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People that try to shape their sense of self through their body parts or somethingnthat they have no control over



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Jan 10, 2024
Some people are not free thinkers, they don't realize that they are not bound to live a particular kind of life based or base their entire thoughts about life on their body parts, or sexual orientation and several other stuff and they at the same time can still maintain a healthy self esteem.

Some examples I've experienced:

Some black people base their entire sense of personality around being black, for example, they'll only watch BET or succumb to whatever political ideology Some academic is spouting about race and because of that they can't take a step back and logically think about what they're consuming, I'll give an example: black people can improve if we as individuals improve our habits and outlook of lives, which will in turn improve our culture, so stuff like gangster culture is not good.(before someone says, what about some white people too, they engage in gangster culture, I know they do, and it's bad)

Some black guy/woman: CoON

And the somewhat funny part is that this is kinda like the default mindset of some black people, it's shocking.

I notice that some blacks have a very tribal mindset, they see another black person as "one of them" the times I've heard black people call me a brother, even though I barely know them personally lmao(some black people base their entire personality based on them being black).
They are NPCs.

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