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It's Over On Starvemaxxing



It's over.
Feb 15, 2024
I used to be a fatcel. It made me very depressed, and so I did a lot of starvemaxxing to get a leaner physique. It was simultaneously one of the best and worst things I ever did in my life. In this post I'm going to explain how to starvemaxx, what kind of side effects you can expect, and why you might not want to do it (or why you should). The longest I have gone starvemaxxing is a month straight. I lost about 25kg (mixed fat, muscle, water). Whilst I don't recommend starting this drastically, a 3-4 days water fast can have many benefits independent of weight loss. Only for fatcels, don't do this if you're normal weight/underweight, it'll be a lot more dangerous. Remember to do your own research if you are going to attempt this as I'm not a doctor lol. :feelsstudy:

What is Starvemaxxing?
Starvemaxxing is starving yourself, not eating anything for extended time periods. You can drink water, black coffee or green tea, but cannot consume anything with calories or artificial sweeteners. First of all if you're fat then starvemaxxing won't kill you. It probably won't injure you if you're careful either. Your body stores fat for a reason. Not eating anything will make your body convert stored fat into glucose which will provide energy for your body in the place of food. If you're on a goyslop diet then it can actually be good and rid you of impurities and potentially even reverse some health conditions.

How to Starvemaxx?
Starvemaxxing can be a simple process. You can simply just not eat and do this for as long as you want, but without preparation it can be very taxing on the body. If you already eat a nutritious, balanced diet, your body should have fat-soluble vitamins stored inside of your fat. You might want to supplement a daily multivitamin if you had a goyslop diet beforehand. Here are basic things to follow to ensure that you don't die:
  • Drink lots and lots of water :feelsjuice:. You aren't getting water from food anymore, so you need to drink more to compensate. Dehydration is way worse when you are fasting, don't take any chances. Drink 3L of water a day roughly.

  • Supplement with salt :feelsPop:. Salts are nutrients that your body cannot naturally store or make. Supplement Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium - this can be done through eating salt and taking fasting supplements. As you get no salt from food, it's wiser to consume a teaspoon or so when fasting spread out over the day, usually dissolved in some water. Salt regulates blood pressure. If you have heart palpitations or dizziness, consume some salt. It also curbs hunger pangs.

  • No strenuous exercise (or intense mental labor) :feelscomfy:. First of all, don't lift weights when you're fasting. If you're not eating anything, there's no protein that can be used to repair your stressed muscle fibres. It's a good way to accelerate muscle loss. It's a good idea to do a decent amount of low-intensity cardio, like walking for an hour every day to minimize muscle loss. This stimulates your muscles and cardiovascular system without stressing them out, making sure your body doesn't cannibalize them when fasting (only happens for 7+ day fasts). On a similar note, your mental capacities will be lower when fasting. Take that into consideration if you do cognitive work a lot. It will be affected when fasting. You will have a harder time concentrating.

  • For extended fasts BE CAREFUL OF REFEEDING :whatfeels:. When you break your fast, it's important to reintroduce foods slowly. Any longer than 5-7 days fasting and your body adapts to not eating - reintroducing food will 'shock' the body and can cause major side effects if you're not careful. It's important to refeed slowly, with the rate of refeeding proportional to how long you've been fasting. For a week's fast, a day or two of light refeeding can be enough. For a month, it should take a few days to a week of eating specific foods before you eat normally again. Foods that are good for this refeeding period include low-calorie, nutrient dense foods like bone broth, sardines, low-carb vegetables and so on. Absolutely do not eat high-carb junk food during refeeding, it will spike your insulin to extreme levels and potentially fuck you up. When I first fasted for 2 weeks I broke the fast with an entire bag of salted cashews and I felt like I was going to die, my skin flashed super hot and then immediately into a cold sweat and my soul felt like it was going to depart from my body. Just be careful.
Side Effects and Fasting Timelines
Starvemaxxing has many side effects, some more unpleasant than others. Here is a timeline of what to expect when starvemaxxing.
  • From fine to hungry (Days 1-2). You'll most likely feel fine for a day or so after fasting. If you're used to eating goyslop you'll feel hungry because of hormonal spikes when you usually eat. You won't feel super groggy or tired. You might become extremely hungry closer to the end of this period as the last traces of stored glucose fizzle out and your body craves more.

  • Adaptive Flu (Days 3-4). You are starting to enter ketosis and your body is starting to adapt to burning stored fat for energy. It hasn't quite shifted gears yet, so you will feel very low energy as you can't properly produce ketones yet (byproducts of fat burning) which act as a fuel source when fasting. This is when the first major side effect starts, which I call fasting breath/tongue. Normally, food you eat scrapes your tongue and can act as a 'cleaning brush' to remove bacteria/dirt. When you fast, your ketones increase, which you exhale as a vapor, which collects on your tongue. This can cause dry mouth, and a small white-ish film on the roof of your tongue that you might want to scrape off. It can be reduced somewhat through staying hydrated. Furthermore, the exhaled ketones will taste like musty pear drops and if you don't drink water regularly it's all you will taste.

  • Energy Boost! (Days 4/5/6). Ketone production can increase your energy and allow for greater mental clarity. You no longer have energy spikes alongside spiking insulin, instead you are blessed with a constant, calm energy state. Initially it's a huge boost in cognition, but it levels out. I would say that it provides good baseline mental clarity thereafter and it reduced my depression a lot. That being said, you will feel 'flat'. There are no energy spikes.

  • Beyond (Days 6+). It'll feel roughly the same until you decide to break your fast, or your body is starved of vitamins. You might end up feeling extremely hungry randomly, which signals you are critically low on some kind of nutrients, in this case you should break your fast carefully with bone broth/sardines/vegetables. It should be noted that there are several major side effects when it comes to fasting.

  • Side Effects(!):shock:: Aside from the aforementioned dry ketone mouth that tastes like pear drops, extended starvemaxxing can incur multiple negative effects. Heart palpitations are a major issue! Not consuming salt during the fast can make your blood pressure dangerously low - in which case you need to eat salt and drink water! You will lose muscle mass. This is unavoidable. Make sure you are not sedentary, walk for at least 30 minutes per day if not a lot more to make sure your heart muscles do not waste away. Telogen Effluvium is also an issue; whilst you're unlikely to permanently lose hair, your hair will stop growing and its growth cycle will be disrupted due to lack of nutrients - this leads to major hair thinning all over, especially at the temples, which can make you look like you have a receding hairline. This takes 3-6 months to reverse and is a temporary effect, keep that in mind. It even happens on shorter fasts, but to a lesser extent. You are also likely to feel weaker overall, but I found that my actual strength was not any lower, it just 'felt' that way.

  • Benefits :bigbrain:: Starvemaxxing actually has quite a few benefits. It promotes autophagy which forces your cells to recycle 'junk' cells and debris inside of the body, so you are making your body more optimized by fasting. You will feel a lot less gross/icky; your body more robust. Your skin will clear up and look cleaner during water fasting, it can help with acne also as you're cleansing all of the aggravators of it from your body by not eating. It can help with joint pain and has even been touted to reverse sensitive insulin/prediabetes. You will also experience a surge in testosterone after refeeding and your growth hormones will increase massively during the fasting period. Of course you lose weight very rapidly. During fasting periods you also have almost no bloating which can help with facial bone definition. The feeling of being completely empty with no toxins and no bloating is something I crave to feel even when eating normally now.

In Conclusion
Starvemaxxing didn't work for me when it comes to ascension. Unfortunately my facial bone structure was poor, but I still feel the positive effects of being at a lower weight than I once was. I feel more energetic, less hormonal, stronger and happier overall. Again, I'm not a doctor, so I would recommend you go and do your own research. If you're a fatcel that never leaves their room and has no hope for the future, then starvemaxxing may be a way to make you less hormonal and feel better about your situation. If nothing else, water fasting for 3-4 days had some pretty remarkable mental health benefits for me despite me being an incel. It may be a good thing to try that isn't jew drugs. Here is a great video on the subject:

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Stfu nigga go starve urself then MOHAMMAD :lul:
Only do this if you're a lardass
I'm sorry it's too big to read
I don't like how small the letters are in this post.
How thin we talking?
I can't really recommend exact weights as I'm not a doctor. I would say if you're overweight it's fine. If you have lots of excess fat at healthy weight, for instance skinny fat, it should be fine. I'm not sure, maybe a BMI of 22+? Otherwise it might be more effective and less dangerous to just do a calorie deficit.
I don't see the point in doing all this just exercise and eat healthy to lose weight.
Just eat one meal per day. Starving and complete fasting is unnecessary.
Very informative effortpost thanks for helping fatcels back into shape.
Pretty retarded starving urself unless ur obese as fuck

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