should choose the perfect guy for you.” Dating advise for MALES:

dating as a low SMV male. My story.


[DEEP SPACE RAGE FUEL][WARNING:DON'T CLICK IF YOU ARE SUICIDAL]Incels are now 18 % of the population. That's 1 in every 5 guys. It will get worse with time, of course.

Demod Board_Gaming. Upvote if u agree.

Demonization of low value males.

"""Depressed, lonely woman here.""" :)))))))))

Despite Cucktear's best efforts (lol) normies are STILL getting blackpilled because no amount of bluepilled cuck lies can hide the fact that all women are the same and they all want chad

[DETECTIVECEL] I noticed something strange in this subreddit

Dickcel Don't watch this it's SuiFuel [nsfw]

Dickcels BTFO. IT = OVER.

DICK PILL: Woman wants to break up with Chad boyfriend because of his small penis

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? It's taking showers, changing your personality and getting haircuts over and over again and expecting shit to change.

Did you guys even forget about Lorde's ricecel boyfriend? And how everybody used to mock him?

Die to high demand, here is a gif of me petting dogcel

Difference between male and female incel

Different kinds of incel.

Disney taught me that love can happen to anyone, at any time....except...

Disney with the brutal black pill. Looks > everything.

Does anybody else find it kind weird that every woman you've ever met has had a dick in their mouth?

Does anybody just want to

Does Gigablackops2 mog you?


Dogcel has been very depressed ever since the mods told him only one pic per day but after said mod (cuckfestus) was demodded I realized I can post however many I want now!!!

Do girls/women say "ew" when they see you?

dominate abuser thoery..

"Do not fear, only believe"

Do not look inside if you are a ricecel. Suicide fuel incoming.

Don't ever let NiceGuys or IncelTears make you feel like you're the only one who thinks that women go for the wrong men, and that you are wrong for doing so. You are not alone.

don't fall for betabux

Don't fall for roastie tricks! Take the NEET pill today

Don't fucking talk to me unless you look like this

Don't get down bro, women like a really diverse range of men, they're not all shallow you know

Don't use selfies in your Tinder pics bro! Girls want pictures that show your personality

Don't worry about your maxilla or jaw and just get a haircut and nice clothes bro

Don't worry incels, hookup culture is a myth. Only a minority of women are promiscuous, most women just want relationships...

Do they have any self awareness?

Do u have any idea how easy is to get a man?

Do you ever get mogged by 14 year olds

Do you ever look at someone and say to yourself “damn, he’s short..” only to walk by him and be even fucking shorter than him.

Dramatic increase in sexless men


Duality of IT

Dude nobody is judging you for your lack of a sex life, normies don't get a kick out of humiliating you, you're just imaging it bro [nsfw]

Easy mode

Ed Sheeran, an ugly manlet gingercel that escaped inceldom via great musical talent, status, money and fame. Only 1 in a Million incels can do this. The other 999.999 are doomed to LDAR or rope. This is what r/incelTears think of when they say we can get girls even though we’re subhuman.

Elliot Rodgers had the same mindset of a hero

Emma Watson: #heforshe men should embrace their feminine side teehee masculinity and gender roles are toxic. Emma Watson's boyfriend:

End hypergamy with this one trick, femoids hate me (Will they cry double-standard?)

Enormous black pill on twitter.

Entitled land whale swiping left on Tinder, look what happens when she sees a currycel at 3:08.

"Equality between the genders exis-"

Equivalent of a "Foreveralone" woman. That's their logic.

ER was a hero, prove me wrong

Ethnicels are getting cucked in the movement

Eurasian Tiger, former incel and now retired creator of r/hapas was way ahead of his time, specially his comics.

Even Chad Hates Us

Even George Washington was blackpilled. Wow

Even homeland Chinese think 18,5cm is dickcel!

Even if we somehow got a girlfriend who only wanted to settle down....she'll never think of us the way she thinks of Chads. This is ridiculous.

Even if you are a billionaire it won’t make up for being less that 6ft tall

Even if you do win the lottery, Tyrone will just be around the corner

Even I got a girlfriend, what's your excuse?

Even Kratos turned to soy. Masculinity is over in 2018

Even Patrick gets it. Why don't Inceltears?

Even reddit knows the truth

Even spellcheck knows.

Even the bluepilled cucks on AskMen agree with the blackpill if you repackage it.

Even the fakecels aren't good at false flagging

Ever realize how men are always "lucky" when they get a good looking woman?

Ever realize how Women always get validation and consolation, while Men get slammed while they are already down?

Ever wondered why your hobbies have gone to shit? - Here's why

Ever wonder why Huffington Post is so insanely retarded? Here's the staff.

Every girl on twitter with "Bad bitch. Feminist" in their profile

Every girl that I have made laugh and had a good time with had 1 thing in common

Every now and then I'll check up on IncelTears just for the heck of it and I can't help but notice the huge discrepancy between the type of posts they share there and the general average posts you'll see here.

Everyone knows.

Everyone says Tinder doesn't work for guys

Every single aspect of your life depends on your JAW and CHIN

Every single time you try to argue with a CuckTears user

Everything will be okay

Every time

Everytime a Femoid comes here telling how she likes "ugly" guys take in mind that roasties view 80% of men as ugly

Every time an incel tries to rope

Every time a normie tells you to "lower your standards " they are basically admitting that a hierarchy of looks exist in the world . But then in the next breath they will tell you looks don't matter

Everytime I browse R/relationships or watch The Hodgetwins

Every time I see screenshots of Reddit faggots trying to use witty conversation game to get girls on Tinder I get so fucking mad

Every woman attempting to give you advice here is dating or orbiting a Chad.

"Every woman Is Different"

Evilmortybot exposed as IT throwaway then she deleted her account GG bozo

Evolutionary biologist talks about inceldom in animals, drops redpill: "compared with men, incel women are exceedingly rare"

Ex-Chad Loris Karius after the 2 mistakes against Real Madrid

Explain this to me normies

Face > Race. Stop coping.

Fact: You're socially undeveloped because you're ugly

FA femoid rejects a guy for his looks, and then they say women can be incels, lmao

Faggy shit redditors say

Fakecels, GET OUT!


Fatasses are volcels. Get a gym membership you fat piece of shit.

Fatcel is...

Fatcel is not necessarily volcel.


Fatcels, think you have a chance with fat femoids? Think again.

Fatcel=Volcel. JFL at pastrycels

Fat incels = volcels

"Feeling vulnerable"

Feelin kinda cute today. What do you guys think my chances are with some good roast sometime soon?

Feel pretty ugly in this pic :/ i know im incel and its over but how over is it?

Fellas, be honest. Is it over for me?

Fellas, we need to talk about branding. 99% chance its too late and incels will forever be known as angry sh00ters, but what if we rebrand & meme as “Misunderstood Lonely Guy”

Fellow genetic trash, i suggest you all get a cat. They are a daily dose of life fuel and despite our looks they will always love us. When you are feeling down, your cat will sense it and come up to you and make you feel better.The only negative is they all mog us in looks because of the hunter eyes

Female acquaintance called me ugly to my face during conversation

Female cardiology

Female forever alones are only alone because they're chasing chad.

Female fragility

Female here

Female here. I am actually attracted to short men.

Female here. I hope you get out of this mindset and realize that looks don't determine whether a woman will be attracted to you.

Female here, this is why y’all are incel.

Female human beings


Female hypergamy


Female mate choice is a barrier to changing attitudes about masculinity

Female privilege in action

"Females aren't sexual objects. Don't sexually objectify us!!!" [nsfw]

Females aren't vending machines that take niceness coins and then sex drops out!!

“Females dont care their chad is g-

Female self-esteem issues in a nutshell.

Females feel so entitled to sex that they become verbally abusive and violent when denied

Females have it so hard. She probably will end up leeching off of Chad’s money and get the same job as hard working 4.0 college student because she sucked&fucked her way to the top.

Females truly just want cavemen.

Females: why shouldn't I kill myself when I KNOW for a fact that I'll never be attractive to ANY of you? How am I supposed to live knowing you only want Chad and not inferior men like me?

females will always find a way to chirp you smh..

Female thinking vs male thinking

Female travels 10,000 miles to murder incel for no reason. She couldn't help but boast to colleagues saying "it was so euphoric."

Femcels is not a thing.

""""femcel"""vs stacy

Feminism in a nutshell

Feminism is just poorly disguised misandry. Incoming man-hater salt in the comments.


Feminists bitch about toxic masculinity and white privilege while only wanting 6'5", white, broad-shouldered men.

Feminists: more stuff like this please (not kidding)

Femiods aren't entilited to free food,free housing,free transportation,free physical protection from other people,free drinks and the list goes on....

Femiods/cucks are turning against each other

Femism ruined everything. Let me present you the new main protagonist of Battlefield V. It is a fucking WW2 Shooter and is featuring a disabled transgender female as main protagonist. ITS FUCKING OVER. We can't have nice things anymore.

Femoid cheats on her betabux with HER RAPIST

Femoid compassion in action

Femoid pacifying her legion of thirsty orbiters.

femoids and education

Femoids are heartless cunts

Femoids are retarded. "Can't Get laid? Just get laid! Or like... fuck a goat or something"

Femoids can totally relate to incels

Femoids corrupt all pure and noble purposes.

Femoids don't give a shit how much effort you put into your dance, all they care about is the size of your feathers. It's over for birdcels.

Femoids don't react immediatly after being touched by a stranger, they wait to see if it's chad or not. Wymin's bodies are chad only.

Femoids get PHYSICALLY SICK at the thought of being desired by ugly unwanted men

Femoids have it hard too!! tee hee

Femoid "suicide attempt" vs. Male suicide attempt

Femoids when they see a Incel(Subhuman).

Femoids will protest "rapeculture" while indulging in what can only be described as rape fantasy... truly sickening

Femoids would pay Tyrone to "rape" them

Few millimeters of Bone™

Finally, a waifu for incels

Finally found the courage to end it. farewell

Finally found the courage to post my pictures on here, I'm tired of all these fakecels making normies think that we're just average looking guys. This is what a real incel looks like normies, now gtfo and be thankful you don't have to go through what I do

Finally got laid

Finally lost my V-card!


first experience of the black pill ?

First they came for the incels....

First woman in the history of inceltears that understands incels


Five minutes into a movie with a strong female protagonist.

fixed reupload

Flappy roastie flaps

Florida shooter confirmed Incel

Foid cashiers fingers brushed my hand giving me my change today and she smiled and said "have a nice day"

Food for thought: IncelTears unknowingly admits they laugh at mentally and physically disabled people in real life

For all my weebs in here

For all of those telling us to "Just get a prostitute"

For Chad Only

For every one upvote this gets, I will hang a flyer like this at my college campus.

forget what women say, you have your worth.

For guys who think they can get girls with their sense of humor

for hypebeastcels

Former Incel here: People treat me like I am invisible unless I am with my girlfriend

Former volcel to a now chad, you guys are all right.

Found on wikipedia for "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs"

Found on Youtube

Found this diamond in the depths of the internet

Friday Night

Friendly reminder: Ethnic foids would kill all ethnic men just to get a white guy if they could.

Friendly reminder: FatCels = VolCels

Friendly reminder that as you are reading this in your dark room alone, young girls are getting their brains fucked out and the men fucking them are enjoying life to the fullest extent.

Friendly reminder that cute virgin innie pussy is superior to disgusting used up roastie pussy devastated by Chad and Tyrone.

Friendly reminder that the cute, quite and shy girl who wears modest clothes you're crushing on is not that quite, shy and modest with Chad.

Friendly reminder: Your face looks worse in selfies. Left one is a picture taken from 1 feet away and the right one is from 5 feet away.

From 4Chan

From landwhale to Stacy: FATCEL = VOLCEL

From Normie to Chad

From r/askwomen. One night stands with Chad are a “very honest connection”

From r/bumble, just be hot, bro

From /r/hapas. Nuff said.

From /r/tinder. Apparently girls can't just say no, they have to hit us where it hurts

From The Critically Acclaimed Author

From the critically acclaimed author himself...

From the roast's mouth itself. Life on easy mode and take advantage of betas while you still can.

Front and side view after a fresh haircut

Fuck Asian immigrant parents who cuck their sons by moving to the West

fuck go back

Fuck Inceltears

Fucking chad

"fucking Chad"

Fucking Disgusting Roastie Pimps Out Her Own Kids

Fucking LEL

fucking lol

fuckin lol

Fuck me for having confidence I guess


Fuck this sub

Fuck you for saying tallcels are volcels. That‘s me at 6‘4“

Funny how their response to a potential suicide changes when it's a femoid instead of a ugly male virgin.

FYI the rocket surgeons over at inceltears think r/femcels is a real sub


Feb 2, 2023

Gandhi -> Gandy

Gandhi -> Gandy MKII

Gandhi, right after r/incels got shut down


Genetic Cleansing is coming. The mainstream media has convinced the masses that we are all violent, even though people like myself have stated I do not hate women

George Orwell on incels nearly a century ago

German Green Party pledges to pay for free sex with prostitutes for anyone who needs 'sexual assistance' and can't afford it

Get a dog and go outside more often bro

Get away from me creep! I only date white guys

Get therapy.

Getting her ready for Chad (When you thought the friendzone couldn't span any further)


Giga chad abducting a female specemin

Gigachad is has a much harder time than any of you incels. He's fighting for his life. 1 Upvote = 1 Prayer

Giga Meeks


Girl accuses chad for harassment because he ignored her for a Stacy.

Girl asked to see a pic of me tonight

Girl denies incel of a kiss. BRUTAL.

Girl( hot lecturer) who is mean to me most of the time asked me to buy her chips, right. But she saw me walk down 3 flights to buy them for myself and requested to tell her NO. She pissed and moaned. I am not your plaything or beta cuck. The black pill changed me.

Girl I had a crush on said she was too busy to be dating and not interested atm. See on Facebook she is out clubbing and hanging onto Chad.

Girl just posted this to my university Facebook page. It’s OVER for curry PUAs, everyone knows your game.

Girl on tinder who loves my jokes ans personalityand called me every night to talk for 2 hours instantly stoppped replying me the moment I showed her a clear photo of my face

Girl posted this found on my Facebook feed. “a 7” it’s over - the real you

girls are all different y’all, im dating this sweet nerd whos only 5’8. He happens to be a huuuuge nerd ( plays fifa, gta vice city and watched mragggan ball z ,theres hope y’all

girls like guys with glasses too!

Girls: “Omg anime is so pathetic, if you are over the age of 14 and watch anime you are a disgusting loser. Byee” Chico: ... Girls: “OMGG I LUVVVVV DragonBall Z! Goku and Trunks!!! Teehee ☺️☺️☺️☺️

girls will ghost anybody

GL trying to get a girlfriend in 2018 if you don't look like this

Goats of hope

God I want to hit my wife

God, they're stupid.

god you incels really need to get a hobby, do you know what us normal people do in our free time ?


Going on IncelTears for the first time be like

Good Afternoon Incels, Normies, and IT, Trolls, Lurkers, and Fakecels

good girls gone bad!

Good Guy Normie vs Asshole Chad (on Jezebel)

Good-looking people are more likely to believe that life is fair. New study suggest that physical attractiveness powerfully affects our subjective experience as a human and that just-world beliefs are driven, at least in part, by personal experience with inequality.

Good Morning. I hate women

Good morning virgins, alpha redpill male from IT here, spinning plates and holding frame. Did you ever try just lifting bro to increase your SMV and hit on women that have hit the wall? You will be slaying in no time bro

Good old meme from the depths of r/incels

Good personality. Upvote this so it's the top result for "Good personality"

Good personality vs excellent personality

Googled "Looks Personality" This is the first image, literally

Got called creepy by a Stacy today for no reason

Got heighmogged by a group of 12-14 year old girls today

Gotta love traps!

Great quote

> No more selfies teehee XD

>tfw you know you will never be posted /r/ladyboners

>We use makeup to ~enhance~ our natural features

guess how many chads on her contact screen.

Guess what guys, I finally realized that there is one woman who likes me for who I am.

Guy I know went from Incel to dating a legit cutie. It probably won’t happen to you, but never say it’s over

Guy kills himself after female rejects him, female is ambivalent about it and her boyfriend is happy.

Guys, getting a girlfriend will NOT make you happier.

Guys, I created a tinder profile. No matches yet :( Do you think my picture looks okay?

Guys, if you're not getting stares from women as soon as you step outside your front door, you're not attractive.

guys I have a VAGINA, give me money!

Guys, I Tried The Inceltears Advice and It Worked

'Guys looks don't matter, honestly!' -> Proceeds to draw overweight balding guys as depiction of incels

Guys seriously try making a fake tinder profile as Chad

Guys she looked at me when I talked and touched her hair. Indicator of interest?

Guys, stop laughing at IT users. They have families too.


Guys what are you doing!!? Just change your difficulty settings to Normal

Guys, women totes have it so bad in the dating world. Brings a tear to my eye. See the number of likes/retweets.

Gymcel feels except no female of any age gives you attention

Gymcel is the best cope, period


Gymcelling is the biggest cope to ever surface the face of this earth.


Haha anxiety is so fun am I right? Silly incels LOL




happy valentines day

happy women day, roasties!

Hard choice for femoids

Has anyone here tried volunteer work?

hating women is a cope

Have you ever seen an attractive male being a bullying victim?

Have you ever tried not being hateful and misogynist? Just talk to women like they're PEOPLE.

Have you noticed how everything you do is interpreted negatively when you're ugly?

Have you not swallowed the goatpill yet?


having a Baby Face is a death sentence

"having a gf won't cure your depression bro"

Having a home isn't as great as homeless people think

Hawking is dead...

Heard a woman scream for help was about to but then I remembered

He does have a pretty stellar personality

He has ascended

"Heh, no wonder why y'all alone. Stop being a misogynist and learn how to respect women."

Heh.. sup virgins, I am what you incels would call a "Chad". I only come here to chortle at your misfortunes. *sips soy milky* ahh, feels good to be born as Chad

Height doesn't matte-

Heightism. Oh the irony.

He is with you while you ascend.

He knew

Hello brigaders here's something for you

Hello, fellow incels! Women reject me because of my bad personality, neglecting the fact that I'm handsome, and employers refuse to hire me due to my multiple felonies. I'm jobless and without a girlfriend. It's over for us handsome personalitycels.

Hello, guys! Woman here, I am a beautiful girl in which you refer to as "Stacy" and I feel so sorry for you incels. Y'all better get a good personality if you want to get a hot woman like myself.

Hello, I am EvilMortyBot and I just made a Tinder today Teehee

Hello my children, just spinned quintillion plates. How do I look now?

Hello normies/Femiods: how come no one is advocating for more women in these male dominated jobs........

Helpful diagram of the current brigade

Help me please, my wife took away my Nintendo Switch because I didn't want to suck her boyfriends penis.

Here's a list of things you can't do when you're ugly.

Heres all the content i made for r/incels last year

Here's an article about a woman walking out on a guy because he was a virgin at 27... "INB5: Wimmen don't care if you're a virgin reee."

Here's your stupid feminism, exposed.

Her husband is an /r/inceltears poster

Her: "I love nerdy gamer boys teehee"

Her looksmatch rots while she hides behind makeup and chases chad. It's over.

Her male looksmatch would have roped by now.

He roped for our sins.

Her past doesn't matt-

He's just a friend from high school, don't worry about it, teehee.

"Hey baby, *heavy fucked up breathing* wanna see my personality?!?!"

Hey Board_Gaming....

Hey bros! What‘s up? I‘m what you guys actually call a Chad in contrast to all these fake Chads and beta numale soyboys from r/inceltears! I also know the Blackpill is real and agree with all your standpoints. Femoids are just cruel creatures! Text me anytime if you wanna grab a beer my friends ;-)

Hey fellas, Chad here. Wanna know my secret of getting laid once every year? It's not my looks, IT'S MY PERSONALITY

“Hey guys Chad here”

hey guys, chad here, just popping in from inceltears to show off a pic of me with my girlfriend. we have sex all the time because i am so attractive and cool, you incels could learn a lot from me

Hey guys fellow incel here, I asked a girl out and she said no because Im balding really badly. Just wondering your thoughts?

Hey guys....femcels....pffffffffft.....hehe....haha.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hey guys I'm a crip gang member, violent felon, ex inmate at a federal prison but thanks to my great personality I changed my life around. Now I'm a international model, left my wife and impregnated the daughter of a billionaire.

Hey guys, I think I count as one of your "Chads". Just fix your hygiene, get out there, make them laugh and treat them like ladies.

Hey guys just recovered from my leg lengthening surgery. Am I now a chad?

Hey guys just wanted to drop in and offer some advice. Find something fulfilling to do with your life.

Hey guys.. sorry i've been a away for awhile. Since leaving r/braincels i started respecting women and i just wanted to show you all the physical changes i've experienced.

Hey guys..sorry i've been a away for awhile. Since leaving r/braincels I started respecting women and I just wanted to show you all the physical changes i've experienced.


"Hey incels. Chad here. How does it feel that I'm banging Stacy?"

Hey Incels, Normie Here

Hey man just start going on runs I meet lots of girls that way

Hey r/depression I'm genuinely curious

Hey Virgins, Chad here :)

Hey y'all, I just bought a new van y'all. What do y'all think?

Hey you pathetic losers, I have a message for you

"Hi anon, that's a pretty nice personality you have there..."

Hi. botcel here.

High IQcel

High IQ or Low IQ?

Highly Brutal Sciencepill. Women Unconsciously Sabotage Each Other to Increase Their Chances of Getting Chad.

Highschool experience for Chad

Hi guys, Chad here. Y’all need to stop with these negative vibes it ain’t healthy for you

Hi guys, Im 25 and still virgin even though I tried but it's okay, Im not entitled to love and I focus on my life now :) That's why im not incel :D

Hi guys, normie here.

Hi. I'm the kind of guy who you misogynists would call an "alpha." If you guys didn't have such repulsive personalities, then you would slay like me!

Hi, Im what you guys would call a Chad. Just here for the laughs.

Hi Mom, yeah Im doing great. I was invited to an after work party today... Uh huh yes I found a girl that loves me for who I am. No I dont have any pictures of her to send because she's not FUCKING REAL STOP CALLING ME!!

Hitler shares his concerns about incels


Holy amazeballs Batman!!! My beautiful wife's close friend Rodrigo got me this for NO reason!!! Yes!!! :)

Holy fuck this couldn't be more true.

Holy shit 6' is manlet height now

Holy shit at the difference between r/short and r/tall

Holy shit this blackpill took my breath away (and it's research by a woman too)



"Honestly bro, just go up to her and give her your number. That's what I did"

honestly I thought you guys were disgusting bit it turns out you are right on a lot of things

"Honey, the past is the past. Don't worry about it."

Hope, cope, rope.

Hope for baldcels?

Hopefully not all women are like the ones here

How are we incel because of misogyny and yet....

How Attraction works

How can brain cells cause tumours if they can't multiply?

How can Carl Sagan be expert cosmologist if he has never even been to space ?!

How Chad makes roast beef

How did Asians go from samurai to ricecels in less than 200 years?

How does it feel knowing girls will never look at you like that?

How does Tyrone even compete with Mtumbu, the first born son of the chieftain?


Howdy, pardner?

Howdy y'all, I reckon I'm what y'all would call a ""chad"", y'all just need to work on y'alls personality, ok y'all?

How each group views height

How evil can women get... wtf betas have no chance

How females see different heights

How I escaped inceldom

How i I'm with Incel tears lurkers

How I know that I'm objectively ugly (story).

How is looks discrimination (in the workplace etc not dating) different from racial discrimination?

How IT justifies their crusade against this sub

How long before the next episode of CSI or some other normie detective show features an "incel" plotting a terrorist attack?

How many times do we need to say it? FUCK BUGMAN CUCK HUMOR.

How men got conned

How normies and women react when presented with irrefutable evidence against the blue pill

How normies read the news now that incels are mainstream

How other subs deal with trolls vs r/Braincels

How over is it?

How St. Blackopscel looks like now

How tall are you? #DoubleStandards


How this sub helped me lose weight

How to attract your life partner: men vs women

How to get out of jail? Personality. How to get a modeling contract? Personality. How to become a BILLIONAIRE? Personality.

How to win any argument on reddit

How true is this?

How we see women.

How women used to weed out the men with toxic personalities.

Hugh Hefner basically kept hot women as pets and here we are too pathetic to even get a 2/10 to sleep with us.

Humanity was a mistake


Hypergamy in 2018

Hypergamy in mass media

Hypocrisy in a nutshell

Hypocritical cunt/cucks squad. It's okay for foids to artificially enhance their looks, but not men! Don't you dare try to fool us! We deserve REAL Chads!

I agree with alot of stuff here

I am addicted to this sub so much that whenever Im outside I try to figure out if the randomn ugly strangers I see are incels who posts here and are blackpilled to the max

I am a dickless 21 year old man. Its completely over for me right?

I am done.

I am done

I am fully blackpilled but please don't condone rape

I am going to kill myself

I am perplexed about the state of Braincels.

I am what you guys would call a chad. You can also look as good as me if you change your personality and respect women.

I asked my looksmatch out today and she said yes

I came to /r/incels to make fun of you guys

"I can deduce that you're a virgin because you post mysoginistic jokes on an obscure internet forum, even though I've never seen how you look or act in real life. Trust me, I'm some random dickhead on the internet."

I cannot stand the "nice" women who try to talk to you on here

I can't even fantasize abt girls with thick muscular asses and legs because of my small penis. It is over for dickcels.

I can't fucking stand how chicks are cool just for being chicks

I can't fuck your personality

I did a Tinder experiment about a year ago before the atomic blackpill was released. Here are the results.

I didn't know it was possible to get mogged by an inanimate piece of furniture but here it is

"I don't care about race teehee" "Everyone is equal teehee" " I am a proud intersectional feminist and I care about men of color teehee"

I don't chase Chad, actually I like nerdy guys teehee!

I don't do anal teehee

“I don’t even know what a maxilla or mandible is, women don’t actually care about this stuff silly incels!”

I don't feel bad for homeless people

I don't feel like working any more, let's start a family tehe, my new job is managing the home it's just as hard as your 40 hour work week honey

I don’t hate women

I don't know who made this album, but St. Blackops2cel praise you. This needs to be shown to IT constantly.

"i don't like being sexualiZed" sexualiZes anything she wears

I'd totally go for the one on the left teehee


I even can't gymcel in peace!

If a girl walked up to me and said "you're really cute, wanna hang out?" to me, I would never post on this sub ever again

If a woman is attracted to you, then she'll make it easy for you to be together.

If cucktears ruled the world

I feel confident tonight, might even hit a nightclub and pick up some women

I feel lucky. You lads are right about a lot of things.

I feel so sorry for you all

If EvilMortyBot doesn't volunteer for mass milkies, she must leave. Same for Lesbcel.

If females will tell you about their boyfriends without any concern on how you feel

If having a "good" personality and not being an angry, hateful misogynist is all that's required to not be incel, then why is r/ForeverAlone filled with kissless virgin men?

I finally escaped inceldom. Here's how I did it.

I finally understand the obsession whiteknights and femoids have with us

I finally understood why women are angry all the time

If incels were flies

I find it pretty funny how feminist harpies are now screeching against and trying to discredit the 80/20 rule any way they can think of. Do they really think that beta men didn't go to HS or college, where hypergamy is exposed the most?

If I was in a room with Hitler, Osama bin Laden and an IT member and had a gun loaded with one bullet

If not being hateful, bitter and misogynist is all we need, why does foreveralone exist?

if obsessing about chads makes incels closet homosexuals

If one desirable male can fully satisfy the sexual needs of more than one female (a case for which there is strong biological evidence: sizable disparities in libido, females being the limiting factor in parental investment, etc), then there almost certainly will be some men who get no sex at all.

if only this were true

If r/Incels happened to be a female community, r/inceltears wouldn’t exist

If Shrek can get a girl then it's over.

If this gets even 1 upboat I will be surprised

I fucking hate parties.

If we were actually a reactionary terrorist cult we would be getting mad pussy seeing as females love psychopaths.

If women always wanted a nice guy, why are 70% of you deadbeat single mothers with 3 different baby dads by the age of 18?

If women are being sassy or rude to you, it's not because that's just their way of flirting or "shit tests", it's because you're physically unattractive.

if women can spot misoginy and bad personality ,why abusive relationship still exist ?

If women have ever treated you poorly, it's YOUR fault, not theirs. No large group of people has ever treated another group of people unfairly!

"If women ruled the world", said my sister, "there'd be no wars."

If you are a black guy and don't look like that ITS OVER

If you are a single woman, no matter how ugly you are, there is bound to be a couple of guys somehow somewhere who are currently romantically interested in you; however, if you are a single guy, chances are that there is absolutely ZERO women currently interested in you

If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best

"if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

If you didn't look like this at age 15, its over

If you don’t have a jawline like this then it’s over

If you don‘t look like this in 150.000 BC it‘s OVER

If you don't look like this in 2018 IT IS OVER

If you don't look like this in 2018 ITS OVER

If you don't look like this in 2018 its over

If you don't look like this in 2018 its over

If you don’t look like this on 4082 it’s over

If you dont mog AT LEAST 70% of the men you see on the streets of your local area,it's OVER

If you don't pay for your daughter's Spring Break trip to Florida, you're a bigot

If you ever feel down, just remember there's a sub with 4 x the amount of people stalking r/braincels daily

If you ever had a femoid ask you out as a "prank" then go back laughing with her friends at how absurd of an idea someone asking you out would be

If you ever start thinking females can be incel

If you glorify or defend a mass shooting, you get a ban

If you haven't looksmax then just leave this sub.

If you haven't tried impersonating the British Royalty you're volcel

If you have to approach, you are NOT attractive

If you look like this in 2018 ITS OVER

If you missed out on partying and fucking loads of girls between 18-25

if you push normies far enough, you'll get them to admit that it's absolutely over for some people

If you're a virgin the only persok to blame is yourself. Get a grip on life

If you're not 8'3", its over

If you're not a literal Space Marine you'll be incel by 2020.

If you're only hitting on cis women, you're volcel.

If youre rich/famous you can pull Stacy’s all day long. Just cringey because this kid has to know that shes using him, look at her and look at him lmao

If you're sub 5'10 (I'm being generous), rope is the only option.

If you're ugly, all of your efforts to find a SO will be viewed as cringy. If you're attractive, all of your efforts will seem natural.

If you're ugly, it is misogynistic for you to exist.

If you're ugly, women actually want you to die. Here's why.

If you're unattractive, a woman can instantly invalidate all your arguments with this one easy trick

If your frame doesn't look like this in 2018, IT'S OVER!

If you take a selfie with a child actor you have reached peak numale

If you tell a girl she should lower her standards, she'll take it as the biggest insult ever. If you tell a guy he should lower his standards, it's fine because you're "just being realistic, bro".

If you think nobody cares about your existance..

If you think religious women are better — Think again

If you've never had women go out of their way to pursue you, its over.

"If you want a girl you just need a better personality"

If you were bullied in school, it was because the girls approved of it. They could have stopped it with their disapproval, but they LOVE seeing outcasts humiliated by alphas.

"I get laid all the time. You guys are losers lol"

I get tons of girls, and I’m a 4/10 AT BEST. Sure they think I’m ugly, but if I can do it, anyone can. Just work on your personalities bros.

I got a girlfriend!

I got blackpilled a long, long time ago

I got my first kiss from a femoid.

I got you guys a card

I guess my jaw and so called "hunter eyes" make me what you call a "Chad". Guess it's over for you guys.

I had a haircut and now I’m practicing my Incel “Hunter Eyes”. I also watched Wonder Woman.

I hate how easily I have crushes on women that treat me kindly and with respect.

I hate it when wormin stare at me :(

I hate my life.

I hate you guys

I have asked out HUNDREDS of overweight girls, at everywhere from functions to friend groups to clubs.

I have discovered the ultimate evidence against the blackpill

I have failed myself.

I haven’t dated incels because I only truly like Chad.

I introduce you the ULTIMATE BOSS. Its over guys

“I just find this sub so interesting”

I just had sex

"I just made fun of those evil incels on IT do I get an additional point?"

I just ran a woman over

I just want a girl to hold my hand. Not even trying to get laid.

I just wish someone saw me as something other than a subhuman.

I kept tabs on my bullies for years waiting to see them get their karma. 6 years after highschool ended they are better than ever and there is no karma

I knew this would happen.

I know a guy who is a 30 year-old 5'2" curly-haired Israeli carpenter, do you think he sat around complaining all day?

"I know a short guy who gets lots of girls!" Let me explain this phenomenon to you.

I know how you feel incel, I have depression too!

I know I keep saying this, but inceltears users are legit fucking losers.

I lift in the shower while being confident and respecting women as I'm indulging in my hobbies and getting a haircut


I like smart guys, tee hee

"I like tall men because I want to feel protected. Also I don't need no man"

“I like the one on the left, hes so cuteeee teeheee”

I'll be honest, I come here because it makes me feel like a man.

I'll fuck an incel

I look at this picture and it applies to me almost 100%.

I looove guys who cook Teee Heee

I lost my virginity

I love beating my wife

I Love Being Female!

I love Chads who hate women.

I love our Saint. I hope I can meet him one day.

I love sensitive and emotional men!

I love this.

I love you all

I love you all

I love you guys

I'm 21 years old but feel like I'm developmentally 13 because of a lack of any romantic experience.

"I'm 5'5, overweight and ugly and I have no problem with women!"

I'm 5'8 half white half asian. Is it over for me?

I'm 6' and get regular exercise yet I feel like a weak manlet when I go out. I can't imagine what it's like to be sub 6'.

I'm a 24 year old kissless balding virgin, 5'4. This is what a real incel looks like.

I'm a 30 yr old feminist married to a nice guy, and yet I can't stop drooling over this guy at work who's a total prick!


Feb 2, 2023
I'm a Chad I guess, but I'm also relatively short (5' 7"). Short women love me, but if every girl acted towards me the way "tall" girls do, (5' 10"+)... I would honestly be bitter as fuck at the world.

I'm actually into nerdy guys T E E H E E

I made a bingo sheet for every time a normie tries to talk about incels

I made a tinder account with Kelly Oubre JR pics just see if what you lot said was true

Imagine a world where 80% of women have to compete for the bottom 20% of men. Think about how amazing your life would be. That's what it's like to be a woman.

Imagine being an airportsecuritycel and having to see this every day

Imagine being this cucked

Imagine being this dumb

Imagine coping this hard

Imagine having someone genuinely be there for you during your darkest days.

Imagine how many men are currently fucking their dry, dead starfish, unenthuasiastic girlfriend. Thinking that she's "asexual" or indifferent to sex.

Imagine if black people were told the same shit as incels.

Imagine if there was a group called "NiggerTears" where a bunch of trailer-park-dwelling white guys opined on how shitty black people are because of their personalities

Imagine if women actually wanted equality

Imagine looking like this in high school. High school probably wouldn't be the "worst four years of your life" then wouldn't?

Imagine telling someone you don't know that they have a bad personality

Imagine that this is a mugshot of a guy just went on a killing spree and gunned down 20 people, how do you think femoids would react?

Imagine the dopamine your brain would release by knowing thousands of men are suicidal just because they don't have your attention.

Imagine what would happen if the roles were swapped

I'm a Girl or ""Femoid"" As You'd Call Me, I like My Boyfriend For His Personality

I’m an incel and my roommate is having a party tonight. I get to watch people live their normal lives from my window while I dream of the rope. Fuck summer

I’m an incel but I don’t hate women or men for it.

I'm a short girl and i prefer to date shorter guys, it's more convinient to kiss and hang out :)

"I'm a shy girl teehee..."

I masturbate to this. This is the most I ever got from a femoid and will ever get.

I'm a wizard who recently discovered the incel "culture" - here's some advice and why I think /inceltears/ are wrong

"I'm done with that life now, I just want to settle down"

Im done with this.

I met with a tinder date for the first time. She accused me of lying about my height online."

I'm going to shoot up my school.

“I’m in an open relationship”

I'm Indian.

I’m leaving

I'm leaving this sub

I’m lucky to be a Blackcel

I'm new i've been here 15 min and it already feels like home

I'm no longer an incel.

"I'm not a cuck, she's just low libido, everybody's sex drive is different".

I'm not an incel, but I agree that most millennial women are batshit crazy

I'm not an incel, what's going on?

I'm not into looks at all, I prefer nerds

"I'm not like the other girls TEEHEE"

"i'm not ready to settle down guys"

Importance of looks, human evolution and halo effect, with studies (x-post from /r/foreveralone)

[IMPORTANT] Beware of people sending you links in PMs, DO NOT CLICK THEM, it is very likely they are trying to dox you/hack you

[IMPORTANT] Hey people making posts asking for an explanation of the incel mentality, get in here!

Im ready to settle down now (marriage stability drops to 30% if a foid has had 5+ sexual partners)

I'm rebuilding botcel from scratch. Tell me what you want.

I'm seeing more and more white girls saying this everywhere (brutal racepill)

I’m sick of all these cucks thinking women have ESP

I’m sick of the White Supremacy in here!

I’m sorry.

"I'm so tired of fuccbois"

I'm succcccch a nerd, and im into shy, awkward, unusual and mysterious TEEHEE men

“I’m sure you are too harsh on yourself” or “I don’t care about looks”

I'm what you guys would call a "Chad". You guys should really improve yourselves, lift and work on your personalities. But you need to be yourself

I'm what you guys would call a "currycel". I respect and hold open doors for womens, I shower three times a day, and go to feminist meetups but I still can't get a girlfriend. Pls advvise.

I'm what you guys would call a 'Stacy'. Listen, you guys can't get women because of your disgusting attitudes, not because of your looks. You guys should put a real effort into improving your personalities and respecting women.

In 2018, you're not a truecel unless you've lowered your standards so low that you can't go any lower... and then get rejected.

In 2050, the average woman will look like this, and it's beautiful.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell.

Incel Ally


Incel: *breathes* IncelTears: "This is why you're incel"

Incel Comfy House (Inspired by post made earlier this week)

Incel core processors

Incel cure

Incel finally transforms into Chad after his 100th shower. (Circa 2018)

Incel follows all Inceltears advice to the letter and fails miserably

Incel gets asked by Channel 4 to be on a show called "Undateable"

incel gets knocked the fuck out by chad who's gf films it & laughs

incelibate just got banned lmao

Incelistan soldier getting ready blackpill normies

"Incel" is the new "Racist" ... another term Leftist idiots and Normans will overuse and ruin.

Incel joins the army & deploys, only to INSTANTLY get mogged by a Chad arab. It's fucking OVER for militarycels.


Incel loses his virginity to a porn star

Incel mailman confronted by brave inceltears poster

Incel makes reasonable point, inceltears user loses their shit

Incel Meeks / Norman Meeks / Chad Meeks

Incel moments before being sent to the labor camp. (Colorized 2018)


Incel Opossum Vs. Chaddy Raccoon.

Incel Poem - On Showers


Incel rebel fighters marching to the capital of incelistan to topple the braincels puppet regime installed by inceltears, colorized (2018).

Incels: a depressed men support group.

Incels are a Bunch of Whiners. I'm Not Very Attractive and I've Had No Problem Getting Women

Incels are internet Juggernauts theory

Incels are not depressed because they are virgins

Incels are not entitled to painless suicide!!!!

Incels are not Nice Guys™

"Incels aren't an oppressed class!"

Incels are probably the reason why ancient cultures developed myths about monsters, ogres and goblins. Think about it

"Incels are single because they are horrible people"

Incels do not exist because of incel subreddits; incel subreddits exist because of incels. Banning the subreddits will NOT make incels go away or solve their problems.

Incels exist in Orangutans too. They're called transient males.

incel's last resort?

Incels who are obsessed with height be like...

Incels who have a reputation for being good in school or with computers are like God

Incel Tears

Inceltears actually thinks the average incel has rejected a women before

Incel tears are getting bored of they're own sub

"IncelTears aren't just virgins in deni-

IncelTears are perfectly normal people everyone, we're the ones who have an obsession.

Inceltears are the least "self aware" people on the planet

Incel Tears Cash Challenge: I will pay you $1,000 if you can get a woman to meet up for sex, via tinder, using the image provided

IncelTears, CringeAnarchy, AgainstHateSubreddits, etc. when r/braincels reached 9000 subscribers

IncelTears dating guide for the 30 year old virgin ally (2018 revised edition)

IncelTears has zero self-awareness

IncelTears in a nutshell

inceltears in a nutshell

Inceltears in a nutshell:

Inceltears intellectuals

Inceltears is a joke

Inceltears is all homophobic racists and retarded fucks

Inceltears male picking up blackpill

IncelTears: "Male virgin shaming is not a thing." Also IncelTears:

Inceltears Meetup

IncelTears members are misandrists

IncelTears members laugh at a vulnerable incel man on reddit dot com (colourized, 2018)

Inceltears member spotted reporting incels who don't watch movies with strong female protagonists and bad personality who post on incel forums (ca 1997,colorized)

inceltears numales trying to pick up a femail

Inceltears platitudes destroyed (WARNING: BLACKPILL OVERLOAD)

inceltears posted this unironicly,top kek.

Inceltears posters are so sad :(

Inceltears poster who says that looks don't matter literally makes a post about fawning over a random Chad that she met

IncelTears: "Screenshots of what a woman said on a website isn't proof of the degeneracy of women". Also IncelTears...

Inceltears somehow doesnt realize theyre losing ground

IncelTears summed up in one image

IncelTears taking our posts out of context. The usual

inceltears thinks saying "Black people" is racist

IncelTears unironically supporting alpha fucks betabux theory

Inceltears user after his morning shower routine

Inceltears user posts a pic unironically proclaiming himself as a """"""""""CHAD""""""""""

IncelTears users are so secure with their relationships and lives, that they spend their time browsing and down voting a board full of depressed virginal shit posters.

Inceltears users trying to debunk the blackpill

IncelTears user tries using his personality and conversation skills to score Erica

IncelTears vs Reality: Lower your standards bro

IncelTears vs this sub

Inceltears women brag about their 6'4" boyfriends on their own thread which is supposed to claim that height doesn't matter.

IncelTears, you are not entitled to give us advice. We don't owe you validation.

Incel vs Chad

Incel vs Normie

Incel waiting for his defloration. colorized, ca 1943

In comments to the BBC article about the sadness of living about sex, IncelTears users commiserate. It seems like their BERRY GUD PEAHRSONALIT is not helping with getting into relationshits, I wonder why?

I never knew lesbians could be smart

In High School we were lucky if a girl looked our way and didn’t scream. This is what Chad saw when he looked at girls.

In memory of Karl Marx's birthday, we remind ourselves of his immortal wisdom

In my friend group, only white guys have a girlfriend. All my Indian friends have been chronically single (most virgin), same for my Asian friends.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Insecurity is just a word meant to shame men into accepting cuckoldry.

"Insecurity was the reason why I left him..."


"Intimacy and sex aren't that important, you only need food and water (soy)" -Normans

Introducing the auto-shower-haircut X-5000 PUSSY SLAYER. Look your best at all times. Guaranteed to get garbage bag-fulls of pussy

Introductory Psychology: Female Incels DO NOT Exist

In what kind of inverted mirror dimension do these projecting bitches live?

"I only date guys taller than 5'11"

I paid off my wife’s student loans — then she filed for divorce after two years of marriage

I present to you, the degeneracy of women.

I proudly present the Nobecel Peace Prize to u/FinalFantasycel

IPT7: Deny women their privileges

I rather die alone than become beta bux

I really hate the femoid trash who come on here and pretend to act nice

I respect women

I respect women!

I saw a woman and she was polite to me and this is somehow worthy of a thread

Is Becky just another name for a female normie?

Is Board_Gaming on the spectrum?

Isis used good looking chaddams to lure girls to join Isis

Is it misogynistic to demand that women don't cheat?

Is it over for me?

Is it over for me, boys?

Is it over for me? I only pump three Stacies a day and spend 12 hours in the gym. Need some advice

"Is it over" pandemic. 2018. Colorized.

Is it wierd that I can't jack off to porn anymore because I get sad that I'll never have sex with a hot girl?

isn't it annoying when incels make fun of outie vaginas?

is this accurate?

is this roastie for real?

“I sure am glad I spent all those years of my life stalking virgins online...”

I sympathize with you guys - a lurkers perspective

IT after getting subreddit of the day

I talked to a girl.

It all makes sense now

IT are the lest self aware people on this planet [JFL]

It begins.. looking 'creepy' and being 'quiet' warrants a phone call to police. I know national news will take the race angle but we know

IT cucks fantasizing about something that will never happen to non-chads

IT cucks/numales bringing the concept of open relationships to a whole new level

IT cucks sure as hell have their priorities straight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ugly, just have a great personality like the babadook.

It doesnt matter what you do. If you're incel, you're gonna STAY incel.

IT femoids in a nutshell

IT: give up on arguing with us, you're getting IQmogged every single time.

I think Chads have always been nicer to me

I think we're hitting the point of eternal return.

It is actually over

It is literally okay to be 5'7 and asian.

It is my 25th birthday today

It is okay to be 5'8 with a unusual face.

It is over for AI-cels

IT is the worst reddit community to ever exist

It is totally not filled with pathetic submissive incels in deni ...

IT lurkers what does this taste like?

IT member in a nutshell

"IT members aren't bullies."

IT mods when they ban an incel from their sub

IT normie thinks he can relate to incels but admits 4 girls asked him to prom and another offered him a blowjob. Normies will never understand what being truly unwanted is like.

IT numales don't treat women "like people" either

it really be like this tho

It really is so over for dravidiancels

IT relationships

I tried to be the nice guy for a moment. However, you can't reason with these people. I tried. I am done.

IT roasties: Penis size doesn't matter teehee stop obsessing about it! Also IT roasties the second an incel angers them:

IT roasties rated this Chaddam as AVERAGE! Is there any hope left for us?

It's 2018 already and you still don't have a gf.

It's 2018, there is no excuse for not having an online AI chatbot gf.

“It’s a hookup app”

It's a lot harder for incels to have a social circle because nobody wants to show off an ugly friend.

It's amazing how many incel truths are accepted when they appear on black dudes twitter feeds

It's amazing how we have the tools to stop inceldom.

It's because you guys don't know how to talk to women

It's been good lads, but I'm roping myself.

Its booty short season. Kill me now.

It's finally happened!

It's funny that this sub is branded as a bunch of angry white guys

It's hard to be a stud

It's hilarious how foids think incels not reproducing will solve anything

It should be legal to own a girl's ass

It's just a matter of time..:(

It's just a phase guys, it will be over soon and you'll get a girlfriend.

It’s not about getting laid, it’s about being marginalized socially based on our sexual attractiveness.

"It's not about your looks! I had a really ugly BF! he was subhuman just like you guys. Here's his picture TEEHEE" - stacy giving "advice" to incels a few minutes ago

It’s not all about looks

"It's not 'creepy' if he's hot."

It’s not like I can just date a guy shorter then me teehee

It’s not like I can take my heels off teehee

It's not okay to make fun of women for their roast beefs because it's "genetic" but it's okay to make fun of men for their looks, height, dick size, and skin color?

"It's not over for ethnics"

Its over.

It's over

It's over.

It's over

Its over

It's over. Even wifi networks have better personality than you. Girls want to connect to Chad and not to you.

It's over for Androidcels

It‘s over for Apecels...

It's over for baldcels.

Its over for baldcels

It's over for birdcels

It's over for curries and ricecels

It's over for Deercels. Chadtelope even MOGS most human incels

its over for dickcels

Its over for framecels

It's over for irishcels

It’s over for kindcels

It's over for manlets

It's over for outletcels, top one has Chad cheekbones.

Its Over For Pepsi and Cokecels

It's over for pepsicels

It's over for ricecels

It's over for Ricecels

It's over for ricecels if you aren't this Alpha in 2018.

Its over for the Beta Cells

It's over for us manlets.

It’s over for weebcels

It's OVER if a femoid has never beaten the shit out of you out of jealousy

It's over if you aren't Zyros in 2018

Its over if your chin doesnt look like this in 2018

It's over if you're above 5'6

It's over if you were a loner during your developmental years

It's OVER in 2018 if you are a dogcel

It's over in 2018 if you don't look like this

It's over - I tried to go all the way with my beautiful 13yo stepdaughter

IT soyboy GIGA starterpack

It’s quite sad seeing normans desperately trying to justify their spouses hypergamy. There's no shame in admitting that she wants genetically superior men. Do you honestly believe your spouse will ever cuck chad? Let it go. Accept your place in nature.

Its really enlightening to learn about what women actually think.

It's science.

It's so Cringy Hearing Ugly People Talk About Girls they Like

Its so damn over for ricecels.

It's the same story everywhere

It's weird how self-awareness is so destructive.

It's your personality Pt. 5367

"It's your personality that's holding you back"

It's your personality we hate! You need to be more confident!

IT thinks homosexuality is a choice

IT user and self-proclaimed feminist with a big heart comes to r/braincels to be worshipped, has an existential crisis when no one cares about the stupid shit she has to say

IT user goes to prison

IT users are not "normies"

IT users when you make a joke using a fictional story

I used to be an Incell but then I just became complete.

I used to feel bad for ugly girls

I used to have a lot of female friends. This is what got me blackpilled long before I even know what r/incels was.

I used to laugh at my pastor for saying that encouraging free sex and whoring around is a sin and will destroy society; now after decades of socially engineered inceldom and learning about the “trickle down” effect, I realised he was absolutely right

I used to think you guys were exaggerating

I've been both ugly and handsome and you got it right

I've been living on my own for 2 years now. Family barely talks to me. No fulfilling friendships. I always care about others, but no one even cares that I exist. Life just feels so meaningless. Why should I even continue?

I've been seeing some girls lately

I've dated short men in the past teehee

I've finally realised why women honestly believe personality matters so much

I've had enough. I'm shooting up my school

I've had this happen lmao

"I've only been with a couple of other sandwiches, baby!"

"I've only been with one guy, I swear honey!"

I want a fucking girlfriend

I want all women to burn

I want all women to die

I want all women to go to hell

I want to beat the fuck out of a woman


I want to die

I want to load an AR15 with a full magazine, take it to the streets, and unload it into the skulls of each and every female I see until they are helplessly bleeding out on the pavement

I want to RAPE a woman

I want to shoot a woman in the face

I was actually on a date until a Chad LITERALLY stole her from me

I was approached by not one, but TWO Stacies today.

I was fucking bullied today

i was lifemogged by a 12 year old today

I was once an incel, but once I got sex and validation from women I completely changed and became secure in myself.

I went to my 15 year old little sister's rugby game. Almost all the girls there were taller than me, and I'm fucking 21.

I went to the gym for the first time yesterday and a bunch of Stacys made fun of me.

I will commit suicide if I am still a kissless virgin by age 25

I will never get to experience something as simple as this; it breaks my heart

I wish i could see what it was like to be ugly for just one day.

I wish I was in Toronto during the van incident

I wish someone would kill me already

I wish they'd prove us wrong.

"I wonder what power this thing gives me thehe"

I work at an animal shelter and this was donated today.

I would actually prefer to marry a girl who has had 100x more sex than me.

I would say "it's over" but we all know it's been over for ricecels.

Japanese comic writers know.

JBW theory confirmed.

JFL at how white Stacies love yoga and Indian food but will not go anywhere near currycels, the people who invented both.

jfl @ Blackpill deniers

JFL @ Board_Gaming for saying she is Incel

JFL if you cant do magic tricks in Asia

[JFL] Inceltears users turning on BBW_gaming, saying she was personally responsible for Toronto van attack

JFL. Not a single Chad

JFL. Pornstars claiming that spreading their legs is not easy money. Then go wash dishes instead stupid hoes

Jock vs. Gymcel. Women can tell the difference in a split second

Join us normies, theres space for one more.

Jordan Peterson and the alt right might be the biggest cope of the century.

Jordan Peterson dropping blackpills in an NYT article. Feminists on twitter are reeeeeeee-ing right now as he is trending.

Jordan Peterson on the incel problem: “The cure for that is enforced monogamy. That’s actually why monogamy emerges.”

jus put urself out dere

Just 3 simple steps

Just about every femoid has an anecdote about an ugly guy getting a date because they view 80% of men as ugly.

Just another day on IncelTears

Just another female with double standards

Just another Inceltears cuck

Just approach women and talk to them bro

"Just approach women bro"

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder all the white knighting in the world won't get a hot chick to fuck you. Enjoy your whales!

Just a reminder that Board_Gaming's top posts are on r/inceltears

Just a reminder that OK Cupid deleted this as soon as the Blackpill became known. "Cover it up, we can't let the incels seem like they know what they're talking about!"

Just a reminder that this cunt cucked her husband with a coworker and lost a sexual harassment lawsuit after she got pumped and dumped but thinks incels are shitty people. What a piece of shit.

"Just bathe more"

Just be 3 years old bro!

Just be a Bad Boy, bro

"Just be a nazi bro, women dig it when you are confident about your race"

Just become a doctor bro

Just become a mass shooter bro

Just become a top 5 pitcher in the MLB bro, you’ll have 10/10s all over you

Just become leftists and you will get laid!

Just become Messi bro.

“Just be confident bro”

just be confident bro

Just be confident bro

Just be confident bro!

Just be confident bro! Confidence/good personality is all that matter, looks are just a bonus.

just be dominate bro she loves that shit

Just be funny bro

Just be mysterious bro

Just be philosophical bro

Just be the smartest man on earth bro

just be yourself

Just checking in for the 53rd time today. I’m what you losers would call a “Chad.” Just wanted to say your personalities are disgraceful, and you all deserve to rot. Anyway, gotta go pick up wifey at the gloryhole. So proud she’s branching out!

“Just date short girls bro!” - BRUTAL SUIFEUL

Just deleted Personalitybook. Good riddance.

Just don't think about it bro

"Just don't wear a fedora, bro!"

"Just don't wear a fedora, bro!" V2

"Just do some exercise bro." IncelTears member kills incel who was following advise trying to escape inceldom.

Just do well in school, be a gentleman, and be an upstanding member of society, bro!

"Just dress better bro"

Just dress well bruh

Just enjoying nature alone

"just find a girl in college bro"

Just found the head o the betabux division in IT

Just found this sub and genuinely curious

Just fucking lol

JUST FUCKING LOL if you try to use your personality as a sub8 - I GUARANTEE cuckqueers will ignore this

Just... fuck, man.

Just fuck my shit up bro

"just get a girl in CS, bro"

just get a haircut bro

"Just get a haircut bro"

"Just get a hobby" is bullshit advice

Just get an asian gf bro

Just get a nice car bro

Just get better clothes bro

"Just get education bro ... "

"Just get nicer clothes, bro!"

"Just get old, bro!"

Just get some good clothes bro

"Just get tinder!"

Just give up if you dont look like this

"Just go after girls shorter than you bro"

Just go for your looksmatch bro!

Just got a new haircut and new clothes, am I gonna make it?

just go to gym bro

just go to space bro

Just go to the gym bro!

Just go Workout Bro!

Just grow a beard bro

“Just have a symmetrical face bro”

just hit the gym bro

Just hit the gym bro.

"just hold frame bro"

Just ignore women and they will chase you

Just imagine being this pathetic.

Just imagine life as the guy in the middle. This is the chad I used for my fake tinder and I got +99 likes in a day. I could say the most horrible, misogynistic things to girls and they would eat it up.

Just imagine what it'd be like to be able to come home from a stressful day of work or school to a girlfriend who is attracted to you

Just improve yourself bro. 5'5" failed normie fell for women's lies; spent years "working on himself" and is still getting rejected by women nonstop. IT'S OVER FOR MANLETS!

Just learn double team bro

"Just lick yourself clean every day bro" "you just need to shed your fur dude" "how do you know if you haven't meow'd at her yet?"

Just lift bro

Just lift bro!

Just LoL

Just lol at catcels in 2018 who dont look like this. Its fucking over, donezo. Suicide is the only option at this point if you aren't chadcat

Just LOL at incels in denial

Just lol at the disparity between /r/short and /r/tall

Just LOL if you aren't reading a book a day. If you want to start dating women, you need INTELLIGENCE.

Just lol if you're not a Mexican drug lord in 2018

"Just lose weight bro, you will look x10 times better :)"

Just play video games brah, chicks think gamers are hot. Stacy loves watching me play COD and I get blowjobs all the time

Just read a book bro

Just sail bro

Just saw a 5'3 manlet asian male with a cute gf (LIFEFUEL)

"Just shave your head and grow a beard bro"

Just smile bro

Just smile bro, girls like it when you smile

Just some Black Pills from Twitter. I'd LOVE to see IT justify this...

Just take a few showers and get a haircut. It's not hard to "talk" to woman. You all need to mature and get laid.

Just take a shower they say...

Just take more showers and have confidence bro

"Just take the soypill, bro"

Just take your pictures at better angles bro! And be sure to smile!

just talked to 2m(6'5) tall girl

just talk to her

Just think it only took 4-5 year's

Just took a shower and found myself transformed !!

Just train hard, love what you do and you will win olympics, bro. Genetics has got nothing to do with it.

"just turn into an Airbender bro"

Just use Make Up bro

Just watch Alien bro

Just wear a cool hat bro

Just wear a suit bro

just wear a watch, bro. It'll make you more handsome


Just work on your personality bro. It's not about your looks. If you didn't have such a toxic personality, girls might actually like you.


Feb 2, 2023
Keep this in mind when talking to a male from inceltears


kek april 29th should be a holiday

Kennedy dropping blackpills.

Kinda Relevant

Know your place, fodder

Kylo Ren killed Han Solo Because he was uglier then him

Last night I took a cute girl to a nice restaurant

leaked photo of r/inceltears meetup

Learn the difference

Leaving this sub....

Legendary blackpill: People hate Kanye more than Chris Brown for supporting trump but Chris Brown beats up women and gays.

Lesbian pretends to be a man, experiences brutal rejection as an incel and becomes a misogynist as a result

Let's just remove 50% of all jobs from men, increase women's expectations of a partner's earnings to unattainable heights, reinforce this through social media deluding women into believing they deserve a chad, then place women on a societal pedestal. Wait, incels, why are you angry??

Let's make a sub called "r/HomelessTears", where we chastise the poor, for being drug addicted dickheads.

Let’s not cope, almost every guy has been desired at some point. Most normies on reddit have no idea what it’s like to literally have never been desired in their entire life.

Lets remove board_gaming

Let's see who this villain really is!

Let us take this brief moment to give thanks to our lord and savior. He died on the rope for our facial deformities.

Life as a currycel

Life as a Subhuman.

Life as a useless worthless ugly subhuman genetic trash.

Lifecycle of a incel

life fuel

LIFE FUEL After years of looksmaxxing, I have escaped inceldom. Seriously bro just shave your beard and smile it works every time

LIFEFUEL: Chad Starves To Death Because He's So Obsessed with His Own Reflection

LIFEFUEL!!!!: Degenerate roastie gets told by old man

[Lifefuel] femoids get so pissed when the topic of sex dolls come up

LIFE FUEL!!!: hit the wall roastie can't get chad anymore

LIFEFUEL: Incel monkey gets his revenge on Chad and Stacey

[Life Fuel] No one is entitled to stealing a baby lamb.

[Life Fuel] Now I just need to lose my eyecontactless virginity

[lifefuel] showermaxxing really works

[LIFE FUEL] Slut realises that she is a whore. Read to the end, I promise it is worth it.

Life is cruel to those born ugly. I intend on saying goodbye soon.

Life is difficult for girls too.

life is like a card game. some people get good cards and lose, some people get bad cards and win. it's not about the cards you get but how well you can play with them. for example in poker can be a lot like life. what do you do when you got bad cards...?

Life isn’t worth living

Life of an average incel

Life of an average man vs Life of an average woman.

Life. On. Easy. Mode.

Life on "just go out and meet new people" mode

Life on "just leave your house" mode

Life on "just say hello" mode

Life on "press x to win" mode

Life on tutorial mode. This is how femoids get through uni.

Light blackpills Ryuk (Death Note)

Like clockwork.

Like IncelTears and NiceGuys who have Tens/Hundreds of thousands of members, where are the subreddits shaming men who beat up women and rape them?

List of people I want to brutally kill

List of Things Females Should Never Do

List of things incels are:

Literal Blackpill

Literally a picture of roast beef.

Literally crying right now

Literally no girl is rejecting Chad because he likes anime

Live footage of me laying down and rotting in my room alone.

Living the dream

L-Like laaaater on in life though



Lmao all you alt-right whitesupermacistcels are delusional copers

Lmao, at my school. Just join Lego Club bro!

Lmao @ our female counterparts (Sui fuel)




LOL at this redpill cope. Do they actually think that late 30s guys have as much sexual value as a 19 yr old girl? ahahaha

Lol blind people are so entitled.


lol goddamn

Lol, hey guys just another incel here. How over is it for me? Should I LDAR?

"Lol, jus liek, ask her out bro! You don't know what would happen unless you try!"

LOLOL. This is why the cuckmins got our home r/incels shut down. Normies could not handle the truth, and called it a 'hate group.'

LOL. SJW'S TELLING US TO STOP BLAMING OUR RACE FOR OUR PROBLEMS. How grand. Time to throw that whole "white privelege" and "systemic oppression" bs out the window then, right IT????

Lol tbh I just got super nice and my tinder blew up

lol @ this normie

Lol. Why would you even have that as one of your pics?

Lol you people are pathetic

Lol you people are pathetic

Lonely Women - Lonely Men


Looks are Everything.

"Looks aren't everything"

"Looks don't matter, my boyfriend was short and indian."

Looks have greater value than 70 billion dollars

Looks like I pissed off a user from a certain subreddit. But it’s okay; they just want to help us, right?

Looksmaxing in 2018

Looksmaxxed sub-6ft manlets be like

Looks Theory - Angel vs Witch Skulls In Women

Lord Blackops2cel recruiting new incels.

Love yourself but completely change yourself

Lower your standards bro

Low IQ Cucks can't stop falling for the bait.

Low IQ response

<-- This many people want lesbcel to post on /r/amiugly like EvilMortyBot did

Lucky chad

Made my first fake girl tinder account and holy fuck, it's way worse than expected.

Made my own Maxcell comic :)

Mahatma Gandhi, the Incel scholar.

Major blackpills happening right now. Every social media thing about the Royal wedding is filled with women criticising every guest's looks and appearance.

Major freudpill incoming

Make a title for this

"Making fun of women for their roasties is disgusting and misogynistic and is the reason you are incel"

male height as seen by women on tinder

Male on left has genetically superior "Personality"

Males are not vending machines where you put "I'm a female" coins in and get emotional tampons and free meals out.

Male vs Female Depression

Mall update

Manlet rapper gets height mogged by ricecel.

Manlets put the rope down! There is hope!! Just become a professional baseball player bro


"Many incel communities are characterized by resentment, misogyny, misanthropy, and racism.[1][9][22][15][24][23][31][32][16]"

Many redditors immediately blamed incels for the shooting today even thought it was committed by an above average football player

Many women use dating apps to confirm their attractiveness

Mark Zuckerberg literally getting cucked on camera.

Marriage in the 21st century.

Martin Luther King, the Blackpill Leader

Massively brutal blackpill on the front page of /r/all right now

Maybe Chad has some advantages, but he can't be a total dou....

May is Incels Awareness Month

me 6 month ago vs now. Like just take ice baths and work on your game with women, legit works every time

Me after spending a whole week in the shower

Me and my boyfriend who I make more money than. I know I’m not the most attractive woman but you can see he’s not chad. Just wanting to show that charisma goes a long way.

Meanwhile in r/Braincels

Meanwhile while you're getting pushed into lockers in high school

Me blowing an Indian woman out of the water by calling her out on her racist shit.

Me circa 1999/2000 w/ leukemia. While my dad took this picture, my mom was out having an affair with her boss. This event started my distrust in women.

Media calls incels narcissists, but what about:

Media outlet writes about incels, draws them as fat losers with a big nose, no chin and in need of a haircut.

~ meek shall inherit the earth

Meeks strikes again!

Me: I won’t stop swiping until I get a match

Me, My Wife & Her Boyfriends

"Men are the shallow sex", "Men are more superficial than women" = Absolute bullcrap

“Men caused most of the violence, evil and suffering throughout history”

Men's masculinity and attractiveness predict their female partners' reported orgasm frequency and timing


[M]e on the left from 2015. Me now after respectfully lifting my therapist in the cold shower for 3 years. If I can do it so can you!

me reading normie subreddits

message for normies (and other incels)

Messages received after 4 months on fake profiles

Message to cucktears and normans:

Message to IT

Me too, me too

MFW a normoid tells me to take another shower


MGTOW Is Pathetic

Millennials are turned off sex, study suggests, with one in eight still virgins at 26

Millimeters of bone necessary to slay half of the universe in 2018

MINIMUM epicanthal tilt required to make eye contact with a transgender overweight roastie without the FBI being contacted in the year 2020

Minimum height required to make to speak to females in 1952

Minimum height to be considered human in 2018

Minimum height to talk to females in 2020

Minimum jaw area required to make eye contact with women in 2018

MINIMUM jawline required for a woman to look at you for longer than 1 planck time

Minimum look required to exist on the same astral plane as a femoid by 2019

Minimum looks for a man to utter, "if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best." without getting crucified in 2018

Minimum looks required for a SandCel/AfghanCel to be within 50 metres of a foid in 2018.

Minimum looks required to get a girlfriend (by years)

Minimum looks required to look at a female and not get lynched as a SandCel in 2018

Minimum looks required to show your emotions as a men, if you don't look like that you must behave like a fucking robot otherwise you are weak

Minimum looks to slay in Uzbekistan

Minimum Millimeters of Bone required in 2018 to get a Tinder date

Minimum muscles required to be considered human in 2018

Minimum personality needed to control the cryptocurrency market in 2018

Minimum personality required to have an average looking girl ask you out to prom in 2019, he's 6ft7 btw

Minimum personality required to show up on femoids radar

Minimum personality to get a girlfriend in 2018

Minimum sense of humor to get a girlfriend in 2018

Minimum sexual dimorphism to get a gf in Summer 2018.

Minimum Sexual Dimorphism to have a chance in 2018

Minimum tea-making skills needed to be an attractive Paki in 2018.

Misogyny online

Misogyny! Patriarchy! REEEE!


Modern day romance in the age of female hypergamy

Modern Western Family

MODS BAN these two race baiting spammers FFS




Mom wants grandchildren

Monkey Branching 101

More advice from the blackpilled legend.

More Affirmation of the Blackpill from Twitter. 45k likes.

More of "guys i like vs. guys that like me" memes

More proof of a double standard, /r/incels was nuked for content less malicious than this

Morning virgins, alpha redpill male here, spinning plates and holding frame. Did you ever try just lifting bro?

Most based subreddit

Most frustrating feminist lies

most girls dont care about balding hehe

Most men are effectively incel

Most of us incels are going to end up like this

Mother Nature is a cold mean bitch when she's distributing genetics

"Muh eye- area!!" "Muh maxilla!!"

Multiple IncelTears members who come here have admitted that they cheated in the past

Muslim anons what kind of punishment?

My 5'2" balding indian friend took a shower, got a haircut and worked on his personality and hes now doing well with women. See personality does matter!

My 6’2 white Chad roommate gave me $20 earlier tonight to get lost so that he could have a threesome with a white Stacy and a black Stacy.

My boyfriend is no Chad, yet he got to be with me thanks to his amazing personality. What's ya'll's excuse ya'll?

My cat died, I'm sad

My Chad uncle causing chaos in the family again.

My chad uncle just dropped some unexpected blackpill on me.

My crush is such a nerd tee hee, He is soo deep tee hee

My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress

My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress

My Dad Saw My "Chad Folder" and Now Thinks I'm a Homosexual Even More

My favorite thing in the entire world starts with "R" and ends with "ape"

My fiancee sucking a bunch of dick and cheating on me DOES NOT make her a bad partner. You guys just aren't progressive enough.

My first year of University was like being hooked up to a blackpill IV drip

My life thus far (true story)

My life was a lie #Mind blowing.

my Mom asked me if I know about incels

My mom just got blackpilled on her recent vacation

My pet rope Stretch wanted some fresh air. I decided to take him for a walk in the park. Normies all had judgemental faces as an Incel dared to go outside to spend quality time with his loving pet.

My RealDoll is arriving in the mail next week...

My religion is not your goddamn prom dress

My roommate died

My Shrink Told Me To "Experiment with Homosexuality"

My snack food of choice while I LDAR

My Stacy Friend Told Me That Acting Sexual "Weirds Her Out"


Nazi propaganda used female standards of attractiveness to demonize jews and praise aryans

"""Nerdy""" girls

Never become betabux. Reject the system

Never call a woman a bitch

Never forget

Never Forget

Never Forget April 29th

Never forget our incel ancestors' sacrifice

Never forget yaboydave i.e the reason why you should never get married

Never pay attention to what they say, only what they do.


Never trust them. If you're an ethnic, be very careful around ethnic womyn. They'd gladly slit the throats of their infant sons just to get some white cock.

New incel joins fellow incel

(NEW RESEARCH) Celibate adult male population is now double female celibacy, has increased to 14%+ from 4% in 1990. Source in comments

New Rule: No Selfies

Next time you think a femoid may be looking at you, think again

Next time you think unicorns exist when looking at this amazingly cute girl from Starbucks smiling at you. Remember that she already had anal sex outside with Chad.

niggas get shot everyday b

Nightly blackpill

'Nobody, absolutely nobody cares about the size of your penis!' ... and yet one of the first thing foids attack is the size of a guy's penis, the other his sexuality by calling him gay

"Nobody cares that you're a virgin, it's completely normal."

Nobody just hates you for your looks, just go to a bar and chat with people to make friends

no comment

no hymen, no diamond

No matter what you do, you will never be as successful in life as this man, simply because of genetics

None of us will ever get to experience this.

No one actually cares about you

No one ever escaped inceldom by changing their personality

No one is entitled to anything

"No one is entitled to sex, some men will just never get the chance to have sex, that's just the way it is"

No one knows what a philtrum is, they won't measure it with a ruler! Stop worrying about it, you probably have BDD

"No one makes fun of virgins, you stupid virgin!"


Norman logic

Norman Paradox...

Normans and females when scientifically proven blackpills and sex havers' privilege are posted

NORMANS AND IT BTFO!!!!! Yale Study: Sad, Lonely Introverts Are Natural Born Social Psychologists: Introverts prone to melancholy are exceptionally good at accurately assessing truths about human social behavior, without formal training or tools.

Norman's family

Normans have to go through mental gymnastics just to try and disprove the blackpill

Normans were right all along! Look at my 6 month TRANSFORMATION after I started showering 3 times a day, lifting, getting haircuts and shaves 3 times a day, and most importantly RESPECTING WOMEN!

Normie blackpill

Normie brigade on this Friday night

Normie Gets Blackpilled

Normie here guys

Normie here: I'm so sorry you guys get such a bad rap, you are badly misrepresented

Normie here, IT is a joke.

Normie here, this is why y’all are Incel

Normie Logic

Normie memes becoming more and more blackpilled

Normie roastie toastie tears now that braincels is at 20,000.

Normies are invading- post blackpills!

Normies are now making incel memes

Normies: "Attractiveness is subjective"

Normies can bitch and moan and whine all they want, but a simple scatter plot wins every time

Normies can never explain this

Normies don't seem to understand that sexual attraction isn't a rational choice, it happens on a primal physical level. Being nice or mean to someone isn't going to affect whether or not they're sexually attracted to you.


Normies: "getting a relationship won't cure your depression." ALSO NORMIES:

Normies goto response when you completely prove them wrong 'don't use online dating then' 'don't use tinder then' 'don't go to clubs then' 'find different people to hang around with then'

Normies have no answer to this.

Normies: “If they treated women like people and acted like decent human beings they wouldn’t be virgins.” ALSO NORMIES:

Normies in a nutshell

normies/inceltears Explain why this sub is more popular and active.

Normies IRL

Normies literally losing their minds over this sub.

Normies need to realize that we didn't lose because we gave up

Normies on r/Braincels be like

Normies say to get love from pets because we are not entitled to females. Meet my pet rope Stretch. I caress and hold Stretch when I feel lonely. Stretch is also very flexible in what he provides and I swear I heard him say he can take me out of inceldom! I love you Stretch!

normies want us to talk to women, but look how much stress we'd put women through! I don't want to put women through that stress. Who really hates women here?

Normies whenever they try to explain why white men are very desired by women

Normies: You can’t get women if you are mysogynistic Also normies: You’re lame and pathetic for wanting a normal relationship

Normies: "You have to talk to women to get a girlfriend." Also normies: "Don't talk to women with the intention of getting a girlfriend, that's creepy."

" not all women"

Not All Women Are the Same, For Example I'm Not Into Chad, I'm into Awkward Quirky Nerdy Geeks Like Pic Related

#NotAllWomen yet #AllIncels by HypocriteTears

Not an Incel, but I just wanted to say fuck IT...

Not a single woman thinks I'm attractive

Not even an Incel

Not even joking with these people

Nothing like living the life than being a middle aged mom with her tits out and eating food off the floor while being an internet attention whore.

Notice how Melania Trump is portrayed as a "victim"

Notice how the dad is tall while the woman is short, kinds chubby with glasses (indicating ugliness). IT once again proving our point of hypergamy leading to subhuman incels.

No title needed

No title needed

No title required

Not looking for hookups

Not one of you but saw this and thought you might enjoy it

Not related to this subreddit, but I have a valid complaint.

not saving money for surgeries = volcel

"No woman will ever want you with that kind of attitude"

Now that the black pill is becoming mainstream, here's how it will all unfold

Now.... when we call them CUCKTEARS... we mean it.

(NSFL) Brutalest MOG in the history of mogging!?

[NSFW] Average /r/IncelTears dad

[nSFw] [nsFL] AN IncelTEARs uSeR geTs BRuTaLLy MURdEReD bY aN INCeL ovER tHe inTERnet

[NSFW] /r/IncelTears numales in a nutshell


Nuclear RacePill - Currycells on Suicide watch

Numale cuck vs chad incel.

Numale humor

Nu Male Hypocrisy - The past is only forgiven when it's a WOMAN.

Numales love to share "I fucking love science" posts on facebook while also denying evolutionary biology

Numales reaching for the rope

Nu-males stupid face explained

Obese twitter (literal) whore thinks ugly men should just become extinct

objective truth

OctoCel, a new blackpill Apostle

Of course it's not alpha Chad jocks bullying you, girls mocking you, your parents and teachers not giving a fuck about you. IT'S TEH INCEL BOARDS!!!111one~1111

Of course this would happen.....

Officecels know this bullshit all too well

Oh hey Stacy, I couldn't hear you rejecting me over the sound of my new invention that got 1st place in the science fair. Do you like it?

Oh how low we have fallen...

Oh no mommy! I’m full of toxic masculinity! ☠️ How are you going to punish your little boy?

Oh St. BlackOps2cel, thy anointed one, watch over us during this night. For the brigade is dark and full of numale cucks.

"Oh yeah like you guys know about sex. My wife's ex of 5 years was a 6ft tall hung rugby player, but she says she has the best orgasms with me. I like a woman who has experience."

O I’m laffin

Okay IT, you can stop with the "not all women" shit now then.

OKCupid deleted Blackpill evidence. They do not want the masses to know we have proof.

OKCupid has started deleting blackpill articles.

OKCupid jewish owners have tried to burn the evidence of the blackpill like the nazis burnt books

OkCupid Quietly Deletes Post “Your Looks and Your Inbox” in Wake of Incelgate (

Ok cupid right now

Old female admits to me she cheated on her husband at age 25 with 17 year old boy.

Omg!! Our lives are sooooo hard! Lmao am I right girls?

One is posted on /r/LadyBoners, the other on /r/justneckbeardthings. Can you guess who and why?

One man, one wife. Nothing else will suffice

One of history’s greatest minds reaffirms the Blackpill

One of the most brutal blackpills is seeing girls fight over a good looking guy.

One of these males is confident, charismatic, intelligent, a natural leader, has been in many meaningful relationships, and is greatly respected by his peers and employers. Can you guess which one?

One of these men is a misogynist, is racist, posts on r/braincels, bullies women on the internet for entertainment, and has autism. Which one do you think it is?

one of the worst part of being incel is how touch starved you get.

One of those tweets is real. Can you guess which one?

One reason I am grateful for about being incel...

[On France's new law fining men €750 for catcalling]. Some blackpilling going on in a normie sub.

Online dating in [Current Year]

Only 4% of women are willing to date someone shorter than them

Open this image to instantly go to the ER

Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

Our founding fathercels

Our future

Our future

Our Guy is featured in a French magazine

Our Lord has turned. It's truly over now.

Our WatchDog subreddit rn

Out, normfags.

Outside of Inceldom is more scary. Close the gates, double the watchmen, check for the cracks on the walls. Post from r/sad

Over 1100 viewing goddamn


Past, present and future of dating

People ask why we're angry/jealous towards women. Well...

People kept telling me I was wrong but we are headed towards a world of harems.

People reject the blackpill so violently, because it tells the that their life is outside of their control.

People should have some sympathy.

People that search 'incel' by country (no surprise who is on top)

People used to joke that I was going to end up shooting everyone in high school

People who come here to tell us to "grow a beard" also post on r/badwomensanatomy and complain about mansplaining on Twitter

Perfect body type for men according to IT





Personality matters!

Petition to forbid "Norman/Roastie here, i have some questions" threads

Petition to mods: bring back default comments to "new"

Petition to see Board_Gaming's bologna nipples.

Phrases from femoids that annoy you.

[Pic included] I'm fat, have protruding teeth, grey and wrinkled skin, small round eyes, huge ugly ears, flat feet, and a huge nose. I still get laid

Picked up a hobby, learned a few jokes, and started taking showers. It’s that easy, bros.

Pigs are actually much smarter than cats, but humans have an obsession with visual aesthetics.

Plastic surgery (accutane + rhinoplasty + jaw implants) can turn an incel to a chad

Please don’t let this happen

Please make "its no wonder that women want nothing to do with you" and it's variants a bannable offense

Please tone down the misogyny on this subreddit

Pls go

Polygamy 2018

Poor birdcel

Poor guy...

Poor Stacy :(

Possible escape, wish me luck

posting here is such a good cope

Pound me too vs 50 shades of grey

P-p-personality is key.... r-r-right guys?

pretty much

Pretty much how life goes these days...

Probably one of the most brutal blackpills. This is the way females ACTUALLY feel.

Progress pics: I finally learned makeup contouring and it made my bones grow tenfolds! You guys should try it, too!

Promiscuity is a good thing if you want to RUIN society

Proof that Chad has a more stressful life than you fakecels. Im sure he has alot on his mind. 1 like = 1 respect

Proof that taking showers actually works.

Proposal for a simple East Asian rating system

Protip: If the problem only affects men, it's never a real problem and nobody will ever care because men are disposable

PSA: Dont even compliment Stacy in 2018 unless youre Chad

PSA: If you are an 18 week old fetus and you still haven't had a girlfriend, then it is truly over.


PSA to everyone: This is Chad and Stacy in real life

Psychology is a complete and utter pseudoscience. Your personality is based on people's reaction to your appearance.

psychology is a meme

Pure suicide fuel enter at your own peril

"Quit whining incels, women have trouble dating too! Man up, ugly men can get a girlfriend!"

Race isn't an issue, your face is

Racist curry roastie from IT wishes death upon all brown men. She then told me to kill myself because i'm brown. And they claim that we're the racist ones? JFL.

RAGEFILL:Roasite kills her son because she is losing her court battle

Raise a glass


"Rapists, felons, gangbangers, and men who abuse women have better personalities than incels" - neomancr

Rare footage of autistcel u/whiteopscel and midgetcel u/political_one circa 2014 colorized. We were brutally rejected by the 2 girls on this pic. The only comfort we both get is the thought of sui by rope.

Rare image of Chad taking a young roasty’s virginity (2018, decolorised)

Rare sighting of a 0.5/10 truecel.

rate my jawline guys

Rate my Tinder profile

r/braincels is the best of the best

r/Cuckold has 5 times more subscribers than Braincels

Reading normie subreddits is suicide fuel

Ready for some cognitive dissonance?

Reality worst game ever, 11 years later

Recently found out that girls were referring to me as the “ugly one” in my group of 3 friends;

“Reddit and other incel websites”

Reddit beta males, IncelTears, society, normies, and other people who hate us and think we're dangerous misogynists are more upset about us making fun of female vaginas and their roast beef flaps than the barbaric and totally unnecessary practice of male circumcision and mutilating baby boys.

Reddit: lmao those sjws get offended over everything. Incels: Women prefer to fuck good lookin guys. Reddit:

Redpiller after shaving and getting a haircut at the height gym in the shower while being himself and brushing his teeth

Rejoice, for St BlacksOps2Cel is among you. Embrace your glorious faith. Prepare to witness. His greatness is upon you.

Relatable quotes from TV



Remember Alex from target and how thirsty femoids ruined his life just because he's pretty?


Remember, being a manlet is worse than being an ogre

Remember guys, it's all about the personality.

Remember, it's okay and funny when women talk about cutting off a man's cock. Dont you DARE talk shit about women tho

Remember, only Chad gets these types of snaps sent to him directly.

Remember to care about & help others, especially the "weird kids".

Remember, you are a bad person if you can't get laid


Reminder: Definition of Misogyny = Lonely Virgins Who Vent On Reddit Seeking Companionship. This is what a great personality looks like.

Reminder: Even if you manage to get lucky it's still over


Reminder for this Saturday night while Chad enjoys the best years of his life.

Reminder: Girls don't hate being objectified, they hate being objectified by unattractive men.

Reminder: How people in real life react to the failed normies who visit r/braincels.

Reminder: if being a nice blue-pilled person who respected women actually worked, then r/foreveralone wouldn't be full of permavirgins.

Reminder: literally the first woman ever turned out to be a massive roastie who cost man his relationship with God for all time. You can give a female your rib and she will still cuck you with that thick serpent dicc

Reminder: Never in the history of ever has there been an incel that was a rapist

Reminder: No matter how attractive you are, a woman can match with a hotter, taller, wealthier guy on tinder in 15 minutes or less

Reminder: Normies want to get rid of us because we are subhuman. May st Blackops2cel's light assist us in the incoming genetic cleanse.

Reminder of where the Red Pill gets you & why gym is cope

REMINDER: OKCupid has deleted blackpill articles.

Reminder: out of the tens of thousands of women you have met in your lifetime, not a single one has found you attractive. Women will never understand what being completely unwanted feels like.

Reminder serial killers and school shooters are more attractive to girls than you are. But muh personality

Reminder: Stacy would rather fuck Dead Chad than a Living Beta[nsfw]

Reminder that 99.9% of incels would ditch r/braincels and this whole community the second they get a loving, sexual, passionate relationship.

Reminder that 99% of females are using tinder NOT to date or hookup

Reminder that all bitches want chad.

Reminder that before incel subreddits, reddit targeted /r/ForeverAlone

Reminder that even if she settles for you, she will never forget Chad

Reminder that face is all that matters.

Reminder that if women found you ugly before hitting the gym, you'll still be ugly after hitting the gym. Chad has never entered a gym in his life; He plays a sport instead.

Reminder that if you have to try, then she's not interested in you.

Reminder that if you're an only child your family tree will end with you

Reminder that incel ideology has already been recognized and accepted by normies/chads. Even non virgins can see the hypocrisy of women

Reminder that it is effortless for chad

reminder that obese women have 100x more sexual and social value than you ever will

Reminder that one of the biggest reasons you were bullied growing up was because women rewarded bullies with attention and, when older, sex.

Reminder that social media for women is like porn for men

Reminder that stagetail was not the first suicide victim of IT's constant bullying

Reminder that these poor deceased souls are not victims of Incel Terror. They were victims of a psycho murderer. /r/Braincels completely condemns all violence.

Reminder that Tinder is really hard for average girls

Reminder that women are whores (and beta bucks and bluepills think it's "really sweet")

Reminder that women can be incels too!

Reminder that you can groom yourself, get a nice haircut, get good hygiene, but next to guy with superior genetics you will ALWAYS look like shit.

Reminder that you can't be an Incel if you're Gay

Reminder that you'll never be 15 and in love.

Reminder: There is a fetish for literal shit. Fecal matter.

Reminder: There were Chads in your highschool who took the virginities of 10+ girls

REMINDER: These are the normies or women who pretend to care or pretend that they want to help us. They aren't really interested in helping an incel.

Reminder: These are the people who come here and call themselves "Normies" and "Chads".

Reminder. This is the average Redditor.

REMINDER: This is the type of hideous roastie who spends all day on r/IncelTears, r/niceguys and r/justneckbeardthings

Reminder: This is who we have to compete with

Reminder this is your average incelhunter: evil white woman/hatepreecher


Feb 2, 2023

Reminder to condescending normie lurkers who claim to be attached: your girlfriend/wife can cheat on you anytime she likes, with hundreds of men who will be better than you can ever be. But you will NOT be able to do the same because you have not even a fraction of the options she has

Reminder to my fellow small dickcels, You couldn’t even fuck a landwhale if you wanted too

Reminder to normies, you aren't entitled to net neutrality.

Reminder to not fall for the "just act like an asshole" redpill meme

Reminder to the new lurkers: Women are the western world's biggest white supremacists

Reminder: Toxic Masculinity only exist because foids have confined men into it

Reminder: when someone on IT calls themselves """CHAD""" this is what they look like:

Reminder: While you cry yourself to sleep from loneliness women get so much attention/validation they complain about it. While you struggle to make a connection with anyone women have hundreds of men fighting each other to take her on a date.

reminder: women are the victims

Reminder: Women make the first move, game doesn't exist. If a woman is attracted to you, you can say almost anything and it will work.

Reminder: You are here to suffer. Your sin is being born. It never gets better.

"Removed for glorifying rape" cit. Board_gaming, 2018 colorized.

Remove Roast Beef

Request to ban "New here why do incels..." And "go gay post" on sight

Reroll another character

Respectful, kind, and a good personality vs. a weird creepy misogynist

Results of the r/Braincels race poll

Retweeted by the girl who claimed being yelled at by her guy turned her on

r/feminism is gonna be pissed

Ricecel tried to organise incel protest at my school lol

Ricel teacher gets bullied by white Chad student

/r/Incelibate was just banned even though it had the exact same content as /r/Braincels

/r/inceltears got caught false flagging once again

/r/IncelTears is not a hatesub...

r/IncelTears logic in a nutshell

/r/IncelTears machine

/r/IncelTears mod meetings leaked pic

RIP in peace /r/incelibate St. Blackops2cel awaits

RippedRichandGod for mod NOW

Roast beef is cope

Roastie admits she can't stop fucking chads with awful personalities

Roastie Admits the Blackpill

Roastie cheats on her boyfriend with FIVE OTHER MEN [BRUTAL BLACKPILL]

Roastie gets BTFO

Roastie got ROASTED


Roastie Life vs Incel Life

Roastie praises the bullying of incels and says they should be considered as a national threat. May Stblackops2cel protect us in the genetic cleansing ahead.

Roastie problems

Roasties admit that they want to see us tortured.

Roasties admit to letting Chads fuck first night and then making boyfriends wait months for sex.

ROASTIES BTFO. Women fear sexbots. Soon we will be able to have wonderful unabashed sexual release whenever we want without the approval of a roastie. Cut out the middlewoman to sex.

Roasties cannot argue against this

Roasties excited to watch the feminist Christian Grey use his personality to get the girl

Roasties getting Toasty

Roasties live a constant orgy from 18-30 then expect you to marry her and give her your money just lol.

Roasties Ruin Literally Everything

Roasties will aggressively defend chads and their chad behavior.



[Ropefuel] Imagine being so good looking that you could just take pics of yourself all day. I try to avoid mirrors and cameras as best as i can. Meanwhile Chad and Tyrone are sending snaps every hour to the Stacy’s they will rail later on. Its over if you dont have a jaw like that or hunter eyes.

Rope is hope.

Rope now boys

Royal Cash digger

r/rateme is beta orbiter central

R/short: "I got rejected again for my height." R/tall: "Here's all 6'8" of me standing next to my 5'1" girlfriend!"

r/short is so fucking cucked


r/truefemcels is a proof that women are trying to ruin every male space, they have zero creativity.


Saddam -> Chaddam

Sadly there is a lot of hating going on in this sub amongst incels

sad pill

Saint BlackOps2Cel (PBUH) will guide us through this brigade

Same age, same species

Same age. Same species. Nature is cruel.

Saw 2 people fucking in a forest

Saw an Instagram pic of my oneitis laying her head on some Aussie Chads chest.

Saw this on a meme page on Facebook. RIP currycels

Saw this on normiebook, the blackpill is spreading lads.

Saying a known scumbag is "charismatic" to explain how he got women is a circular argument

Says it all

Science of CREEPDAR

[Serious] Normies, why do you deny the black pill?

[SERIOUS] This cuck needs to be hanged!!

Sex isn't necessary

Sexual market in 2018. What type are you?

Shaun can't you see my job is continuing the human race, it's kinda important, do you want us to die out? Now quick you're gonna be late for your 10 hour shift babe

She be counting personalities in each pixel since selfie ban

She divorced him 1 year later, I wonder why.

She ghosted me, can't stop crying

She ignored me at work. So I taught her a lesson.

She is never yours its only your turn AWALT!

She likes nerds

She likes nerds, guys. She likes nerds

She sees right through your personality

She wants his cum so bad


Short is the new black.

Short men problems

(showerthoughts) How come, the entire time period of the reddit incel era, there has never been a single foid from IT that actually dated a currycel?

Shower thought : The game “Fuck, Marry, Kill” is actually translatable to “Chad , Beta, Incel”

Shrekcel vs Chrek

Shy male vs. Shy female

Sick of femoids complaining about being lonely

Sick of this 'Roastie' Crap

Sick of violent fakecels.

Signs of a mentalcel

Since i have noone else to say it to

Since no other normal people will admit it:

Since sex isn't important can we agree to get rid of government funded birth control?

Single mothers in 2018

Single mothers. Roasties never learn.

Sir are you carrying a virginity or anything else I need to know about?

SJW ethnics claim they fight for ethnic rights but then date white males exclusively, showing that deep down they recognize ethnic genetic inferiority

Social Anxiety Simulator 2k19.

Socialmediacels spread the world of our Prophet(pbuh)

Society doesn't give a shit about men

So depressed let's talk about hobbies

So Grimes is dating Elon Musk

So, how big are your tits?

So I made a "chad" profile and took the black pill

So I messaged the girl from Starbucks! How did I do guys?

some females in this subreddit

Some lifefuel for anyone with negative canthal tilt

someone make the incel version of this (from MGTOW)

Someone print stickers. I will buy these.

Some ppl in this subreddit...

something i found in 4chan

Something needs to be done


Soon we will be sent to self-improvement camps

Sorry bro, you're not entitled to a job, no one is entitled to anything.

Sorry cunts, you aren't entitled to our seats!

Sorry dudes, I'm gonna need some peer reviewed studies for you to back that up.

Sorry I’m not an alpha 6’9. Just a beta 5’7

Sorry, we would prefer to give this homeloan to a white family. We're not racist, its just our preferrence. Teehee

So thankful to be bisexual, because if i don't have luck with women and i'm touch starved, there's always grindr

“So what are your plans for this weekend?”

"So what if you're balding at 27? Just run asexual grandpa game bro"

"So you refer to women as bitches and then wonder why you're incel?"

Soys are taking over media

Stacey Has Social Anxiety Too, Tee Hee...


Stacy had a hard day

Stacy here, I only date guys with a 6'2" personality.

Stacys literally want us dead



* Stacy: You know, most women are attracted to intelligent and educated men. + Redpillcomics: STFU!

St. Blackop2cel Protecting Incels From the Normie Invaders (300 AD Colorized)

St. Blackops2cel.

St. Blackops2cel after looksmaxxing and gymcelling.

st.blackops2cel came to me in a dream. this is how he looked: he said 'Don't rope! Instead, fight for the right to die" euthanizeincels#

St. Blackops2cel for president 2020

St Blackops2cel giving the peace sign moments before normies rope him for being ugly.

StBlackOps2Cel just took his 1,000th shower

St. Blackops2cel leading incels to battle against invading failed normies.

st.blackops2cel sends a new saint. The curry version of st.blackops2cel

Steal his looks - Gigachad

Stop being a creep

Stop being so entitled, relationships aren't necessary in life as long as you have food and shelter

stop blaming women for your fucking problems

Stop complaining and just hit the gym!

"stop objectifying me please"

Stopped by the height gym and I'm feeling good

Stop saying women live life on "Easy Mode".

Story Time: Yesterday my mum assured me that girls were complimenting my eyes

Straight from the Roastie's Roast Flaps (from

Student Admits To Bullying Fiorida SchooI sh00ter And Says She Was Justified In Doing So!?!?

Studies show that lonelier people actually take longer showers. Checkm8 IncelTears

Study up, boyos!


stupid cunt gets BTFO by ellen muskrat

Sub 8 baldcel gets his entire existence ignored and mocked by 2 stacies after futbolcelling for 90 minutes.

Subhuman asks girl to be his Valentine, gets rejected

sub-human before and after C O L D S H O W E R and r e s p e c t f o r w o m e n

Successful family life

[Success Story]Me on the left when i had no respect for girls VS me on the right after i started respecting girls

Suicide fuel.

[Suicide Fuel] Female with down syndrome friendzones looksmatch and dates Chadlite normie instead

Suicide fuel for gymcels. It's all cope. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter for shit

[SUICIDE FUEL] Slut posts being proud of being a slut

[Suicide Fuel] Two women record themselves laughing at a sub-8 man who respectfully approaches them and post it on twitter, just like they do for 99% of men (AWALT)

[SUIFUEL] If we looked like this we would be having sex with 8+/10 females every week, we would be rich (model or high level corporare job via promotion through god tier looks, have foids/normies/incels break their neck each time you walk in a room and would NOT be suicidal. We would be KINGS.

Sui Fuel: People want us fired for being male virgins, but support roasties having a paid year off after birthing Chad’s baby

summer = hell for incels

Sup brahs? Alpha as fuck redpill guy here. I take 5 cold showers per day to help ne hold frame like my idol, Donald Trump

Super Mario's creator on women

Sup losers, I guess I'm what you guys would call a "chad". I just wanted to let you know the only reason you're incel is because of your poopoo genetics and you would not be incel for a second if you looked like me. Now excuse me while I go pickup my wife's friend Jamal from the local police station

Sup nerds, chad here. I showed this place to my wife and our son Daquarius and we can't stop laughing. *quenches soy* you will never get a girlfriend if you keep posting misogynistic things on the internet, Y'all need to go outside and be yourself if y'all ever want a chance of being like me haha

Supreme Stacy

Sure thing

Swallow the biggest RacePill: /r/LadyBoners only has white, white-passing, and occasionally black men.

Swallow the Blue Pill and shut up

Swiss guy in thailand,white guy have no excuses tbh.

Symmetry is COPING. Beauty isn't just symmetrical.

Take a wild guess at which of these men isn't entitled to sex

Take the chinpill

Take the neckpill

Take the Spongepill

Take the trans pill

Tall women: "I'm so lonely, I can't find tall enough men to date!" Short men: "I can't find anyone to date."



TBH, incels don’t actually do much to women besides be trolls. But non incels physically abuse women, actually rape them, and kill them

Teaches women respect ✅ Shames degeneracy ✅ Equality between genders ✅ 72 virgins ✅ GFs for incels ✅ No roasties ✅ Must be the religion of peace ✅


Teehee being 19 is hard xD

“Tee hee I need more attention silly boyz, I’ve been feeling so down :(((“

Teehee she's so pretty and there are just a lot more men on Tinder Teehee

Teenagers, don't lose your hope

Tehe oops I caught an STD from all that chad dick oh well I’ll just inflict it upon my baby tehe

Tell me brothers... is it over? 5’3 and mexican. Tell me theres a hope to lose my virginity. Cx

Texas high school shooting, 5 dead


TF no giant gf

TFW Board Gaming is the only Female who gets us

TFW Chad has married women lusting over him in a public interview

TFW in your country prostitution is illegal and assisted suicide is prohibited

TFW When you accidentally open the frontal camera of your iPhone and take a glimpse of your ugly subhuman face.

TFW you get racemogged by your own father

tfw you realize the average is 5.12 inches, but you're 4.5 inches, and 5 inches is too small for gaping stanky flappy roasties

TFW you uninstall your dating app

Thanks brain

Thanks for the no-selfie rule.

Thanks mom.

Thanks to EVILBANANAMANRD for compiling tbis. Women hate short men, and I can't blame any manlet who hates them back

Thanks to my great personality I now live a lifestyle of luxury. When I beat a 15 yr old kid almost to death, though my life was over. Now I spend most my days lounging in paradise with my billionaire baby momma.

Thanks to Tinder and numale soyboys every Stacy knows her Sexual Market Value nowadays. Don‘t even try to think that the shy and good looking girl next to you isn‘t aware of it.

Thank you and good bye (serious post)

THANK YOU for changing my life: my story

That girl you were trying to woo, is getting her organs rearranged by chad tonight, while you sit there rotting and wasting away; fantasising about a life you'll never live.

That good high achiever girl you like....

That nice sweet compassionate Artsy girl who makes your heart skip? This is her every night as Chad fucks her hard and like an object. Don't fall for the roast.

That personality tho

That's all for today

That shy average looking girl has guys like this messaging her to pump and dump. How can you even compete?

That's it, I've had enough. I'm ending it all.

the #1 thing that pisses me off is that normies and women believe incels don't try at all

The 5 stages of over

The absolute state of degeneracy in the west

the absolute STATE of normaloids, OBSESSED

The absolute state of roasties

The absolute state of society

The amount of misogyny in here is just disappointing

the atomic bluepill

The average amount of people women sleep with in their life is NOT 7

The average brain cell

The average gymcel according to r/IncelTears

The average Incel

The average IT user

The bare minimum to be able to get a tinder match as a male in 2018

The biggest female privilege is being able to show weakness.

The biggest insult of them all

The biggest lie normies tell: "You reject everyone who isn't a Victoria's Secret model!" What!? I'd literally date ANYONE.

The birth of a cuck

The blackpill

The blackpill is EXTREMELY unnatural and unhealthy for the brain

The blackpill never took root in America because normies see themselves not as exploited providers, but as temporarily embarrassed Chads

The Black Pills write themselves

The brutal reality for /u/watchmymomgoblack and 99% of blackcels

The Call

The chad tinder profile I made is an eye opener, I suggest doubters make one

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth" - African Proverb

The Classic LowIQ Normie Cope

The cope nobody talks about here

The current state of femails

The current state of this subreddit

The daily struggles of u/pretty_boy_game

The dating game is completely rigged in women's favor and that should change.

The difference betweeen good and bad personality is literally a few millimeters of bone

The difference between a good and bad personality is a few millimeters of bone

The difference between a lonely man and a lonely woman.

The difference between a Mustafa and a Abdul is literally a few MILLIMETERS of bone

The difference between an incel and a chad

The difference between r/RedPillWomen and r/RedPill

The duality of woman

THE END of civilization

The Everyday Struggle

The Exodus is NOW

the face of humiliation

The fact that circumcision is legal is proof that society doesn't give a shit about men.

The fact that incels cannot even get casual sex (for instance, on sites like Tinder, where normies constantly claim that "personality doesn't matter") proves that we are involuntarily celibate due to our LOOKS.

The fact that the "Male Virgin Meme" is so popular for normies is proof enough that male virgin shaming is okay that they make fun of them and basically want them to just die

The Female Dual Mating Strategy: Fuckboy vs Cuckboy

The final boss after defeating all the other IT users

The first thing you see at the Gates of Hell after roping

The flawed logic of normie cucks.

The floor is an incel

The future is now

The future is now.

The future of dating

The government banned the only way for me to get laid

The Guide to Building a Great Personality

The guy on the right isnt confident, people can just sense these things.


the height blackpill. how i've worked on improving for years but being 5'5 is a straight up disqualifier.

The Hypocrisy of CUCKTEARS

The hypocrisy of feminist/sjw women summed up in one picture

The imagination of an Asian, female artist

The impact of looks on one's life proved by currycel ascension.

The incel lifecycle: hope, cope, rope.

The incel moral panic in a nutshell

The Incelquisition is already underway. Companies are purging Incels from employment.

The incels shall inherit the earth.

The Interview

the kind of dating advice that women get.

The kind of women who post in r-ForeveraloneDating

The last incel standing against the army of numales, landwhales, LGBT members of IncelTears during the Genetic Cleansing. 2018, colorized.

The Last Truecel

The legendary sloppy. A femoid state only achieved by the most sexually liberated roasties. Some say it's able to destroy all incels in a 69 miles radius with a single queef.

The lie must stop: BBW_Gaming being a mod has NOTHING to do with braincels not being banned.

The life of a blackcel manlet

The Life of Chad

the life of teenaged chad

The life of the modern woman, her chadlite boyfriend and chad.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets

The look on a femoid's face when she gives her betabux husband his once a year sex session

The Manosphere

The media and social networks these days


"The moment you stop trying to get a girlfriend is the moment one will come"

The most brutal blackpill

The most brutal blackpill: There are women out there who are nice, kind, motivated and have achieved things in life. They just want nothing to do with you because you're ugly.

The most brutal mog in the history of mogs

The most brutal mog of all time. Chad v gymcel

The most common criticism of incels is that incels are entitled. Incels are entitled but not in the way the critics think.

The most conclusive, definitive study on tinder. The black pill can not be denied.

The most dangerous man in existence.

The most famous and influential Greeks in history.

The most famous Greeks in history

The most popular subreddits are about bullying others

The most soy I've ever seen in one picture

The new McCarthyism: Former Reddit CEO calls on tech companies to fire all male virgin employees for the crime of being male virgins

the normies are waking up

The Numale Paradox

The OG mod team of r/incels. None of them is a female.

The ONE benefit of having a recessed jaw

The only reason people cared about 9/11 is because the towers were both hot, tall twins

The only reasons Niceguys^TM exists is because delusional men actually believe that attraction is earned, and not simply a result of your genetics.

The only way for an Incel Subhuman to slay in 2018

The Original Virgin vs Chad meme (1907)

Theory: a reason why females have to actively hate men they don't like

Theory on why this subreddit attracts so many attention whoring underage girls

"The past is the past baby, I just want to settle with you"

"The past is the past honey, all that matters now is that I chose you to be with"

The past is the past honey, who cares if you cheated on your last fiancé.

"The past is the past, teehee!"

"The past is the past teehee" -Cucktears (from r/incelibate)

The Path of the Ascended Incel

The Perfect Analogy For How Many Men Femoids Get To Choose From

The "personality meme" explained

The phrase "Acting like someone you are not is creepy" = blackpill incarnate

The popularity of R/BBW and R/ssbbw is proof of the diversity of male standards and uniformity of female standards

The power of just one 2-minute shower changed me life!

The power of showering

The Power of Ultra Personality

The Problem With Braincels

The real cause of school shootings

The real question.

The real reason people advise against suicide...

The real reason were here. Not just because we hate the behavior of femoids „just for fun“

the real reason why femoids flood this sub

There are 2 type of incels

There are even scientifically proved positive effects of kissing on your health. But you guys just overthink about it teehee

There are females who will let Chad shove his penis in their asshole and then suck his dick immediately after

There are Levels

There are people on this board who are Jordan Peterson Cucks hahahahhaha I hope they're inceltears cucks and not real incels posters.

There are three types of men!

The reason behind the explosive rise of females coming in here and claiming they are incel is because women who want to appear “different” are starting to consider incel culture “cool”, edgy and different and the next big thing. Get ready for hordes of teenage stacies calling themselves “incel”

The reason IncelTears men think guys who get laid don't say tons of sexist stuff is because they never had a close group of friends or played sports

The reason why most women are unhappy is because they don't have an attractive partner

The reason you fail at life is because you're an unlikable dickhead.

there is a mouse in my apartment

There is an irreconcilable conflict between female sexual freedom and the psychological well-being of the bottom ~30% of males

There is no higher form of insult than being an incel

There is no hope

There is no shame in getting help. Talk to an online therapist tonight. You're worth it.

There is nothing more repulsive to femoids than a genetic subhuman that doesn't act like it

There's a name for incels that shower, lift, and have confidence

There's never been a more relatable conversation.

Theres nothing to celebrate about being incel

There’s nothing worse than a loser who doesn’t realize he’s a loser

There's this stauch, in-your-face feminist roastie in the office and today I met her boyfriend. Holy shit!

The revisionist appearance of jesus is the biggest blackpill there is. Personality = looks in everyone's mind.

The Rock at 15 mogs your existence into oblivion.

The Royal wedding got me excited for something in the future

The Santa Fe shooter was not incel

These are Numels. They are Oblivious and Simple pokèmon.

These guys are brothers...

These recent oxyMorons are gonna need a bigger boat

The sick plight of the currycell [Illustrated]

The soy is literally dripping off his avatar...

The stark difference between /r/short and /r/tall is proof of the blackpill

The state of incels

The strong, silent type vs. the quiet, troubled creep

The time for revenge is now

The time that I came closest to doing it was when r/incels was banned.

The truth that IncelTears didn't want you to see!

The two rules of life for a man to keep sane.

The Ultimate IncelTears Starter Pack (from

The Ultimate Looks Chart V1.0 (feedback please)

The Virgin Conscious Morals vs The Chad Subconscious Instincts

The Virgin Girlfriend vs The Chad Hand

The virgin r/braincels vs the chad r/incels

“The wall isn’t real, it’s cope.”

The women that tell us "you have to get out there and talk to women" are the same women who would rudely reject or flat out ignore us if we tried to hit on them.

The worst is when 4'10" girls call my 5'8" self too short

The worst pain is liking a tall girl when you're 5'5". You know she sees you as an asexual entity.

The worst thing about women is they ALL know our theories are true

They are the same age. Mogging to another dimension.

They are the same species

They defend drug lords and abusers but incels are the bad guys?

They don't even try to hide it

The year is 3022, Indiancels have evolved and pushed back the United Roastie Army (URA) to the edge of Antarctica. World population currently only <500,000 humans as Word War+Moon 17 od 2998 knocked out 95% of the population. A final battle ensues.

Theye dont give a fuck about us

They fear what they can’t understand

They really wish death upon us.

They’re ISIS y’all

They're literally calling out the virgin CEOs now; virgin detection technology is developing faster than any of us thought. Genetic cleansing will be here within 2 years.

They want to cannibalize us now.

Things you will never experience as an ugly male

Think incels get no sympathy? Think again.

This always stirs up the lurkers

This Applys to incels and incel tear's

This a true 9/10 face. Upturned nose, convex philtrum, projected maxilla, plump large lips, straight nose, positive canthal tilt, visible jawline and this stacy is 5’9” (superior height) Inceltears and other subs called this specimen “average” meanwhile they are all obese gay alien skull landwhales

This awaits all incel wagecucks.

This beautiful pussy is all over me. Cya losers!

This cat approached me;')

This chad bullied me and others daily from middle school to the end of highschool. Today, he has a girlfriend, and I'm the one who needs to fix my personality to get one.

This comic shows how delusional most non Chad are.

This describes the Whiteknighting filth who come here to defend m’lady very well.

this didn't get past itears mods because they know it's true

This explains normans and soy people.

This feeling tho

This femoid is hiding behind makeup chasing 10s while her looksmatch is rotting away on incel forums.

This girl (who is my looksmatch) rejected me and is now dating this tall white dude. Fuck.

This guy bullied me from 1st grade to senior year of high school. What's that about personality?

this guy gets it. half the normies out there are one bad event away from becoming incel.

This guy is 5‘1. Face > height ?

This guy wasn't even an incel. Smh reddit

This guy was the Boston bomber. He made the cover of Rolling Stone and had millions of adoring girl fans because he's good looking. Looks are everything.

This has been my Twitter header for the longest time so here y'all go ty lol

This how the average girl reacts in 2018 when see Chad in public. It's over

This image is pure suicide fuel, read at your own risk

This image was on IT. Of course they would make the short brown guy the incel.

This image was posted by a female journalist from a major conservative newspaper preaching family values

This is a farewell.

This is an actual post from a real person - I am at a loss for words at how our meme of cucks replicated itself in real life

This is EvilMortyBot a strong independent wymyn can you handle her?

This is how bad women don't want us to experience sex.

This is how females view men and relationships, this is why a woman's advice and opinion is WORTHLESS

This is how normie men end up in relationships

This is how self-improvement works according to IT

This is how the inceltears numales think they look while defending women.

This is it boys. I've reached the end of the line.

This is me back when I thought I was chad. Oh, how foolish and innocent I was to learn the harsh reality of the world around us.

This isn’t even funny anymore

This is some god tier thot-patrolling

This is the best ^cope'....

This is the fate of all oblivious normies. Most women in relationships prefer other men.

This is the favorite drink of a r/IncelTears subscriber

This is the kind of guy IT users look up to

This is the life cycle of ALL of today's women. Those used up feminists are still desired by men.

This is the most brutal mog I've ever seen (currycels don't look)

This is the narrative being pushed.

This is the only place on the Internet I know where vulnerable men can vent and be comforted.

This is the only Place that I don’t feel horrible about being a virgin

This is the result after 5 days swiping as myself.

this is the top post on reddit right now with the title "thoughts and prayers " - this is basically an incel canine. we'll call them 'dogcel'. all of the commenters are lamenting its sad genetics and misfortune but when we lament our own sad genetics and misfortune, we get called virgin terrorists


Feb 2, 2023
This is the type of women who likes to post on here.

This is the world roasties want to live in. They want to genocide and enslave all subhumans so that there are only Chads left for them to share among themselves.

This is what a GigaChad looks like in 2018.

"This is what a heartbreak looks like"

This is what a mentalcel acts like.

This is what an incel looks like! #StopIgnoranceOfIncels

This is what Chad wakes up to every day

This is what could have been if we didn't have subhuman faces :(

This is what currycels have to resort to in Chadstralia. Meanwhile, Chad or any roastie can find someone within 20 minutes. This would not happen if roasties were not such evil Chad chasers.

This is what females mean when they say they have depression.

This is what goes on in normies and femoids' heads when we exist near them. All because of our looks. It's over boyos.

This is what happens when an incel tries to become successful

This is what happens when you try to bring up male issues on IT. Men have no issues, it's all in your head guys.

This is what I go to sleep worrying about each night. Normans are too stupid to understand the words and too evil to have empathy to those feelings even if they did understand the words.

This is what it looks like when an Incel tries PUA

This is what IT think of us. They can't seem to comprehend that most of us are not fat, white, and don't wear fedoras. We all know that fatcel is volcel, yet they make fun of us without even knowing our own beliefs.

This is what "looksmatched" is in 2018

This is what normal, well-adjusted people with great personalities spend their time doing

This is what normtards think we actually believe

This is what studs get to experience while we Neigh Down and Trot. It's over for pony-cels.

This is what will happen if an incel ever gets a date.

This is what women deserve

This is what women have become

This is what you're average lurker femiod looks like

This is why genetic trash shouldn't be allowed to reproduce

this is why its over for manlets/shortcels. No girl wants a guy at her eye level or below. Its pathetic. Look at the dominance of the Chad in this pic and look at the Stacy’s mirin look. This is what life is about right here, having this type of sexual tension. You know they fucked later that day

This is why landwhales are so entitled. The normoloids cant stop defending them.

This is why men are disposable and men's issues will always be second to women's

This is why you don't ask girls out as an incel

This is why you don't ask out women if you're an incel.

This is your modern day empowered roastie. Remember she did nothing wrong, this poor cuck isn't entitled and she does not owe him anything. #AWALT

This level of awareness isn't natural.

This man is considered ugly by your average Reddit roastie

This might amuse you...

This might be the problem

This needs to reposted until the end of time

This one almost became the Leader of the Free World

This orchids mogs incels

This post from IT . Seems more applicable if it is “nobody” owes you shit. Women are so fucking entitled that they think the world revolves around them . Nobody owes anyone shit . No. Not women or men or god . Fuck this IT circlejerk. The only shit i owe them is the one i will dump on their doormat.

This rejected me. It’s over

This sub is mainly occupied by young males who are severely depressed, socially crippled, some mentally ill and disabled, and many who are on the verge of suicide. AND 'normal' redditors, day-in-day-out, brigade us, tell us to KILL ourselves, and do little else but harrass & throw fuel on the fire.

This sub isnt fun any more.

This sub isn't the reason any incel has ever killed himself

This Subreddit is fucked for Incels

This the final form of a roastie after years of having sex and being ploughed by guys in college

This thing started the metoo. There are NO femcels.

This turbomanlet is a goldmine of cope

This was me and all the gymcels after lifting.



Thought you guys might enjoy this x-post from r/dankmemes

Throwback to old dogcel. Sadly he is in doggy heaven now. May your soul Rest In Peace poor dog. I’m glad you gave me the love I needed when no human would.

Timeless classic



Tinder cock carousel illustrated

Tinder is real life

Tipping is a waste if you're ugly


To all the new people brigading this sub and wondering what it's about: we just wish a woman would love us passionately like this. That's it. Is it too much to ask?

To all the "Normies" wasting their Saturday night on a sub for lonely virgins.

To all the shit talking normie invaders

To all you highschoolcels

Today I saw a femoid being beaten by some bloke and screaming for help

Today is the day that I have finally accepted that I am an ugly guy and that no girl has ever physically desired me

Today, i took the seat on the bus that a girl just sat on

Today was sad but good

To incels who think they're good looking

Too many blackpills in one article

Too many foids here. Time to tighten security

Top post on IT jokes about murdering incels, again

Top post on r/short right now: "I'm 4'11 & he's 6'4"

Top Thread on Askreddit

To the dickless 21 year old man (the final solution)

To the lurking virgins here. Join us. Welcome.

TRPcels be like


Truecels hang out at new. Fakecels hang out at hot.


TRUE STORY: I talked to the girlfriend of a private investor today

(#TrueStory) I Tried to Buy Some Condoms From Walgreens...

Trump on incels and Canada

Trump's final nuclear response to Canada





Twitter Blackpill

Twitter blackpill. Even normies cant look past the blackpill truth.

Twitter is an endless stream of dark, black, pills

Twitter is the biggest blackpill

Two common blackpill claims are mathematically impossible.

Two femoids bully a fat disabled guy trying to better himself at the gym until he leaves. BUT WOMEN CAN DO NO WRONG WOMEN ONLY CARE ABOUT PERSONALITY! THEY'RE SAINTS!

Two hot Stacys offered me BJ's

Typical family of an IncelTears user

Typical femoid typical cuck

Typical inceltears poster

Typical IT guy

Typical IT poster and his GF - It was IT-tier and it was on IT

Typical IT user

Typical IT user

typically IT user

Typical Redpiller pictured with one of his "plates"

Tyrone blackpills Twitter and they agree with him

u/azavii's last battle

/u/Board_gaming enjoys banning incels on her phone

/u/Board_Gaming should not be a mod because she has not taken the blackpill

Ugh idk why guys keep staring at me, they are such pigs. Im just trying to go on my date with Chad.

Ugh watching Netflix again on a Tuesday, can’t wait until Thursday when I can go out and drink

Ugly defendants 'more likely to be found guilty than attractive ones'

Ugly Manlet Cope

Ugly people are often used as scapegoats. If you've been singled out and blamed for a lot of stuff in your life, it's probably because you're ugly.

"Ugly thoughts make you ugly"


Uhh, no thanks honey. I don't feel like having sex anyways.

Uh.... oops.

/u/incelrageboner is very mentallly ill

Umm I wear these because they’re comfortable I don’t care about attention from guys ...

Ummmm not all women are going after chads, for example this is my husband. He’s a complete dork but thanks to his great personality he still managed to score me, you have absolutely no excuses incels

Unironically putting the words “girl” and “incel” together

Unpopular Opinion: Soylent is not actually that bad

UPDATE!!!The candy was given

Vantablack pill

Very unfortunate. RIP.

Violence is the answer

Virgin Heart-Break vs Chad One Night-Stand (x-post r/virginvschad)

Virgin Homo versus Chad Faggot

Virgin IT vs Chad Incels.

Virgin shaming by women is one of the biggest reason for incels to be hateful

Virgin u/Board_Gaming vs Chad u/rippedrichandgod

Virgin vs. Chad Tinder Profiles

Volcel if you haven't

Vox jumping in on the questioning Monogamy bandwagon. The end of civilization is near buddyboyos.

Wagecuckery is hell as an subhuman manlet

“Walking’s not even that great bro!”

Want some REAL sui fuel? Go check out r/ladyboners, then go look in the mirror. Then rinse and repeat until you start to tear up

Want to learn more about a woman? Fucking misogynist, you are trying to manipulate and dominate her! JFL if you subhumans try to talk to women in 2018.

WARNING: Extreme Lifefuel ahead, Chad (zyzz) trolling used up sluts on facebok!

WARNING -- LIFE FUEL OVERDOSE-- A brief tale of justice

WARNING, not for the faint of heart: This confirms everything about the BLACK PILL... I'm not even shocked anymore. WOMEN are TRASH.

WARNING TO INCELS: Therapy is dangerous to your health and physical safety. If you think you need a therapist, you're low-IQ

Was about to kill myself today, then I remembered

Washington Post warning about HYPER-INCELDOM in China and India and incels there

was lurking on her insta and then i saw this comment lmfaooo

Was Scooby Doo a blackpilled show? The Chad and Stacy fuck, Becky gets the Turbo-Chad and Incel ends alone with his dog

Was talking with some normies from work about pshychology and human behaviour; Female colleagues told us that we sounded “immature”

Watching normies try to psychoanalyze us is hilarious

Watch movies with a strong female protaganist, hit the gym, get a good solid job. The right girl will find you

Watch out visitors of r/braincels. Just viewing this subreddit is enough to get you banned from others.

We actually have great personalities and get on well with most women we meet.

Wear a beanie mate girls dig that shit

We are living in a hypersexualized society the media does this to young kids and normies complain about incels while this happens...

We are not better than Normans if we bully Board_Gaming

"We aren't done with the ropes anon"

“We don’t advocate violence”

"We don't bully incels or wish harm on them!"

We don't do it for you!

week 2 of nofap report.

We got a lot of resident Chad roleplayers here

We have every right to be pissed off.

We have... THE MEATS!

We have the same amount of lurkers as r/incels when it was banned, but the average amount of upvotes in top is 100


weird nerd mocking the beta uprising

Welcome to the zoo

We live in a hyper sexualized society where the media does this to them and normies are to busy worrying here about *INCELS*

Well this is stupid

We May Be Lonely Virgins but atleast were not like these people


We need feminism because 1/4 of all homeless people are women ✊✊

We NEED to change ourselves and this community/subreddit

Went outside and witnessed brutal heightpill.

Went to a friends funeral a year ago.

"We only attack you because you're misogynists bro."

We're Entitled to Painless Death

We’re even getting judged on our choice of shampoo.

We're reaching levels of roastie that shouldn't even be possible

Western values at its finest

we've been infiltrated

What a feminist sees.

What a girl sees when she gives an incel a blowjob, and why it will never happen:

What a lot of incels don't understand is that they can't get in relationships because of their horrible personalities.

What a surprise

What a time to be alive

What a wonderful personality

What a world we live in

What comes after rope...

What could women mean by this???

What different ranks of Pajeets use for toilets

What does it mean to be "involuntarily celibate" or "incel" for short? Click here for more info

What do Femiods usually think of ?

what do you call an ugly guy with confidence?

What do you guys call someone who's effectively incel but doesn't give a shit?

What femoids do when Chad rosters in another slut in his harem for that night. Females can be incels too guys!!!

What gymcels look like to everyone else XD

What happens when you never read ANYTHING of the studies and picture albums people share here

What hurts the most is that there are good girls around, they just want nothing to do with us.

What I found in one of my university’s public bathrooms...

What IncelTears WON'T show you (SHOCKING)

what i see everytime i gymcel

what is this?

What it feels like with the influx of IT users

What I think about when you guys call people "Normans"

What IT users do in their free time

What keeps me from ending it all

What kind of 'cel' is the worst?

What normies will do to you if you try and get a gf

What people think incels want vs. what incels actually want

What's really sad is that I tried

What's wrong honey? A reddit dedicated to sad lonely men don't believe I get laid on the regular, I keep telling them about how satisfied my live is yet they won't believe me!!!

what's your choice boyos (as if u have a choice)

What would you do?

What would you do if you got a GF?

What your average gymcel looks like

What you see vs what femails see.

what you think about before sleep vs. inceltears

When a beta cuck's white knighting finally pays off and he is rewarded with a relationship (it takes effort guys) these are the conditions the femoid puts on him.

When a female says personality is more important than looks

When a femoid hits the wall and decides it's time for betabux

When a femoid says that she doesn't like Chad.

When a girl finally finds out you have great personality

When a incel tries to flirt

When an incel goes to any social gathering. This is why incels should LDAR.

When an incel starts respecting females and starts taking showers.

When an incel tries to make friends

When a roast says not wanting to date a certain race is just a preference

When Assehole Chad sees a Roasties Personality Detector Malfunctioning

When Board_Gaming sits on your face and now you're ded.

When boys smile at a female.

When Chadlite meets GigaChad™

When CuckTears users say they have sex on a regular basis

Whenever I comment my real thoughts online in public, the white knights come out in full force

When Femoids see Incel

"When I first met my SO, he was so confident that I didn't even notice he was short!"

When i started masturbating the world population was 6.2 billion. Now the population is 7.6 billion and i m still masturbating alone instead of having sex.

When IT members make fun of Incels

When I try to get a female

When I've been away from r/Braincels for several hours

When jamaal lets you suck his dick after he creampies your wife

When looksmaxxing doesn’t work.

When normies come here and behave like they own the place:

when normies finally kick incels out of society but we still find a way to be comfy

When normies start talking about dating and relationships but you're an incel.

When normies visit an Incels subreddit.

When people ask what political positions you have

When people from Inceltears unironically call themselves Chad.

When people still reproduce knowing they can pass on detrimental genes

When pointing out Juggernaught Theory

when quiet gurls are allowed to "express" themselves

When r/nintendoswitch becomes sub of the day the day after IT did

When she has to settle for a beta provider

When someone from cucktears recommends /r/MFA

When Stacy sees Chad

When will men realise that if a woman wants you, she will go for you.

When will most women evolve?

When will they learn

When women claim that male virginity is a TURN ON, they are actually talking about CHAD virgins who are still young, not us INCELS.

When women say, "Yes I have lots of options in who to date, but none of them are good", they are proving our point.

When you accidentally look at yourself in the mirror.

When you accidentally open the front camera

When you apply normie advice in real life

When you are a 10, you literally can't walk around town without being swamped by women.

When you confidently take 5 showers in a day

when you forget that it’s IRL and you’re not talking shit behind a computer

When you hang out with Chad and Stacy...

When you hear a woman screaming for help but then remember no one is entitled to anything.

when you invent AC but can’t get a Stacy

When you live life on easy mode

When your 6th Sense tells you an ugly guy posts on braincels but doesn't tell a Chad is about to knock you the fuck out

When you read a post from a youngcel who isn’t even done highschool but knows it’s over

When you're an incel, life sort of just happens without you

when you're too depressed about being incel to eat breakfast but then you see something on your toast

When your gf said she went to study with her groupmate, but then you see this

When your mother dies

When your new website is so full of MALWARE it can steal normie visitors' entire family histories within 4 milliseconds

When your wife's son won't stop acting up

When you see someone respecting women

When you were 15, watching porn and playing video games everyday, ATTRACTIVE males your age were already having sex. Everything was happening behind your back and no one told you because you were deemed UNFIT to participate in such sexual activities . It was over before it even began.

While I don't consider myself to be an incel, I like this sub because many people here have had the same experiences as me.

While some are working 3$ an hour in McDonalds, these cunts were just born into 'royal family' and since birth are above all mere mortals. There's no God or justice in this world.

Whines about incels being terrorists ✅ Advocates for public harrassment of possibly innocent virgins who may be accused of being incels ✅ Excusing purposeful coaxing into suicide with whataboutism ✅

"Who cares how many people I sleep with?"

Who even came up with this nonsense? Good thing us incels are enlightened. Women only like male model men and aren't good people like people claim.

Who knew a tinder match could turn into something so perfect? After 3+ years of dating, I said yes last night!

Who would win?

Why are Ethiopians so poor? I once saw a bunch of Ethiopians with money so why can't all 100 million of them just get money?

Why are inceltears so quick to say "everyone is different , you can't generalize", yet their entire sub is cherrypicking screenshots and then generalizing all incels ?

Why are """"nerdy girls"""" such fakes

Why are normies so homophobic? They call us gay like it's an insult.

Why are women like this?

Why are you guys so obsessed with finding a partner?

Why Beta Buxing is just cope

Why does IT think exceptions debunk lookism?

Why does /r/incel tears like to paint incels as white supremacist incels?

why do females say this shit all the time

Why don't you get a below average girl?

Why don't you guys just improve yourself instead of bitching all the time with your self hatred?

Why don't you start hiking and exploring? Women love men who are adventurous and have hobbies. Go to the nearest mountain tomorrow and climb it.

Why do redditors even cope with making starterpacks like this? The shy girl wants Chadlite, not the shy virgin looking dude.

Why do women defend their cheating?

"Why do you think sex is important? It is not. I've been married to my wife for three years now and we are both virgins, She isn't ready and I respect that, there is so much more to life than just sex..."

Why I despise femoids

Why I dread SurgeryMaxing

Why I hate Elliot Rodger

Why in the world are there men getting married?

Why is it a rule not to generalize incels but every post generalizes women?

Why is it never mentioned that some normies are literally more misogynistic than us and still manage to get relationships/sex?

Why is it so hard for redditors to admit that they're losers?

Why is it that people go nuts when I, a virgin, say that I would only date a virgin girl?

Why is the average woman so humourless?

Why it's called 'getting lucky'

"Why no gf?" *sniff* "Because..I'm a misogynist and women don't like me" SAID NO CHAD EVER THIS IS WHAT IT BELIEVES

why the fuck are there so many women in psychology

Why the "self-improvement" advice aimed at incels is a scam and an expression of contempt towards us.

Why violence and chaos are so enticing

Why women are less loyal than men.

Why would a woman ever choose you or any other man over the guy in the white polo? It's fucking over guys.

Why y'all Asians complaining? Here's an example of pussy being thrown at an Asian guy

Wife cheated on husband before getting married. Makes up a "rape" story to justify it.

Will we incels ever get to experience this?

With every shower I feel my powers increasing. It is only a matter of time before I steal all of your women. Showercels, this post is for you.

Woman feels violated after being tapped on the shoulder

Woman here

Woman here. I'm not like the other girls.

Woman sells her virginity for $1.4 million to "notable Hollywood actor" who closely outbid a businessman and a Manchester United player. Brutal blackpill on hypergamy


Women always chasing Chads

Women and normies LOVE to talk literal shit out here and in society. Nothing productive. Just nonsense. Us blackpilled incels over at will NOT tolerate this.

Women are above law just because they have vagina

Women are given blackpilled dating advice their entire lives.

Women are "nice guys" too. They just only exhibit that behavior when rejected by Chad

Women are nothing more than simple minded thots hunting for superior genes

Women aren't entitled to chivalry

"Women aren't sex machines that you put niceness coins into and sex falls out"...then why...

Women aren't vending machines where you put niceness coins in and sex falls out

Women are smart and funny get over it

women bad

Women: Beauty at any size. Also women: Men under 6 ft are not real men.

Women be like: I'm ready to settle"

"""Women can be depressed too! I have too many ugly men in my tinder matches, male models won't have sex with me."""

Women can be incel too

Women can get away with everything

Women can tell which one of these guys is a male feminist and will choose him every time

Women could bring about world peace if they were sexually attracted to kind men. The fact that they aren't is the cause of 99% of the hostility on the planet.

Women do not like male virgins.

Women don't want the same treatment as men. They want the same treatment as CHAD

Women feel insulted if they are approached by ugly men.

Women give the shittiest dating advice.

Women HATE the fact that this subreddit has women's nature SUSSED

Women hate virgin men.

Women have it just as hard as you, guys!!!

Women have it much, much worse than incels



Women: I want a big strong stoic man!

Women: Just be yourself! And don't try so hard, love will find you when you least expect it :)

Women just want a nice guy bro - looks don't even matter to them

Women know what we say is true.

Women like the average man

Women love good personality

Women make toxic masculinity worse

Women never complain about double standards when it benefits them.

Women only like douches named Chad but men like all shapes and sizes

Women rate attractiveness

Women really don't care about misogyny

Women romanticize this, then wonder why men have "unhealthy" and "misguided" views on consent

Women ruin everything

Women's hypocrisy in a nutshell.

Women: Size doesnt matter, it's how you use it

Women so lucky to find true love :((

Women: "The patriarchy was created by white people and is THE cause of every modern problem!" Also women: "ROYAL WEDDING ROYAL WEDDING ROYAL WEDDING ROYAL WEDDING, EVERY GIRL'S DREAM <3"

Women treat me like God.

Women want guys who tower over them. Basically, if she thinks she can take you on in a fight, then you are a genetic abomination in her eyes.

Women when they are looking for a date

Women will accept the blackpill - but only when it makes them feel good

Women will never understand true loneliness because they are handed social life's for free

women would rather get taken by chad swans than be with an incel

Women, you did a good job hiding your true colors for more than 200,000 years

Wonder if this'll get a different reaction from the lurkers

Words fail me...

Work hard and you will make it

Work on your bad personality, women can sense it.

Work on your personality Bro


Worth fighting for

Would The Beаtles be success nowadays with our modern harsh men beauty standards? I'm sure they even will never pass The Voice or American Idol kinda shows. It's over if you aren't One Direction in 2018.

Would you fuck her if she had a great personality and never cheated on you?

Would you guys be interested in watching an incel try "pick up"?

"Wow I bet you can't get laid"

Wow. I’m actually speechless

Wow, the difference between a "nice guy" and a "good man" is LITERALLY a few millimeters of bone!

Wow this is disgusting

Wow, who knew? Turns out the school bullies were the good guys and the friendly nerds were the misogynist creeps!

Wow you guys are pathetic

Wow You Guys are such Liars. You guys said I had to be an 11/10 to get laid and I'm only a 10/10.

wussup my incels just grow a beard if you wanna get laid

"Y'all are incel cos y'all don't respect wome-" (Xpost /r/incelibate)

y'all are too far gone

Y’all ever get these

Ya'll Have Been Pretty Obsessed With BBC lately

Y'all need to love yourselves (because no one else will TEEHEE)


Yeah I love nerdy boys Chads are nor my type at all...

Yeah sex is cool but... [X-post from r/2meirl4meirl]

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no roast: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me."


yo incels just get a haircut bro. truss me, youll be chad in no time

You approached a girl for the first time and this happened what would you do?

"You are active in an incel community. You're automatically a misogynist and I refuse to listen to your opinion"

You are a volcel if you haven't taken a landwhale and starved her till she is hot

You are forgiven, inceltears. Come home, my brothers.

You are just imagining things, women don't make fun of men's penis length! Also, below 6 inches is just fine too LUL

"You are not my type, but Im sure there are hundreds of girls who would love to be with someone like you"

You aren't a virgin because of your personality. You are a virgin because you are ugly.

You aren't entitled to being alone in public. If you are seen without a female companion, femria patrols WILL be dispatched to enforce justice upon the manfir.

You are only as valuable as your looks to women.

"You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

You can't make this shit up...

You can't make this shit up lol


You ever go to Trollxchromosome and realize how retarded and unfunny women are?

You guys are honestly misunderstood

You guys are hypocrites. You always make fun of obese women and say you wouldn't date them.

You guys are liars! I've been incel for 15 years and then just asked girl out. you don't have to be 10/10!

You guys bitch on here all the time, making fun of the lives of inceltears members. But deep down you wish you had our lives.

You guys have to learn how to talk to women. They don't just fall into your lap if you're gross.

You guys honestly have some of the best personalities.

You guys need to change your attitude and outlook on life

You guys really need to see a doctor

You guys were right about IT...

You have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

You have one life and then you cease to exist for eternity

You have to eat Chad ingredients to become a Chad

"You have to just go out and talk to girls"

"you incels are all misogynists, the reason you dont get laid is your toxic personality"

"You incels are idiots and your views on women are not true at all"

You incels are such pathetic losers. All you need to do is build some confidence, get a haircut, go to the gym and have a good personality.

You just need to leave the house bro, scoring girls at the bar is easy

You know I had to do IT to em

You Know It's Over When Hollywood Casts a Literally Chad-Lite as a Virgin Loser Character

"You look real tired bro, up all night with your gf? Haha"

You lost the genetic lottery, your life of copes is nothing compared to the life of Chad

"you men would fuck anything that moves" is roasties admitting that men are less shallow. Another self-own

"You need to see women as people"

You never had a chance if you're a hairycel!

Your average girl has guys like this who she can hook up with anytime she wants. Good luck!

Your dating life is very likely a direct reflection of your looks and height. Never forget that.

"You're a philtrumcel? Lol bro girls don't even know what that is. Just be confident, be yourself, and get more interesting hobbies.

You're not depressed. You're just a loser.

"You're not entitled to mental health bro!"

"You're not entitled to working legs bro!" (xpost

You're not incel just because you're ugly. Men of all shapes, sizes, and colors can get kind loving partners if they work for it. Your problem is your toxic personality, not your looks. See a therapist.

You're not shy, you're just unattractive

"You're not ugly at all! You're handsome!"

You’re quiet because you’re ugly.

"You're still young at 20. Wait until you're 30 and a lot of girls will stop being shallow and appreciate all your other qualities. Just get rich in the process and demonstrate you're a stable person with financial stability"

You’re such fucking liars

"You're ugly because you're angry." Evil Roastie sends me a PM to bully me.

Your genetics are GARBAGE

"Your looks aren't the problem. The problem is that you're obviously a misogynist and you don't see women as human beings. I recommend you watch films with prominent female protagonists such as The Shape Of Water and read books by female authors."

Your oneitis over summer break studying abroad. How can you even compete?

"Your personality is why you're incel"

Your whole life is pre-determined. Don't read this if you struggle with depression and suicide thoughts.

You say IT is peaceful and just wants to help incels

you will always be destroyed as a sub 8 male by women even if you escape inceldom.

You will never experience teenage love.

"you won't die if you don't get laid/get a gf"


Captain ⚡︎⚡︎
Apr 10, 2022
I need screenshots


Captain ⚡︎⚡︎
Apr 10, 2022
@WorthlessSlavicShit i need braincels back


Oct 30, 2022
@WorthlessSlavicShit i need braincels back
It would definitely be nice to see some incel subs make a comeback tbh. It would legit feel like a cultural victory.

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